Managed HealthCare Northwest, Inc.

PPO Provider Directory

Gynecologists as of 03/31/2020
Providers are contracted PPO providers only at Practice Locations listed in the Directory. Alphabetical Listing shows only one contracted Practice Location per city for each Provider. Look Provider up by name [search by Physician Last Name] to verify if Provider has other contracted locations in the same city (example: 2 locations in Portland). * Indicates practice is closed to new patients.

NAME                                               LOCATION                PHONE      
------------------------------                     ---------------         ------------
 Jane L Ahearn  MD                                  Vancouver               360-892-4024
 Bruce J Andison  MD                                Vancouver               360-892-4024
 Megan R Bird  MD                                NW Portland                503-413-6160
 Megan R Bird  MD                                   Portland                503-413-5787
 Megan R Bird  MD                                   Tualatin                503-612-5260
 Sarah H Boyles  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-4123
 Amy R Bruner  MD                                   Portland                503-227-4050
 John G Buckmaster  MD                           NW Portland                503-221-1870
 Tricia M Child  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-5787
 Tricia M Child  MD                                 Vancouver               503-413-5787
 Marguerite P Cohen  MD                          NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Lydia H Collins  MD                             NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Christine M Corbin  MD                             Hillsboro               503-693-1944
 Joyce S Endo  MD                                   West Linn               503-635-8384
 David B Farley  MD                                 West Linn               503-635-8384
 Janet L Gibbens  MD                             NE Portland                503-239-6800
 Claire H Gould  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-5787
 Claire H Gould  MD                                 Tualatin                503-612-5260
 Claire H Gould  MD                                 Vancouver               503-487-1414
 Karina M Hoan  MD                                  Portland                503-221-0161
 Sally J Holtzman  MD                               Portland                503-227-4050
 Terresa S Jung  MD                              DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Brenda L Kehoe  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-4340
 Virginia G King  MD                                Vancouver               503-413-5787
 Laura A Korman  MD                              DT Portland                503-227-4050
 Edna Kung  MD                                   NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Renae L Lind  MD                                NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Shanti I Mohling  MD                            NW Portland                503-771-1883
 Liberato V Mukul  MD                            SW Portland                503-734-3535
 Liberato V Mukul  MD                            SW Tualatin                503-734-3700
 Blake C Osmundsen  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-5787
 Blake C Osmundsen  MD                           NW Tualatin                503-413-5787
 Blake C Osmundsen  MD                              Vancouver               503-413-5787
 Lynn E Osmundsen  MD                               Vancouver               503-413-5787
 Rachel A Pilliod  MD                            SE Portland                503-251-6137
 Richard B Rosenfield  MD                        NW Portland                503-771-1883
 Nicola S Rotberg  MD                               Hillsboro               971-228-8097
 Nancy J Salisbury  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-908-1646
 Ryan G Scott  MD                                   West Linn               503-635-8384
 Carol M Suzuki  MD                              NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Audrey E Tarr  MD                               NW Portland                503-413-5787
 Audrey E Tarr  MD                                  Vancouver               503-413-5787
 Linda C Widing  DO                                 Camas                   360-838-2440
 Linda C Widing  DO                              SE Portland                503-230-9627
 Megan M Zaander  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-908-1646