Managed HealthCare Northwest, Inc.

PPO Provider Directory

Obstetricians & Gynecologists as of 12/06/2019
Providers are contracted PPO providers only at Practice Locations listed in the Directory. Alphabetical Listing shows only one contracted Practice Location per city for each Provider. Look Provider up by name [search by Physician Last Name] to verify if Provider has other contracted locations in the same city (example: 2 locations in Portland). * Indicates practice is closed to new patients.

NAME                                               LOCATION                PHONE      
------------------------------                     ---------------         ------------
 Heather S Abe  DO                                  McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Samantha R Adkins  MD                           SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Elaine R Adsit  MD                                 Hood River              541-387-8940
 Mary F Afsari-Howard  DO                           Gresham                 503-667-4545
 Asma S Ahmad  MD                                NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Gina R Allison  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Nathan F Amrine  MD                                Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Kelli J.L. Andersen  MD                         SE Portland                503-256-1470
 Eryn B Applegate  MD                               Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Karen L Archabald  MD                              Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Karen L Archabald  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-1122
 Karen L Archabald  MD                           N  Silverton               503-779-2201
 Karen L Archabald  MD                              Vancouver               360-487-2870
 Anya J Bailis  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Anya J Bailis  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-1122
 Anya J Bailis  MD                                  Vancouver               360-487-2870
 Robin W Barrett  MD                             NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Margaret E Barske  MD                              Newberg                 503-538-2698
 William H Barstow IV  MD                           Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Amy Doss Bednar  MD                                Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Amy Doss Bednar  MD                             N  Portland                503-413-1122
 Amy Doss Bednar  MD                             N  Silverton               503-779-2201
 Amy Doss Bednar  MD                                Vancouver               360-487-2870
 Sylvana E Bennett  MD                              Hillsboro               503-681-4145
 David K Bishop  MD                                 Salem                   503-814-4480
 Desiree S Bley  MD                              NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Margaret M Bowden  MD                           N  Silverton               503-364-3787
 Bethany M Brady  DO                             NE Portland                503-963-3100
 Thomas D Brennan  MD                            SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Trina A Brodsky  MD                             SW Hillsboro               503-840-3400
 Joline S Bronson  MD                               Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Kathleen F Brookfield  MD, PhD                     Salem                   503-814-4600
 Amanda S Bruegl  MD                                Salem                   503-562-4855
 Gary A Burgoine  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Kelley E Burkett  MD                            NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Stacy M Butler  MD                                 Gresham                 503-667-4545
 Clea R Caldwell  DO                             NE Portland                503-239-6800
 Marni S Carlyle  MD                             SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Kelly A Carter  MD                                 Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Aaron B Caughey  MD                                Salem                   503-814-4600
 Charles E Chambers  MD                             Hood River              541-387-8940
 Katherine T Chang  MD                           N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Leigh M Christie  DO                               Salem                   503-814-4480
 Sandra A Collis  DO                                Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Julie T Crawford  MD                            SE Portland                503-256-1470
 Denis J Dalisky  MD                             N  Keizer                  503-364-3787
 Denis J Dalisky  MD                             N  Silverton               503-364-3787
 Denis J Dalisky  MD                                Woodburn                503-364-3787
 Barry N Davis  DO                                  Clackamas               503-659-4988
 Michael W Davis  MD                             NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Roberto M DeCastro  MD                          NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Lisa L Diepenhorst  MD                          N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Danielle M Dion  MD                             SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Carmen M Doom  MD, PhD                             Portland                503-274-4800
 Stephanie E Dukhovny  MD                           Salem                   503-814-4600
 Kellie W Edwards  MD                               Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Gregory M Eilers  MD                            N  Portland                503-734-3800
 Sandra L Emmons  MD                                Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Ryan B Empey  MD                                N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Chidimma U Eto  MD                              SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Lisa J Farkouh  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Diana L Fitzpatrick  MD                         SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Abby P Furukawa  MD                             NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Maryanne B Garvie-Loveland  MD                  SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Lisa M Gibbons  DO                                 Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Renee N Goodreau  MD                               Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Lori L Goranson  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Margaret C Gorman  MD                              Portland                503-734-3800
 Rachel W Guild  MD                                 The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Cynthia S Gulick  DO                               Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Maryam S Hadiashar  MD                             Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Wendy S Hall  MD                                   Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Richard N Hamilton  MD                          N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Darci J Hansen  MD                                 Salem                   503-814-4480
 Darci J Hansen  MD                                 Woodburn                503-814-4400
 Ari M Heffron  MD                                  Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Kimberlynn M Heller  DO                         NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Stephanie Higgins  MD                           SW Hillsboro               503-840-3400
 Robert L Holland  MD                               Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Sarah H Humphrey  MD                               Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Ben W Johnson  MD                               SW Portland                503-734-3700
 David P Johnson  MD                             SW Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Lisa K Johnson  MD                              N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Jessica A Kam  DO                                  Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Anna U Karlsson  MD                             SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Jaime E Kean  MD                                N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Brenda L Kehoe  MD                              NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Jennifer S Kelly  MD                               Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Kristen E Kendall  MD                              Hood River              541-387-8940
 Anne M Knudsen  MD                                 Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Angela M Kondrat  MD                            SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Saramati J Krishna  MD                          NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Rebecca A Kyle  DO                              NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Mieke D Lane  DO                                   Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Sophia M.R. Lannon  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Stephanie R Lee  DO                                Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Jennifer E Lin  MD                                 Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Dafna S Lohr  MD                                   Portland                503-274-4800
 Heather A MacKay-Gimino  MD                        Salem                   503-814-4480
 Natashia M Madrid Heimburger  DO                   Vancouver               360-256-4060
 Gregory W Mallek  MD                            NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Bojan L Malmin  MD                              SW Happy Valley            503-772-5011
 Carrie F Miles  MD                                 Portland                503-274-4800
 Jennifer W Miller-Davis  MD                        Newberg                 503-723-4234
 Jennifer W Miller-Davis  MD                        West Linn               503-723-4234
 Michelle L Monnie  MD                           SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Megumi M Morishita  MD                             The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Laura Yun Morrison  MD                          SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Amy L Mulcaster  DO                                Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Amy L Mulcaster  DO                             DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Jennifer H Murray  MD                              Portland                503-274-4800
 Alvin K Nakamura  MD                            SE Portland                503-257-7757
 John B Neeld  MD                                   McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Katherine M Nelson  MD                             Hillsboro               503-681-4145
 Audra Rachelle Norris-Jacob  MD                    Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Alyxandra M O'Brien  MD                         SW Portland                503-734-3800
 Jennifer C O'Connor  DO                            Vancouver               360-256-4060
 Karen A Ogryzlo  MD                             NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Andrea Cable Olmstead  MD                          Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Shivani J Patel  MD                             NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Melissa Pendergrass  MD                            Portland                503-413-5787
 Melissa Pendergrass  MD                            Tualatin                503-612-5260
 Analene J Pentopoulos  MD                          The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Lisa C Pew  MD                                     Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Paul D Pickering  MD                               Hillsboro               503-840-3409
 Paul D Pickering  MD                            SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Oscar R Polo  MD                                NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Sidney J Prescott Jr.  MD                       NE Portland                503-249-5454
 Michele T Quinn  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Barbara M Rajska  MD                               Hillsboro               503-681-4145
 Emily J Rangel  MD                                 Portland                503-274-4800
 Philippa J.A. Ribbink  MD                       NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Kristine K Roesen  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-4340
 Keita Sakon  MD                                    Dallas                  503-623-8301
 Keita Sakon  MD                                    Salem                   503-814-4480
 Deborah L Saner  MD                                Vancouver               360-256-4060
 Nora Michelle Sang  MD                          NW Portland                503-229-7353
 David J Sargent  MD                             SE Portland                503-257-7757
 Ashlen T Saulson  MD                               Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Jill M Shaw  DO                                 NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Carolyn W Siegele  MD                              Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Mary E Skrypzak  MD                             SW Portland                503-734-3535
 Suzanne D Slayton-Milam  MD                        Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Wendy J Smith  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-4340
 Brandi J Spence  MD                                McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Claire C.P. Steen  MD                              Portland                503-734-3800
 James E Stempel  MD                             N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Marguerite R Stewart  MD                           Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Timothy W Stewart  MD                           SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Kimberly Ann Suriano  MD                        NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Elisabeth A Susanka  MD                            Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Ashlie A.R. Tronnes  MD                         SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Laura E Van Houten  MD                          NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Jennine M Varhola  DO                           NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Brandi L Vasquez  MD                               Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Jessica L Voge  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Damon A Warhus  MD                              SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Lindsey N Waugh  MD                             NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Sally J Wentross  MD                            SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Katherine L Weyer  MD                              Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Kathleen J Wilder  MD                              The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Lara J Williams  MD                             NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Kirstie L Wilson-Panum  MD                      NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Molly R Wilson-Smith  MD                        SW Hillsboro               503-840-3400
 Sharon E Wong  MD                               SE Portland                503-256-1470
 John P Yang  MD                                 N  Keizer                  503-364-3787
 John P Yang  MD                                 N  Silverton               503-364-3787
 John P Yang  MD                                    Woodburn                503-364-3787
 Bernard Edward Yanke  DO                           Gresham                 503-667-4545
 Amy N Zastrow  MD                               N  Silverton               503-364-3787
 Amy N Zastrow  MD                                  Woodburn                503-364-3787
 Simone L van Swam  MD                           SW Portland                503-292-3577