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PPO Provider Directory

Pediatric Physicians as of 03/31/2020
Providers are contracted PPO providers only at Practice Locations listed in the Directory. Alphabetical Listing shows only one contracted Practice Location per city for each Provider. Look Provider up by name [search by Physician Last Name] to verify if Provider has other contracted locations in the same city (example: 2 locations in Portland). * Indicates practice is closed to new patients.

NAME                                               LOCATION                PHONE      
------------------------------                     ---------------         ------------
 Nancy Sue Abell  MD                                Longview                360-577-1771
 Zaid S Al-Mulla  MD                                Tigard                  503-598-9444
 Hugh E Alexander III  MD                        SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Hugh E Alexander III  MD                           Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Joel A Amundson  MD                             NE Portland                503-342-2180
 Lori A Anderson  MD                                Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Lori A Anderson  MD                                Happy Valley            503-261-1171
 Raquel M Apodaca  MD                               Hillsboro               503-690-8195
 David H Armsby  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 David H Armsby  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Naiyar Azhar  MD                                   Portland                503-413-2902
 Naiyar Azhar  MD                                   St Helens               503-397-4449
 William M Bailey  MD                               Newberg                 503-538-9431
 Mary Lee Baker  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Megan G Baker  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Megan G Baker  MD                                  Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Megan G Baker  MD                               NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Megan G Baker  MD                                  Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Richard J Barsotti  MD                             Portland                503-261-1171
 Hilary R Basco  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Margaret Alliso Baynham  MD                        Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Margaret Alliso Baynham  MD                        Tigard                  503-214-2064
 George W Bengtson Jr.  MD                       NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Whitney C Benz  MD                                 Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Bruce J Birk  MD                                NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Bruce J Birk  MD                                   Tigard                  503-636-4508
 Nadja Desiree Bix  MD                           NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Brian W Blair  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Brian W Blair  MD                                  Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Brian W Blair  MD                               NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Brian W Blair  MD                                  Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Laura E Bledsoe  MD                                Beaverton               503-546-0161
 James S Bluhm  MD                               NW Portland                503-227-0671
 James S Bluhm  MD                                  Tigard                  503-636-4508
 Kimberly M Boyer  MD                            SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Kimberly M Boyer  MD                               Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Resa L Bradeen  MD                                 Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Resa L Bradeen  MD                                 Portland                503-261-1171
 Laurel K Bradford  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Laurel K Bradford  MD                              Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Alanna P Braun  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Emily M.H. Bronec  MD                           NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Greg W Brown  MD                                   Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Pilar H Buerk  MD                               NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Pilar H Buerk  MD                                  Tigard                  503-636-4508
 Deidre L Burton  MD                             NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Frank A Calcagno  MD                               Gresham                 503-491-0714
 Julia M Carr  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Julia M Carr  MD                                   Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Whitney N Casares  MD                           NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Whitney N Casares  MD                              Tigard                  503-636-4508
 Albert E Chaffin  MD                            NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Albert E Chaffin  MD                               Tigard                  503-636-4508
 Antwon T Chavis  MD                                Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Antwon T Chavis  MD                             NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Nancy T Chen  MD                                   Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Nancy T Chen  MD                                   Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Nancy T Chen  MD                                NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Nancy T Chen  MD                                   Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Kylie E Clark  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Kylie E Clark  MD                                  Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Kylie E Clark  MD                               NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Kylie E Clark  MD                                  Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Kristan C Collins  MD                              Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Kristan C Collins  MD                              Portland                503-261-1171
 Laura L Cooley  MD                                 West Linn               503-657-0074
 Ellen E Cooper  MD                                 Portland                503-261-1171
 Stuart Randall Copeland  MD                        Longview                360-577-1771
 Stuart Randall Copeland  MD                        Vancouver               360-254-7750
 James M Coughlin  MD                            SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Robert M Craft  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Robert M Craft  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Katherine M Cronkhite  MD                          Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Susan D Cuneo  MD                                  Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Julie C Currin  MD                                 Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Julie C Currin  MD                                 Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Julie C Currin  MD                              NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Julie C Currin  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Laura L Dahl  MD                                   Tigard                  503-214-2064
 Nanette E. Dudl Dahlquist  MD                      Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Laura M.W. Dart  MD                                Portland                503-413-2902
 Howard A Davidson  MD                           N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Hilary K DeVoe  MD                              SW Portland                503-296-7800
 Aishwarya B Deenadayalu  MD                     NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Aidan H Derenne  MD                                Vancouver               360-892-1635
 June M Desimone  MD                             NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Joanne G Devore  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Joanne G Devore  MD                                Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Lalaine G Dimagiba  MD                          N  Portland                503-413-4505
 Mary A Egsieker  MD                                Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Joseph R Elia  MD                               NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Kristen R Ell  MD                                  Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Gregory D Emmerich  MD                             Gresham                 503-661-4200
 Oana Enea  DO                                      Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Michael K Ericksen  MD                          SW Portland                503-296-7800
 Nazaneen M Eshragh  MD                             Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Nazaneen M Eshragh  MD                             Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Nazaneen M Eshragh  MD                          NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Nazaneen M Eshragh  MD                             Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Megan E Eussen  MD                                 Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Mari Kay Evans-Smith  MD                        NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Mari Kay Evans-Smith  MD                           Tigard                  503-636-4508
 Barbara K Ferre'  MD                            NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Julie A Fiene-Yeager  MD                        SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Julie A Fiene-Yeager  MD                           Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Alisha S Floyd  MD                              N  Portland                503-280-3418
 Lawrence E Foltz  DO                               Vancouver               360-254-4402
 Robert J Gillespie  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Robert J Gillespie  MD                             Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Paul J Goodwin  MD                                 Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Elizabeth J Graff  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Peter R Gyerko  MD                                 Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Bassam G Hadeed  MD                                Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Bassam G Hadeed  MD                                Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Bassam G Hadeed  MD                             NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Bassam G Hadeed  MD                                Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Melissa A Hahn  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Edward E Hamel  MD                                 Portland                503-261-1171
 Iris J Han  MD                                  SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Iris J Han  MD                                     Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Corinda M Hankins  MD                              Hood River              541-386-6380
 Corinda M Hankins  MD                              The Dalles              541-296-4610
 Meri T Harper  MD                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Shelley R Hartman  MD                              Portland                503-261-1171
 Ryan S Hassan  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Ryan S Hassan  MD                                  Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Ryan S Hassan  MD                               NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Ryan S Hassan  MD                                  Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Jocelyn R Hayes  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Jocelyn R Hayes  MD                                Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Brent W Heimuller  MD                              McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Laura M Hendricks  DO                              Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Laura M Hendricks  DO                              Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Laura M Hendricks  DO                           NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Laura M Hendricks  DO                              Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Erin N Hickman  MD                                 Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Erin N Hickman  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-2042
 Jeffrey E Hoffman  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Katherine E Holland  MD                            Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Ashley M. T. Holsen  MD                         SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Mary B Horrall  MD                                 Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Emily M Houchen-Wise  MD                           Beaverton               503-553-3434
 Emily M Houchen-Wise  MD                           Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Jennifer H.P. Huang  MD                         N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Kathleen M Hutchinson  MD                          Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Katherine E Hyde  MD                               Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Katherine E Hyde  MD                               Happy Valley            503-261-1171
 Wendy Y Jin  MD                                    Keizer                  503-814-4400
 Nancy K Johnson  MD                             SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Clotilde A Johnson-Beale  MD                       Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Carrie E Jones  MD                                 Beaverton               503-672-6080
 Carrie E Jones  MD                                 Portland                503-413-4505
 Olivia L Jones  DO                                 Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Steven R Kaufman  DO                               West Linn               503-657-0074
 Geraldine Kempler  MD                              Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Geraldine Kempler  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-1025
 John E Kilty  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-3371
 John E Kilty  MD                                   Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Alice King  MD                                     Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Alice King  MD                                     Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Alice King  MD                                  NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Alice King  MD                                     Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Daniel F King  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Daniel F King  MD                                  Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Daniel F King  MD                               NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Daniel F King  MD                                  Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Brian K Kittams  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 William J Koenig II  DO                            McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Beth A Krautscheid  MD                             Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Lena F Kuo  MD                                     Portland                503-413-2902
 Jaclin M LaBarbera  MD                             The Dalles              541-506-6520
 Deanna L LaBianca  DO                              Portland                503-413-2902
 Rebecca L Lacey  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Rebecca L Lacey  MD                                Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Sheri L Laird  MD                                  West Linn               503-496-0290
 Heather M Larson  MD                            NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Heather M Larson  MD                               Tigard                  503-968-3480
 Alexander H Lau  MD                                Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Alexander H Lau  MD                                Happy Valley            503-261-1171
 Sara J Laun-Cannon  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Sara J Laun-Cannon  MD                             Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Karen H Lickteig  MD                            NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Heather B Long  MD                                 Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Heather B Long  MD                                 Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Heather B Long  MD                              NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Heather B Long  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Katherine R Long  MD                               Gresham                 503-491-0714
 James T Lubischer  MD                              Aloha                   503-649-5257
 Eman M Lutfi  MD                                   Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Eman M Lutfi  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-1025
 Jessica T Ly  MD                                   Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Ramchander R Madhavarapu  MD                       Astoria                 503-325-7337
 Jenny L.S. Malcom  MD                              Tigard                  503-214-2064
 Rachel B Manzo  MD                                 Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Rachel B Manzo  MD                                 Happy Valley            503-261-1171
 Allison K Martin  MD                               Astoria                 503-325-7337
 Julia W Mason  MD                                  Gresham                 503-491-0714
 Sharlene D Matthieu  MD                         SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Michael G Mazzotta  MD                          NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Sara McCaffrey  MD                                 The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Margaret M McCloskey  MD                        SW Portland                503-296-7800
 Steven D McGaughey  MD                          N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Christy A Meade Olivier  MD                     N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Erika K Meyer  MD                               NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Mary E Miller  MD                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Kathleen M Mooney  MD                              Portland                503-261-1171
 Heather M Moore  MD                                Tigard                  503-214-2064
 Jennifer L Morrison  MD                            The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Dean A Moshofsky  MD                               Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Naghmeh Moshtael  MD                            N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Sara M Murdick  MD                                 Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Laura K Murphy  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Laura K Murphy  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Nicki Nabavizadeh  MD                              Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Nicki Nabavizadeh  MD                              Portland                503-261-1171
 Opher A Nadler  MD                              N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Dana R Nason  MD                                   Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Supranee Amy Nopachai  MD                          Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Bradley G Olson  MD                                Portland                503-413-2902
 Vinaya B Pai  MD                                   Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Kathleen M Palm  MD                                Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Kelly E Peekstok  MD                               Astoria                 503-325-7337
 Natasha S Pereira  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Natasha S Pereira  MD                              Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Nancy Perez-Senn  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-2902
 Andrea K Petersen  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-4505
 Gillian R Piro  MD                                 Portland                503-415-4060
 Emily B Pratt  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Deborah K Purcell  MD                              Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Deborah K Purcell  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-1025
 Susanne H Purnell  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Susanne H Purnell  MD                              Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Rex M Puterbaugh  MD                            SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Rex M Puterbaugh  MD                               Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Nitza I Quiles-Soo  MD                             Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Nitza I Quiles-Soo  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-1025
 Charles E Rapp  MD                                 Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Peter N.T. Reed  MD                             NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Peter N.T. Reed  MD                                Tigard                  503-636-4508
 James M Resk  MD                                   Oregon City             503-657-1871
 Lisa A Reynolds-Sanders  MD                     SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Lisa A Reynolds-Sanders  MD                        Tualatin                503-691-9777
 James P Roberts  MD                                Vancouver               360-487-4848
 Bethany J Rosborough  MD                        SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Bethany J Rosborough  MD                           Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Jay S Rosenbloom  MD                            SW Portland                503-227-0671
 Jay S Rosenbloom  MD                               Tigard                  503-968-3480
 Gale A Rydell  MD                                  Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Monica P Saladik  MD                            N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Maysee D Salleva  MD                               Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Stephanie K Sari  MD                               Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Alicia M Sauter  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Sandra-Lee M Sequeira  MD                          Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Sandra-Lee M Sequeira  MD                          Portland                503-261-1171
 Gisela P Serna  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Ankur K Shah  MD                                   Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Ankur K Shah  MD                                   Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Ankur K Shah  MD                                NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Ankur K Shah  MD                                   Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Rupa K Shah  MD                                    Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Rupa K Shah  MD                                    Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 Rupa K Shah  MD                                 NE Portland                503-233-5393
 Rupa K Shah  MD                                    Tualatin                503-691-2519
 Jacob J Sheff  DO                               SW Newberg                 503-538-6791
 Jacob J Sheff  DO                                  Tualatin                503-691-9777
 David A Skau  MD                                SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Kari L Smart  MD                                SW Newberg                 503-538-6791
 Kari L Smart  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Kari L Smart  MD                                   Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Anne Mette Smeenk  MD                              Longview                360-577-1771
 Rebecca N Smith  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Barbara H Sniffen  DO                              Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Jennifer L Soden  MD                               Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Jill A Speaker  MD                                 Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Scott S Spencer  MD                             NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Scott S Spencer  MD                                Tigard                  503-636-4508
 Carol A Squyres  MD                             SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Kamela S Stilwell  MD                           SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Troy C Stoeber  MD                                 Oregon City             503-657-7629
 Katherine J Swearingin  MD                         Gresham                 503-491-0714
 Paul N Thomas  MD                               SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Kathryn A Todd  MD                                 Aloha                   503-649-3213
 Blaine E Tolby  MD, PhD                            Longview                360-577-1771
 Smita Tomkoria  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Smita Tomkoria  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Sarah A Tycast  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Sarah A Tycast  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Mary Ellen Ulmer  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Audrey C Unrau  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Audrey C Unrau  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Kristine Y Uyesugi  MD                             Oregon City             503-657-2980
 Anne F Vestergaard  MD                          NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Sandra A Vilhauer  MD                              Hillsboro               503-690-0707
 Luke J Voytas  MD                                  Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Kristin L.R. Wallis  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Kristin L.R. Wallis  MD                            Tualatin                503-691-9777
 Beau C Weill  MD                                   Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Kenneth A Whittaker  MD                            Newberg                 503-554-0036
 Metta E.K. Willey  MD                              Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Kimberly A Wollmuth  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Kimberly A Wollmuth  MD                            Tualatin                503-691-9777
 June K Wu  MD                                      Gresham                 503-661-4200
 Kenneth R Wu  MD                                   Longview                360-577-1771