Managed HealthCare Northwest, Inc.

PPO Provider Directory

Alphabetical Listing as of 12/07/2018
Providers are contracted PPO providers only at Practice Locations listed in the Directory. Alphabetical Listing shows only one contracted Practice Location per city for each Provider. Look Provider up by name [search by Physician Last Name] to verify if Provider has other contracted locations in the same city (example: 2 locations in Portland). * Indicates practice is closed to new patients.

NAME                                               LOCATION                PHONE      
------------------------------                     ---------------         ------------
 Aazy A Aaby  MD                                 SW Portland                503-296-9933
 Paul J Aanderud  DO                                Clackamas               503-654-7546
 Douglas D Abbott  MD                               Astoria                 503-338-7075
 Roxana R.M. Abbott  DO                             St Helens               503-397-0741
 Heather S Abe  DO                                  McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Agnes M Abel  MSW                                  Forest Grove            503-357-0206
 Jennifer F Abeles  LPC                          SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Nancy Sue Abell  MD                                Longview                360-577-1771
 Rebecca S Abney  DO                             N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Heidi M Abreu Pacheco  MD                       N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Keyvan Abtin  MD                                N  Portland                503-413-3690
 Thomas E Achtien  PT                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Elizabeth S Ackerman  MD                           McMinnville             503-435-4520
 Blake V Acohido  MD                             N  Portland                503-413-3030
 Orlando R Acosta  MD                               Hood River              541-386-6380
 Cinthia M Adair  MS                                Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Michele N Adamcak  DO                              Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Jacob R Adams  MD                                  Oregon City             503-656-0836
 Tawna R Adams Pangborn  RNP                        Tualatin                503-692-2032
 Christopher M Aderman  MD                          Portland                503-227-2020
 Samantha R Adkins  MD                           SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Jacqueline F Adlawan  RNP                       NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 David E Adler  MD                               NW Portland                503-796-2743
 John D Adler  PhD                                  Gresham                 503-251-4088
 Michael J Adler  MD                             NW Portland                503-223-3104
 Elaine R Adsit  MD                                 Hood River              541-387-8940
 Mary F Afsari-Howard  DO                           Gresham                 503-667-4545
 Steven D Aguilu  MD                             NE Portland                503-288-0083
 Jane L Ahearn  MD                                  Vancouver               360-892-4024
 Christine A Ahlbrecht  PT                          Tigard                  503-221-0161
 Asma S Ahmad  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-4123
 Rehan S Ahmad  MD                               NE Portland                503-281-0561
 Merrill M Ahrens  MD                            NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Christopher H Aichele  RNP                      N  Portland                503-285-6607
 Glen R Akers  PT                                   Gresham                 503-328-0222
 Asiya Z Akhgar  PT                              NE Portland                503-493-4463
 Cynthia R Aks  DO                                  Gresham                 503-674-1848
 Zaid S Al-Mulla  MD                                Tigard                  503-598-9444
 Robert J Alaimo Jr.  DO                            The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Michelle S Alberts  MD                             Clackamas               503-659-4988
 Daniel R Albrecht  MD                              Hillsboro               503-844-8310
 Jeffreys D Albright  MD                            Gresham                 503-661-5388
 Richard J Alden  MD                             NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Jonathan S Alexander  MD                        NW Portland                503-223-3104
 Linda R Alexander  PT                              Hood River              541-386-9511
 Hugh E Alexander III  MD                        SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Fawaz S Alhumaid  MD                               Portland                503-257-0959
 Shaghayegh N Aliabadi-Wahle  MD                 NE Portland                503-281-0561
 Jaime W All  MD                                    Wilsonville             503-612-0498
 Victoria M Alla  PT                                Oregon City             503-607-0047
 Danilyn R Allen  RNP                               Hillsboro               503-775-6500
 Margaret A Allen  MD                            NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Ronald D Allen  DO                              DT Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Chloe Allen-Maycock  MD                            Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Carrie E Allison  MD                               Salem                   503-561-2448
 Gina R Allison  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Kimberlee A Almon  MA                              Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Corinne M Almquist  CNM                            Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Brie F Altenau  MD                                 Vancouver               360-256-4060
 Christopher J Altenhofen  MD                       Beaverton               503-372-1800
 Carolyn J Alter  PT                             NE Portland                503-280-0380
 Megan B Alvey  PsyD                                West Linn               503-653-0631
 Debora A Amara  OTR                                Hillsboro               503-844-6565
 Joseph A Amavisca  MD                              Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Lanette K Ambers  MSW                           NE Portland                503-317-9632
 Nathan F Amrine  MD                                Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Anne E Amspoker  CNM                            N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Joel A Amundson  MD                             NE Portland                503-342-2180
 Melissa S Amundson  DDS                         NW Portland                503-224-1371
 Desiree Amyx-Mackintosh  AuD                       Hood River              541-387-6125
 George A Anadiotis  DO                          N  Portland                503-413-4505
 Joanna C Anders  RNP                               Canby                   503-266-2066
 Brent D Andersen  MD                            NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Colene I Andersen  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-525-7500
 Jay C Andersen  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Kelli J.L. Andersen  MD                         SE Portland                503-256-1470
 Angela N Anderson  DO                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Corey D Anderson  PsyD                          NW Portland                503-413-4505
 Debra D Anderson  PT                            NW Portland                503-726-8880
 Derek N Anderson  MD                               Gladstone               503-655-2404
 Dorothy J Anderson  PhD                            Salem                   503-391-5666
 Eric C Anderson  MD                                Beaverton               503-203-1000
 Joan T Anderson  PT                                Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Lori A Anderson  MD                                Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Margaret A Anderson  RNP                           Tualatin                503-692-1205
 Margaret H Anderson  PsyD                          The Dalles              541-298-2298
 Margret L Anderson  MSW                            Vancouver               360-253-6425
 Paul D Anderson  MD                                Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Shea L Anderson  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Stacy M Anderson  RNP                           N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Laurel Rene Anderson-Cowell  MD                 SW Portland                503-297-4779
 Bruce J Andison  MD                                Vancouver               360-892-4024
 John A Andrew  PT                                  McMinnville             503-435-1900
 Laura E Anissian  MD                               Lake Oswego             503-525-7500
 Amanda P Ankeny  RNP                               Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Roberto Anker  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-1863
 Maile B Anslinger  MD                              The Dalles              541-506-6520
 Jennifer R Antick  PhD                          NW Portland                503-413-7513
 Richard K Apau  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-693-1300
 Raquel M Apodaca  MD                               Hillsboro               503-690-8195
 Brian A Applebaum  MD                              Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Jaime Aranda-Michel  MD                         SE Portland                503-255-3054
 Karen L Archabald  MD                              Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Elizabeth A.B. Archer  RNP                      N  Portland                503-413-7162
 Lena M Armas  PT                                   Molalla                 503-829-8221
 Paul T Armerding  MD                               The Dalles              541-506-6520
 Rebecca L Armour  MD                            NW Portland                503-227-2020
 David H Armsby  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Alexandra L Armstrong  MD                          Warrenton               503-338-4500
 Raymond J Arreguin  PT                             Portland                503-450-0591
 Methapan Arunakul  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Carrie L Atcheson  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Emily G Atharinikrouh  RNP                         Molalla                 503-829-7374
 Michael E Atkinson  PsyD                           West Linn               503-653-0631
 Paige E.L. Atkinson  CNM                        SW Hillsboro               503-734-3700
 Kamaljit K Atwal  DO                            SE Portland                503-253-2248
 Frederic J Auerbach  MD                            Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Kelley M Aurand  DO                                Camas                   360-566-4840
 Barry M Austin  MD                                 Lake Oswego             503-635-9221
 Stefanie B Avery  RNP                           NW Portland                503-413-8090
 Neil J Axel  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Kristin A Ayers  PT                                McMinnville             503-474-3524
 Maziar Azadpour  MD                                Salem                   503-485-4787
 Joseph K Azar  MD                                  Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Nabiel J Azar  DO                                  Oregon City             503-723-6525
 Robby J Azar  MD                                   Oregon City             503-723-6525
 Kenneth S Azarow  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Naiyar Azhar  MD                                   Portland                503-413-2902
 Ben J Baarspul  PT                                 Canby                   503-651-2020
 Darlene J Babin  LPC                            N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Canaan T Baer  MD                               NW Gresham                 503-674-1520
 Michael J Baer  PT                                 Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Aman Bagla  DO                                     Beaverton               503-672-6000
 Noel L Baier  PT                                   Oregon City             503-656-5273
 William M Bailey  MD                               Newberg                 503-538-9431
 Anya J Bailis  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Jillian F Bain  RNP                                Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Ashwini S Baitmangalkar  LPC                    SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Adam P Baker  MD                                   Hood River              541-387-8983
 C Frederick W. Baker  MD                        N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Diane R.H. Baker  MD                               Portland                503-636-9011
 James W Baker  MD                                  Portland                503-636-9011
 Leala M.V. Baker  PT                               West Linn               503-636-1097
 Mary Lee Baker  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Megan G Baker  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Rebecca M Baker  LPC                            SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Robert F Balen  MD                              NE Portland                503-252-2467
 Jennifer L Balentine  MD                        NW Portland                503-227-6568
 Peter Bales  MD                                    Astoria                 503-338-4075
 Rick R Balestra  MD                             NW Portland                503-281-0561
 Martin J Balish  MD                             SW Portland                503-292-0848
 Michael E Balkovich  MD                         NE Portland                503-236-7743
 Bret G Ball  MD                                 SE Portland                503-253-4000
 James C Ballard  MD                                Oregon City             503-656-0836
 Barbara M Balowitz  MSW                            Salem                   503-371-0863
 Peter F Banitt  MD                              SW Tualatin                503-692-0405
 Gordon E Banks  MD                                 McMinnville             503-434-6090
 Jamie K Barbara  RNP                               Lake Oswego             503-445-2200
 Sara I Barbee  PT                                  Lake Oswego             503-636-3028
 Ronald R Barbosa II  MD                         N  Portland                503-528-0704
 Bettina M Bardin-Brown  PT                         Hood River              541-386-1211
 Katharine L Barford  MD                            Beaverton               503-203-1000
 Debra A Bariletti  RNP                             The Dalles              541-296-7724
 Brent G Barker  DPM                                Vancouver               360-896-3836
 Andre Barkhuizen  MD                               Portland                503-675-3000
 Darryk W Barlow  MD                             SE Portland                503-257-3204
 Robert P Barlow  MD                             NW Portland                503-352-0211
 Christine M Barlow Reed  CNM                    N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Adam Barmada  MD                                NW Beaverton               503-672-6000
 Marcos F Barnatan  MD                              Gresham                 503-413-3580
 John A Barnes  MSW                              SW Portland                503-244-2179
 Patricia M Barnes  CNM                             Salem                   503-814-4480
 Andy S Barnett  MD                              NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Daryl W Baron  MD                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-6256
 Juliana Baron  CNM                              NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Robin W Barrett  MD                             NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Dean M Barrus  RPT                                 Camas                   360-835-7427
 Anne M Barry Lever  RNP                            Canby                   503-723-4660
 Margaret E Barske  MD                              Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Richard J Barsotti  MD                             Portland                503-261-1171
 William H Barstow IV  MD                           Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Brian E Bartelli  PT                               Lake Oswego             503-636-3028
 Mackenzie A Bartelli  PT                           Canby                   503-651-2020
 William C Barth  MD                                Oregon City             503-655-5327
 Samuel V Bartholomew  MD                        SW Portland                503-488-2344
 Sandra E Bartholomew  MSW                          The Dalles              541-298-8227
 Laura L Bartko  CNM                                Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Megan J Barton  RNP                                Hood River              541-386-5070
 Amy E Bartram  RNP                                 Oregon City             503-962-1000
 Hilary R Basco  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Amany S.A. Bashir  MD                           N  Portland                503-414-5160
 Eric C Bass  DO                                    Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Lisa M Bassili  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Rebecca P Batalden  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-4123
 Mark G Bates III  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Lisa F Batterton  AuD                              Milwaukie               503-513-8693
 Jason R Bauer  MD                                  Wilsonville             503-612-0498
 John E Bauer  MD                                NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Stephen F Baugh  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Geoffrey E Baum  DO                                Portland                503-477-4343
 Kevin J Baxter  DO                                 Astoria                 503-338-4675
 Louise M Baxter  MD                             N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Margaret Alliso Baynham  MD                     NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Ryan C Baysinger  PT                               Clackamas               503-698-5500
 Jacob M Beadles  AuD                               Tigard                  503-227-3668
 Ryan Beall  MD                                  NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Douglas N Beaman  MD                               Hood River              503-249-0719
 Michele K Beaman  MD                            N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Doris M Beard  MSW                              SW Portland                503-297-7906
 James C Beard  MD                               NW Portland                503-274-4884
 Peter T Beatty  MD                                 Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Nicole K Beck  MA                                  Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Jeremy R Becker  MD                                Beaverton               503-413-4488
 Stephen G Becker  MD                               Hood River              541-386-5070
 Bryce Bederka  MD                                  Beaverton               503-413-4488
 Amy Doss Bednar  MD                                Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Brian M Bedolla  MD                                Woodburn                503-981-9526
 Heather A Bee  PsyD                                Astoria                 503-550-7873
 Douglas K Beers  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Sally H Behel  MD                                  Portland                503-219-9111
 Michelle C Beilstein  MD                           Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Bassel Beitinjaneh  MD                             Goldendale              541-506-6530
 Elizabeth S Belanger  MD                        NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Rod I Belkin  MD                                   Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Richard Bryan Bell  MD, DDS                     NW Portland                503-224-1371
 Charles G Bellville  MD                         DT Portland                503-274-2661
 Claire E Bemis  MSW                                Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Kristin S Bendert  MD                              Oregon City             503-659-4988
 Heather D Bengs  PT                                Gresham                 503-328-0222
 George W Bengtson Jr.  MD                       NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Alan R Bengtzen  MD                             NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Renee M Beninger  CNM                              Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Kent G Benner  MD                                  Milwaukie               503-488-2323
 Stephanie J Bennett  RNP                           Vancouver               360-260-2773
 Sylvana E Bennett  MD                              Hillsboro               503-681-4145
 Valerie K Bennett  OTR                             Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Roland William Bennetts Jr.  MD                 NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Brett A Bennink  PsyD                              Beaverton               503-626-9494
 Aubree J Benson  PT                                Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Jon L Benson  PsyD                              SE Portland                503-252-9690
 Robert W Bentley  MD                            NW Portland                503-227-2020
 Amy E Benton  PT                                   Hillsboro               503-549-9090
 Charles J Bentz  MD                             NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Donald J Benz  MD                                  Vancouver               360-256-1190
 Peter W Benziger  MD                               Hood River              541-386-5070
 Amy E Berg  RNP                                 NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Gary R Berger  MD                                  Lincoln City            541-994-7652
 Jonathan M Berger  MD                              Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Wendy S Berger  CNM                             N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Michele J Bergmann  RNP                         NW Portland                503-227-5050
 Richard W Bergstrom  MD                         NW Portland                503-274-4884
 Meena Beri  MD                                     Camas                   360-817-2700
 Todd H Berinstein  MD                              Vancouver               360-326-3966
 Mehmet C Berk  MD                                  Tualatin                503-482-5671
 Elyse P Berkovitch  PT                          SW Portland                503-246-3712
 Eleanore C Bernadas  MD                         N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Bertram W Berney  MD                            NE Portland                503-230-4811
 Joyce M Berney  MD                                 Tigard                  503-598-2000
 Albert J Bernstein  PhD                            Vancouver               360-693-8439
 Eric D Bernstein  MD                               Hood River              503-215-5696
 Glenn I Bernstein  MD                           N  Silverton               503-364-3787
 Amy M Berry  RNP                                   Portland                503-636-9011
 Joan M Berry  MSW                                  Astoria                 503-325-5212
 Michael B Berry  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Leonard R Bertheau  DO                             Gladstone               503-255-3404
 Steven E Besing  PhD                               Salem                   503-561-5986
 Michael Bespaly  MD                                Oregon City             503-742-0632
 Peter J Bessas  MD                                 Vancouver               360-828-8008
 Sidharth S Bhardwaj  MD                            Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Sumeeth M Bhat  MD                              NW Beaverton               503-672-6000
 Pema O.D. Bhutia  MD                               The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Omar J Bhutta  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-2632
 Hannah C Bianco  PhD                            SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Adria D Biasi  PT                                  Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 David T Bice  PhD                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-1084
 Jordan A Biehle  RNP                               Salem                   503-814-4400
 Edward J Bieniek III  MD                           Portland                503-221-0161
 Emily Cupp Bier  MD                                Troutdale               503-669-6800
 Kerry C Biermann  MD                               Camas                   360-838-2440
 Ashley K Billingsley  PT                           Clackamas               503-659-9155
 David E Bilstrom  MD                               The Dalles              541-506-6930
 Jessica L Binkley  PsyD                            Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Megan R Bird  MD                                   Portland                503-413-5787
 Jane E Birdsong  RNP                               Salem                   503-814-4400
 Bruce J Birk  MD                                NW Portland                503-227-0671
 David K Bishop  MD                                 Salem                   503-814-4480
 Jennifer L Bishop  CNM                             Portland                503-734-3800
 Nishanie J Bisorca  MD                          NW Beaverton               503-672-6000
 Jennifer A Bissig  PT                              Canby                   503-651-2020
 Randall Bissinger  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Ratna K Bitra  MD                                  Gresham                 503-674-1757
 Laura K Bitts  MD                                  Portland                503-620-7358
 Jennifer L Bivona  MSW                             The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Nadja Desiree Bix  MD                           NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Bradford T Black  MD                               Oregon City             503-656-0836
 Katherine R Black  MD                           NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Jonathan R Blackhall  MD                        NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Brian W Blair  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Gregory P Blair  MD                                Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Erik D Blake  MD                                   Keizer                  503-561-5976
 Ruth M Blake  PT                                   West Linn               503-387-5449
 David E Blakeslee  PsyD                            Lake Oswego             503-699-8389
 William A Blakey  PhD                              Gladstone               503-659-5515
 Mitchell G Blakney  PT                             Hood River              541-386-9735
 Jeffrey R Blanchard  PT                            Salem                   503-585-4824
 Vincent Blaney  PT                                 Milwaukie               503-353-9776
 Michael A Blankenship  RNP                      SE Portland                503-261-5953
 Jonathan M Blatt  MD                               Milwaukie               503-654-5636
 Andrew Blauvelt  MD                                Portland                503-636-9011
 Laura E Bledsoe  MD                                Beaverton               503-546-0161
 Dennis E Bley  DO                               NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Desiree S Bley  MD                              NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Michelle M Block  PsyD                             Tigard                  503-352-0036
 Stephen M Block  PT                                Gresham                 503-491-1666
 David C Bloom  MD                                  Vancouver               360-326-3966
 Gregory P Blosser  PT                           SW Portland                503-244-0570
 Elizabeth J Blount  MD                             Silverton               503-873-8686
 James S Bluhm  MD                               NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Jeffrey M Bluhm  MD                                Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Patricia A Blumenthal  PsyD                     NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Charles J Bock Jr.  MD                             Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Sarah E Bodian  CNM                             SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Erin R Boehm  MD                                SE Portland                503-257-0959
 Holly A Boehm  CNM                                 Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Robert A Bohanan  MD                            NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Tollie M Bohl  PT                                  Hood River              541-386-9511
 Michael F Bohley  MD                            SE Portland                503-253-3458
 Jocelyn E Bohnet  PT                               Tualatin                503-885-8677
 Tyler M Bohnet  PT                                 Canby                   503-263-6786
 Matthew Boles  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jeffrey Bolka  MD                                  Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Alexandra G Bond  MD                               Canby                   503-525-7600
 Cliffton T.H. Bong  MD                          NW Portland                503-413-4340
 Michael S Booker  MD                            NE Portland                503-288-0083
 Olivia S Boothby  AuD                              Milwaukie               503-513-8693
 Betsy Borchgrevink  OTR                            Tualatin                503-692-5210
 James P Borden  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-7074
 James Bordley V  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-5702
 James L Born  PsyD                                 Sandy                   503-668-5494
 Joshua S Borrelli  PsyD                            Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Darin S Borter  PT                              SW Portland                503-244-0570
 Grant A Bortnem  PT                                McMinnville             503-435-1900
 Todd A Borus  MD                                   Portland                503-732-6863
 Jeffrey F Boskind  MD                           SE Portland                503-256-1575
 Diana K Boss  MD                                   St Helens               503-397-0471
 Patricia A Boullie  CNM                            Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Elisabeth S Boulos  MD                          NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Hien M Bowden  RNP                                 Portland                503-666-6717
 Jefferey L Bowden  DO                              Battle Ground           360-687-6370
 Margaret M Bowden  MD                           N  Silverton               503-364-3787
 Brian M Bowen  DPM                                 Portland                503-284-2000
 Anne E Bower  PT                                NE Portland                503-287-6636
 William M.L. Bowerfind  MD                      NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Ronald R Bowman  MD                                Tigard                  503-352-1313
 Ananda Boyer  MD                                   The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Kimberly M Boyer  MD                            SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Josie D Boyle  RNP                                 St Helens               503-397-7119
 Sarah H Boyles  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-4123
 Erin K Boylston  MD                                McMinnville             503-472-4197
 William S Boylston  MD                             McMinnville             503-472-4197
 Laurel K Bradford  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Catharine N Bradley  PT                            Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Bethany M Brady  DO                             NE Portland                503-963-3100
 Jordan C Brandon  PT                               Portland                503-450-0591
 Ariel G Brantley-Dalglish  CNM                     Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Glenn T Brasington  PhD                            Salem                   503-310-9157
 Michah J.J. Brasseur  MD                        DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Megan K Brassine  RNP                              Dallas                  503-831-0784
 James M Brauer  MD                                 Hood River              541-386-3883
 Alanna P Braun  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Harry E Bray  MD                                   Milwaukie               503-963-2707
 Rita M Braziel  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-7463
 Michael A Breda  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-5725
 Stephanie L Brell  MSW                          NW Portland                503-413-7513
 Rebecca A Bremner  MD                           NW Portland                503-223-3104
 James M Bresee  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-1078
 Darrell C Brett  MD                             SE Portland                503-253-4000
 Paul A Brewer  MD                               N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Kurt A Brewster  MD                                Gresham                 503-674-1950
 Patrick M Bridge  PT                               Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Deona L Bridgeman  MD                              Canby                   503-266-2066
 Janae Z Brill  MD                                  Canby                   503-266-2066
 Timothy O Brinker  PT                              Hillsboro               503-844-9294
 Alexandra N Brockman  PT                           McMinnville             503-435-1900
 Trina A Brodsky  MD                             SW Hillsboro               503-840-3400
 Benjamin L Brody  MD                               Canby                   503-525-7600
 Sandra C Broeren  MD                               Sandy                   503-668-8002
 Emily M.H. Bronec  MD                           NE Portland                503-249-8787
 William B Bronec  MD                            SE Portland                503-261-7200
 Joline S Bronson  MD                               Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Kathleen F Brookfield  MD, PhD                     Salem                   503-814-4600
 Leslie M Brott  MD                                 McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Matthew C Brouns  MD                               Vancouver               360-944-9889
 Daniel B Brown  MD                              SW Portland                503-292-0848
 Eric D Brown  PT                                SE Happy Valley            503-353-1278
 Erin L Brown  MD                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Greg W Brown  MD                                   Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Jay P Brown  MD                                    Portland                503-525-7550
 Scott M Browning  MD                               Portland                503-216-5380
 Julie C Broyhill  MD                            N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Amanda S Bruegl  MD                                Salem                   503-562-4855
 Raymond B Brumbaugh  MD                            Keizer                  503-561-5976
 Amy R Bruner  MD                                   Portland                503-227-4050
 Tracy M Brunette  RNP                              McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Andrew J Bryan  MD                              NW Portland                503-224-8399
 Lauren E Bryan  PT                                 Hood River              541-386-1211
 Leslie A Bryden  MD                                Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Marisa R Bryman  CNM                               Portland                503-734-3800
 Victoria L Bryson  PT                              Hillsboro               503-649-9090
 Jade Buchanan  MSW                              N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Thomas M Buchanan  MD                           SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Mary I Buckland  RNP                               Vancouver               503-413-8407
 Christy R Buckman  MD                              Gresham                 503-488-2600
 John G Buckmaster  MD                              Clackamas               503-414-5700
 Marie J Budesa  MD                                 Sandy                   503-826-0206
 Jeffrey C Buehler  MD                           N  Portland                503-282-5559
 Mark J Buehler  MD                              NE Portland                503-239-8430
 Pilar H Buerk  MD                               NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Jabke S Buesseler  CNM                          SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Gina M Bullock  DPM                                Hillsboro               503-648-2200
 Patricia A Burford  MD                          NE Portland                503-445-8080
 Elisa A Burgess  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-699-6464
 Gary A Burgoine  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Claude F Burgoyne  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-7022
 Richard H Burke  MD                                McMinnville             503-435-6440
 Kelley E Burkett  MD                            NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Robert K Burlingame  MD                            Vancouver               360-256-3686
 Patricia B Burmeister  AuD                         McMinnville             503-434-1110
 Gregory P Burnett  MD                           SE Portland                503-255-2186
 Angus Keith Burns  MD                              The Dalles              541-296-1100
 Marsha S Burns  RNP                             N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Alice W Burr-Harris  PhD                        SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Terry E Burris  MD                                 Tigard                  503-624-4814
 Brent A Burroughs  MD                           SE Portland                503-256-3034
 Brent D Burson  PsyD                               Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Deidre L Burton  MD                             NW Portland                503-295-2546
 May Lim Burton  PhD                             SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Charles N Buser II  MD                             Hood River              541-386-5070
 Justin W Bush  PhD                              NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Burton C Butler  PT                                Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Khayree Butler  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-5514
 Marilyn W Butler  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Stacy M Butler  MD                                 Gresham                 503-667-4545
 Jeanne H Button  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-6294
 David A Buuck  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-844-8219
 Annette L Byrd  RNP                                Sandy                   503-668-8002
 Allison Byrne  PT                                  Hillsboro               503-844-9294
 Jennifer M Byrne  DO                               Troutdale               503-667-7711
 Randy D Cadman  PT                                 Aloha                   503-642-4555
 Robert A Cagle  MD                                 Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Jeffrey R Cagley  MD                            NW Portland                800-878-6698
 Mark P Cahill  MD                               SW Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Robert M Cahn  MD                                  Salem                   503-561-2448
 Patricia E Cain  DPM                               West Linn               503-655-0775
 Frank A Calcagno  MD                               Gresham                 503-491-0714
 Clea R Caldwell  DO                             NE Portland                503-239-6800
 Emily R Caldwell  PT                               Clackamas               503-659-9155
 Misha R Caldwell  RNP                              Astoria                 503-325-7337
 Mark D Calkins  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Elizabeth E Callaghan  MD                          Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Nicholas T Calley  MD                              Gresham                 503-489-2600
 Jocelyn F Camara  MD                               Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Christina J Cameli  CNM                         SW Portland                503-734-3800
 Alissa A Cameron  PT                               Gresham                 503-328-0222
 Christopher W Camplair  PhD                        Beaverton               503-567-3260
 Clifford S Canepa  MD                           NE Portland                503-488-2345
 Jennifer K Cann  MD                                Beaverton               503-684-7246
 David Cantor  MD                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Michael J Cantwell  PT                             Portland                503-928-4914
 Gordon P Canzler  DO                               Gresham                 503-665-9144
 Michael Capek  MD                                  Hood River              541-387-6238
 Susan E Captein  MSW                            DT Portland                503-234-7849
 Alfonso E Capuras  RNP                             Silverton               503-873-5667
 Paul J Cardosi  MD                                 The Dalles              541-296-7724
 Kathleen E Carey  MD                               McMinnville             503-435-6440
 Andrew E Carlson  PT                               McMinnville             503-434-9594
 Bonnie O Carlson  OTR                              West Linn               503-266-4263
 Steven M Carlton  MD                            NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Marni S Carlyle  MD                             SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Brandy M Carpenter  RNP                         NW Portland                503-413-6544
 Tammily R Carpenter  MD                         NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Chad L Carr  MD                                 SE Portland                503-261-4430
 Julia M Carr  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Veronica C Carrasco Cabrera  MD                    Salem                   503-814-4400
 Emily A Carrico  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-8090
 Heather D Carrion  CNM                             Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Amy J Carter  RNP                               NW Portland                503-297-3336
 Jill A Carter  RNP                                 Vancouver               360-787-4135
 Kelly A Carter  MD                                 Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Victoria W Cartwright  MD                       N  Portland                503-413-3930
 Nicholas F Carulli  MD                             Camas                   360-210-7166
 Leydamara Carvajal  MD                             Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Scott J Casares  PT                                Canby                   503-651-2020
 Whitney N Casares  MD                           NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Felicity M Case  PT                             N  Portland                503-276-9300
 Kay E Case  MD                                     McMinnville             503-435-2020
 Kara A Cassar  MS                                  Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Francisco Castillo  MD                             Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Michele M Cathey Hamley  RNP                    NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Aaron B Caughey  MD                                Salem                   503-814-4600
 Megan M Cavanaugh  MD                              Portland                503-216-5380
 James W Cavin  PT                                  Canby                   503-651-2020
 Jill S Cawley  MSW                                 Vancouver               360-695-0115
 James M Cech  MD                                N  Tualatin                503-525-3090
 Iuri Cernev  RNP                                   Salem                   503-814-4400
 Alivia K Cetas  MD                                 Tualatin                503-413-5525
 Albert E Chaffin  MD                            NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Arjun K Chagarlamudi  MD                           Dallas                  503-623-8301
 Brent E Chalmers  MD                               Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Charles E Chambers  MD                             Hood River              541-387-8940
 Dominic R Chambers  PT                             Canby                   503-651-2020
 Matthew D Champion  MD                          NW Portland                503-413-5702
 James Ka Chung Chan  MD                         SE Clackamas               503-233-5548
 Brian T Chan-Kai  MD                            NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Alice C Chandler  PT                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Suzan S Chandler  RNP                           N  Woodburn                971-983-5360
 Ravi A Chandra  MD                                 Portland                503-280-1223
 Prasanna R Chandran  MD                            Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Rubin Chandran  MD                              NW Portland                503-292-7704
 Bradford M Chaney  RNP                          NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Aimee L.V. Chang  MD                               Tigard                  503-292-7734
 Chun Yang Chang  MD                                Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Edward H Chang  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-2032
 Eric C Chang  MD                                NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Katherine T Chang  MD                           N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Kuo Casey Chang  MD                                Aloha                   503-645-8427
 Peter H Chang  DO                               N  Portland                503-280-3418
 Renee McLean Chang  MD                          NW Portland                503-223-3104
 Wendy W.T. Chang  MD                               Portland                360-254-6161
 Winston Chang  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 William C Chapin  MD                               Gladstone               503-255-3404
 Sebastian E Charbonneau  MS                        Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Amy L Charlton  OTR                                Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Mark R Charlton  RNP                               Clackamas               503-512-1212
 Mauricio R Chavez  MD                              Vancouver               360-823-2020
 Antwon T Chavis  MD                                Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Ronald Chelsky  MD                              SE Portland                503-261-4430
 Daniel S Chen  MD                                  Salem                   503-814-6387
 Eurie S Chen  OTR                                  Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Stephen L Chen  MD                                 Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Allen C.P. Cheng  MD, DDS                       NW Portland                503-224-1371
 Chad C Chesley  MD                                 Longview                360-425-3720
 Asha N Chesnutt  MD                             NE Portland                503-297-3778
 James C Chesnutt  MD                               Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Robert J Chestler  MD                           NE Portland                503-252-2467
 Poonam W Chhibber  MD                              Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Rhonda J Chick  CNM                             NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Kelcey J Chilcott  RNP                             Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Tricia M Child  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-5787
 Ryan E Childers  MD                                Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Alexander C Ching  MD                              Tualatin                503-828-1150
 Chester S Ching  MD                             SE Portland                503-256-0877
 Gary J Chiotti  DPM                                Hillsboro               503-648-2200
 Bryan C Chitwood  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Andrew A Chiu  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Davis K Cho  MD                                    Salem                   503-561-5554
 Lois J Cho  RNP                                    McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Michael J Choate  PT                               Lake Oswego             503-636-3028
 Young K Choi  MD                                   Portland                503-221-0161
 Chun Khai Chong  MD                             NE Portland                503-235-5509
 Lanceford M Chong  MD                              Tualatin                503-692-4843
 Meei-Yng Choong  MD                             SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Atish Chopra  MD                                   Salem                   503-371-4044
 Nadia S Chopra  PT                              SE Portland                503-230-1744
 Pavan Chopra  MD                                   The Dalles              541-506-6920
 Mustaquim F Chowdhury  MD                          Hillsboro               503-681-4233
 Kendall B Christensen  RNP                         Woodburn                503-814-4400
 Scott E Christensen  PT                            Happy Valley            503-775-4600
 Leigh M Christie  DO                               Salem                   503-814-4480
 May-Lynn S Chu  DO                                 Gresham                 503-665-8176
 Michael P Chu  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-681-4363
 Terence M.H. Chu  MD                               St Helens               503-397-0741
 David S Chung  DPM                                 Aloha                   503-591-7449
 Kelly D Chung  MD                               SW Portland                503-292-0848
 Janice T Chussil  RNP                              Portland                503-636-9011
 Amy B Ciatto  OTR                                  Gresham                 503-491-1666
 David P Ciaverella  DO                          NW Portland                503-575-2521
 Christopher M Cirino  DO                        SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Susan M Clack  MD                                  Tigard                  503-598-2000
 Kylie E Clark  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Lisa D Clark  RNP                               N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Mark W Clark  PsyD                                 Vancouver               360-906-1190
 Christine G S Clarke  MD                           Salem                   503-561-2448
 George A Clarke  MD                                Salem                   503-561-2448
 Theresa L Clayton  MD                              Vancouver               360-696-4691
 Andrew J Cleary  MD                                Salem                   503-561-5200
 Curtis M Climer  MD                                Woodburn                503-981-9526
 Patrick M Clinton  PT                              Gresham                 503-491-1666
 Rebecca E Clinton  MD                              Beaverton               503-413-4488
 Kansys D Clouse  RNP                               Astoria                 503-338-4050
 Edward H Coale Jr.  MD                             Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Sheldon R Cober  MD                                Hillsboro               503-297-9340
 Janice L Cockrell  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-4505
 Leslie Cody  RNP                                N  Portland                503-285-6607
 Stephan W Coffman  MD                              Hood River              541-387-8992
 Marci L Cogdill  RNP                               Salem                   503-814-4400
 Howard S Cohen  MD                              N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Jill Cohen  RNP                                    Keizer                  503-814-4400
 Julie A Cohn  MD                                NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Rebekah J Colasurdo  PT                            Hillsboro               503-549-9090
 Gregory A Cole  PhD                                McMinnville             503-472-5225
 Frederic J Cole Jr.  MD                         N  Portland                503-528-0704
 Fred H Coleman III  MD                             Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Frank P Colistro  EdD                           NE Portland                503-281-2878
 Fareed M.S. Collado  MD                         SE Portland                503-261-4430
 Ethan B Collier  PT                                Clackamas               503-794-0103
 Kristan C Collins  MD                              Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Lydia H Collins  MD                             NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Nora M Collins  PT                                 McMinnville             503-434-9594
 Scott A B Collins  MD                              Tigard                  503-245-2415
 Sandra A Collis  DO                                Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Laurence Colman  MD                             NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Steven B Colson  MD                             N  Portland                503-281-5139
 Paul A Columb  PT                                  Oregon City             503-656-5273
 Tracey M Columb  MD                             N  Portland                503-285-6607
 Mark R Colville  MD                             N  Portland                503-732-6863
 Daniel B Combs  PsyD                               Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Gregory L Combs  MD                                West Linn               503-655-9727
 Stephen J Comella  LPC                          N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Kathleen (Kate) Commerford  PhD                 NE Portland                503-249-1350
 Keith D Conant  MD                              NW Portland                503-242-4266
 David O Conant-Norville  MD                     SW Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Gregory S Connell  MD                              Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Allegra R Connors  RNP                             Salem                   503-814-4400
 Marlen S Conrad  MSW                            NW Portland                503-650-7240
 Nicole M Conrad  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Carol R Conrades  PT                            SE Portland                503-777-6746
 Kimberly L Contreras  OTR                          Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Gregg O Coodley  MD                             SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Charles Milton Cook  MD                         NW Portland                503-299-9906
 David W Cook  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-1351
 Ryan B Cook  PT                                 NE Portland                503-287-6636
 Laura L Cooley  MD                                 West Linn               503-657-0074
 Norvin (Jake) R Cooley  PhD                        Oregon City             503-657-7235
 Paul M Cooley  PT                               NW Portland                503-466-2254
 Brent J Cooper  RNP                                Camas                   360-566-4840
 Clifford L Cooper  MD                           DT Portland                503-274-1697
 Daniel H Cooper  PT                             SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Kimberly H Copeland  MD                            Vancouver               360-487-1000
 Stuart Randall Copeland  MD                        Longview                360-577-1771
 Erica M Coppola  CNM                            N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Koren O Corbett  CNM                            NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Christine M Corbin  MD                             Hillsboro               503-693-1944
 Jane E Corboy  MD                                  The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Susan A Corcoran  CNM                           N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Allan D.A. Cordova  PhD                         SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Liana A Corliss  RNP                            NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Marcus H Cornwall  DO                              Milwaukie               503-905-2526
 Valerie R Correa  PsyD                          NW Portland                503-413-6544
 Nathaniel R Correia  PT                            Beaverton               503-644-3311
 H Patrick Corrigan  PT                             St Helens               503-397-1914
 Magdalenne M Corso  MD                             Oregon City             503-657-7629
 David P Cosgrove  MD                               Vancouver               360-944-9889
 Aaron S Cosman  RNP                             NE Portland                503-963-2707
 Gregory A Cost  MD                              SW Portland                503-255-5244
 Mary M Costantino  MD                           NE Beaverton               503-372-1800
 Katherine E Cotterell  MD                          Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Tonia Cottrell  MSW                                Beaverton               503-567-3260
 Jerod A Cottrill  DO                            N  Portland                503-732-6863
 James M Coughlin  MD                            SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Vernon L Cowell Jr.  MD                            Gresham                 503-674-1520
 Christopher K Cox  AuD                             Portland                503-513-8693
 Holly A Cox  PT                                    Hood River              541-386-9511
 Leanna T Coy  RNP                                  Sandy                   503-826-0206
 Gregory Craft  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Robert M Craft  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Richard W Craft Sr.  MD                         N  Gresham                 503-465-8887
 Ashley L Craig  OTR                             SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Cara S Cram  PT                                    Vancouver               360-487-1000
 Andrew B Cramer  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-5650
 Jay L Crary  MD                                    Portland                503-732-6863
 Richard A Crass  MD                                Astoria                 503-338-4670
 James P Craven  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-5650
 Julie T Crawford  MD                            SE Portland                503-256-1470
 Thomas I Crawford II  MD                        NE Portland                503-231-0166
 Sergio M Crespo  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Catherine E Crim  MD                               Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Mark A Crislip  MD                                 Portland                503-413-4340
 Jonathan C Crist  MD                               Tigard                  503-646-0161
 Melanie A Crites-Bachert  DO                       Gresham                 503-492-6510
 Carla J Crockford  RNP                             Vancouver               360-253-6425
 Katherine M Cronkhite  MD                          Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Stephen R Crook  MD                             SE Portland                503-256-1575
 Robert C Crouse  MD                             DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Jeana M Crover  MD                              SE Portland                503-261-7200
 Molly Jo Cruz  PT                                  Hillsboro               503-844-6565
 Todd J Cruz  PT                                 NW Portland                503-227-3479
 Michael T Csaszar  MD                              Canby                   503-723-4660
 Mark C Cullen  MD                                  Hood River              541-308-1010
 Brandt R Culver  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Rhett J Cummings  MD                            NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Susan D Cuneo  MD                                  Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Candy L Curley  RNP                                Vancouver               360-487-2811
 Nancy A Curosh  MD                              NE Portland                503-238-2941
 Gabriel P Currie  MD                            NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Julie C Currin  MD                                 Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Kenneth R Curtin  MD                               Beaverton               503-619-1100
 Audrey E Curtis  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-5787
 James P Cuyler  MD                              NW Portland                503-553-3664
 Stephanie N D'Andrea  RNP                       DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Linda D'Onofrio  MS                             NE Portland                503-808-9919
 Andrea O D'Ostroph  MD                          SW Portland                503-223-8147
 Sharon L D'Souza  MD                               Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Reewen C D'Souza-Kamath  MD                        Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Jerome J DaSilva  MD                               Portland                503-732-6863
 Deana E Dahl  RNP                                  Stevenson               509-427-4212
 Laura L Dahl  MD                                NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Lauren B Dahl  MSW                                 Hillsboro               503-352-7806
 Nanette E. Dudl Dahlquist  MD                      Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Shawn V Dailey  PT                                 Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Donald Duane Dale  MD                           NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Paul D Dale  MD                                    McMinnville             503-435-1077
 Bret H Dales  MD                                   Gresham                 503-661-5388
 Denis J Dalisky  MD                             N  Keizer                  503-364-3787
 Brendan J Daly  MD                              N  Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Sarah A Dang  RNP                                  Hood River              541-386-6380
 Michael S Daniel  PhD                              Hillsboro               503-681-0816
 Pamela A Daniels  PsyD                          DT Tigard                  503-539-9326
 Charles L Darby  MD                             NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Laura M.W. Dart  MD                                Portland                503-413-2902
 Matthew J Daskalos  DO                             Troutdale               503-667-7711
 Sonal B Dave  MD                                NW Portland                503-227-2020
 Howard A Davidson  MD                           N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Marc R Davidson  MD                                Gresham                 503-661-5388
 Adrian Davies  RNP                              NE Portland                503-297-8081
 Dana M Davies  RNP                                 Troutdale               503-667-7711
 William M Davies  MD                               Oregon City             503-962-1000
 Daniel Davila Bradley  MD                       NE Portland                503-281-0561
 Barry N Davis  DO                                  Clackamas               503-659-4988
 Craig S Davis  MD                                  Oregon City             503-656-5273
 Kurt W Davis  DPM                                  Vancouver               360-694-3668
 Michael W Davis  MD                             NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Shaun L Davis  PsyD                                Tigard                  503-352-0036
 Daniel W Davis II  DO                           NW Portland                503-268-4802
 Douglas L Dawley  MD                            SE Portland                503-261-4430
 Patrick A Dawson  MD                               Tualatin                503-692-5483
 Richard A Dawson  MSW                              Damascus                503-740-1971
 Koenraad De Geest  MD                              Salem                   503-562-4855
 Violeta Tammy De La Melena  MD                  SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Aura T.B. De Olazo  MD                             Gresham                 503-674-1580
 Nicolaas W De Wette  MD                         N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Roberto M DeCastro  MD                          NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Audelia DeCosta  MSW                               Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Mary P DeFrank  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-640-3708
 Barry T DeGregorio  MD                          N  Portland                503-282-5559
 Steven R DeMeester  MD                          NE Portland                503-281-0561
 Hilary K DeVoe  MD                              SW Portland                503-296-7800
 Jodi J Decker  PT                                  Vancouver               360-573-3611
 Michael W Deegan  PT                               Portland                503-466-2254
 Aishwarya B Deenadayalu  MD                     NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Viju P Deenadayalu  MD                             Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Darcy E Deering  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Jeffrey W Degen  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-6294
 Yama A Dehqanzada  DPM                             Hillsboro               503-245-2420
 Lauren Deisenroth  RNP                          N  Portland                503-413-8988
 Jaymee E Delaney  MD                               Portland                503-352-0770
 Chester M Delfin  PT                               Salem                   503-363-6770
 Erica C Delgado  MD                                Beaverton               503-415-4060
 David H Delman  MD                              N  Tualatin                503-413-6166
 Arash Delshad  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-681-1109
 George B Demetrion  MD                          SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Katherine D.W. Dempster  MD                        Portland                503-413-4340
 John M Dempster Jr.  MD                         N  Portland                503-413-5702
 Anika S Denali Luengo  MD                       NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Mary A Denman  MD                               SW Portland                503-297-4123
 Susan T Denman  MD                                 Aloha                   503-649-9477
 Carole (Carrie) Dennison  RNP                      Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Hem A Deodhar  MD                               NW Portland                503-229-7976
 David A Deppeler  PT                               Hillsboro               503-844-9294
 Alison C Derbes  MD                                Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Aidan H Derenne  MD                                Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Amish J Desai  MD                               N  Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Amrita A Desai  MD                                 Astoria                 503-338-4085
 Nisha S Desai  MD                               NW Portland                503-223-1933
 Rahul N Desai  MD                                  Beaverton               503-372-1800
 Thomas E Deshler  PhD                              Oregon City             503-657-7235
 June M Desimone  MD                             NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Janiece E Desocio  RNP                          N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Joanne G Devore  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Kristin Devoto  PT                              NE Portland                503-257-9881
 Leigh Anne Dew  MD                                 Gresham                 503-488-2600
 Jeannette R Dezsofi  MSW                           Vancouver               360-695-7588
 Harpreet (Daisy Dhillon  DO                        Troutdale               503-667-7711
 Anshu Dhingra  MD                                  Beaverton               503-644-1171
 Marie-Louise Dhulst  MD                         DT Tigard                  503-221-0161
 Adama Diarra  DO                                   Lake Oswego             503-525-7500
 Paul R Diaz  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Donald A Dibbern Jr.  MD                        DT Portland                503-228-0155
 Daniel W Dick  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Robert A Dickey  PsyD                           NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Michele N Dickson  RNP                          SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Lisa L Diepenhorst  MD                          N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Eric J Dierks  MD, DMD                          NW Portland                503-224-1371
 Kameron C Dill  PsyD                               West Linn               503-653-0631
 Meghan M Dillon  PT                                Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Kristen E Dills  PT                                Hood River              541-386-1211
 Peter T Dills  PT                                  Portland                503-253-0924
 Lalaine G Dimagiba  MD                          N  Portland                503-413-4505
 Danielle M Dion  MD                             SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Andrew C.Q. Do  MD                                 Salem                   503-814-4400
 Nadia V Dobraya  RNP                            NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Charles Dodds  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Thomas W Dodson  MD                             DT Portland                503-228-0370
 Marni L Doerfler  RSW                              Beaverton               503-646-0161
 K'lyn Johnson Doherty  OTR                         Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Melissa H Dolbec  RNP                           NW Portland                503-413-5702
 Cecilia M Dominguez  PsyD                       NW Portland                503-413-7513
 John S Domreis  MD                              SE Portland                503-353-3005
 Timothy P Domres  PT                               Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 James E Domst  MD                               N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000
 Elizabeth K Donohue  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-4718
 Cory A Donovan  MD                              DT Portland                503-413-5525
 Carmen M Doom  MD, PhD                          NW Portland                503-274-4800
 Michael G Doorly  MD                               Hillsboro               503-681-4310
 Lee H Doppelt  PhD                                 Lake Oswego             503-697-0600
 Jessica A Dorrington  PT                           Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Michael K Dorrington  PT                           Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Sheeten B Doshi  MD                                Gresham                 503-674-2044
 Susan M Doucette  AuD                           NW Portland                503-413-6744
 Karen A Douek  MD                               NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Nathaneal B Douglas  MD                         SE Portland                503-261-7200
 Jeffrey M Douglass  MD                             Newberg                 503-657-6502
 Alma S Draper  RNP                                 Beaverton               503-646-9222
 Josephine E Drew  MD                               Ridgefield              360-887-9494
 Richard F Dreyer  MD                            NW Portland                503-274-2121
 Rayann M DuBose  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Melissa E Duan  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Janine L Dudley  OTR                               Tualatin                503-692-5210
 Michael A Duey  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Stephanie E Dukhovny  MD                           Salem                   503-814-4600
 Jeffrey D Duman  MD                                Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Aleksey V Dumanovskiy  MD                       NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Cynthia E Dumler  MD                               Vancouver               360-487-2727
 Justin T Dunaway  PT                            SE Portland                503-777-1983
 Thomas S Duncan  MD                                Astoria                 503-325-9131
 Jacquelyn R Dunn  DO                            NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Romina C Dunnam  DO                                Vancouver               360-256-4060
 Angela C Dunscomb  PT                              Gresham                 503-669-2500
 Cassandra Dunsire  PT                              Clackamas               503-794-0103
 Christy M Dunst  MD                             NW Portland                503-281-0561
 Shane M Durando  PT                             DT Sherwood                503-625-1691
 Rhonda L Durant  RNP                            SE Portland                503-261-7200
 Brandice T Durkan  MD                              Hillsboro               503-681-4310
 John A Durkan  MD                                  Hood River              541-387-8983
 Sajal C Dutta  MD                               SW Portland                503-255-5244
 Ashley R Duvall  PT                                Gresham                 503-669-2500
 Deborah G Dwelle  PhD                           SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Andrew J Dworkin  MD                            NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Thomas M Dyehouse  MD                              Vancouver               360-260-2773
 Matthew J Dykema  PT                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Paula F Dykema  PT                                 Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Michelle L Dykstra  PhD                            Oregon City             503-657-7235
 Rose F Eagle  PhD                               SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Gina C Easley  RNP                              SE Portland                503-666-6717
 Mary Kathleen Easton  RNP                          Milwaukie               503-786-4060
 Ahmed F Ebeid  MD                                  McMinnville             503-474-3847
 Christina T Echternach  CNM                     SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Lori D Eckel  MSW                               N  Portland                503-413-5542
 Richard H Edelson  MD                              Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Daniel Jay Edwards  PhD                         SE Portland                503-219-9992
 James M Edwards  MD                                Hood River              541-387-6125
 Raymond S Edwards  MD                           NW Portland                503-227-2400
 Stephanie N Egbers  LPC                         NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Mary A Egsieker  MD                                Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Patricia M Ehlers  MS                              Vancouver               360-699-6374
 Benjamin D Ehst  MD                                Portland                503-636-9011
 Greta L Eikenberry  AuD                            Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Gregory M Eilers  MD                            N  Portland                503-734-3800
 Christopher R Eilersen  MD                         Oregon City             503-656-1484
 Cheryl E Einerson  RNP                             Vancouver               360-253-2822
 C. George Eischen  PT                              Gresham                 503-491-1666
 Kevin G Eischen  PT                                Gresham                 503-491-1666
 Glenn M Eisen  MD                               SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Jeffrey J Ekstrand  MD                          N  Portland                503-413-3600
 Jeremiah L Eldred  RNP                          SE Portland                503-666-6717
 Joseph R Elia  MD                               NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Kristen R Ell  MD                                  Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Elizabeth B Elliott  RNP                        NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Carilyn C Ellis  PsyD                              Salem                   503-561-5986
 Evan D Ellis  MD                                   Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Linda Y Ellis  RNP                              SE Happy Valley            503-658-1777
 Jamie L Ellis-Wittenhagen  DO                      Salem                   503-814-2483
 Gregory D Emmerich  MD                             Gresham                 503-661-4200
 Sandra L Emmons  MD                                Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Ryan B Empey  MD                                N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Carol Y Endo  MD                                N  Portland                503-413-2902
 Joyce S Endo  MD                                   West Linn               503-635-8384
 Oana Enea  DO                                      Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Delphine Engel  MD                              N  Portland                503-528-0704
 Patricia M Engle  MD                               Beaverton               503-415-4060
 Kai E Engstad  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-226-6321
 Stephen R Enloe  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-635-6256
 Roger J Epstein  MD                                Silverton               503-874-4626
 Timothy A ErIcson  RNP                          N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Danielle L.J. Erb  MD                           SW Portland                503-296-0918
 Michael K Ericksen  MD                          SW Portland                503-296-7800
 Carl M Erickson  DO                             SE Portland                503-233-5273
 Christine Joy Erickson  RNP                        Portland                503-413-6862
 Jacqueline M Eriksen  MD                           McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Elizabeth D Erikson  DO                            Astoria                 503-338-4675
 Barbara J Erskine  MS                              Tigard                  503-675-7711
 Nazaneen M Eshragh  MD                             Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Niknam Eshraghi  MD                             NE Portland                503-288-7535
 Ertan R Esmer  MD                                  Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Christopher S Estes  DO                         SE Portland                503-261-6961
 Brian D Eubanks  PT                                Canby                   503-651-2020
 Thomas R Eubanks  DO                            SE Portland                503-353-3005
 Megan E Eussen  MD                                 Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Bradley H Evans  MD                                McMinnville             503-435-1200
 Laura E Evans  PT                                  Hillsboro               503-844-9294
 Mari Kay Evans-Smith  MD                        NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Aaron Even  MD                                     Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Brent K Evetts  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-1743
 Frederick S Ey  MD                                 Beaverton               503-203-1000
 Sara M Fahey  CNM                               N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Jenna R Fahlander  LPC                             Beaverton               503-644-1171
 Kelly A Fair  MD                                   Salem                   503-561-2448
 Christopher R Faison  MD                           White Salmon            509-493-2133
 Melanie M Falgout  MD                              Gresham                 503-665-8176
 Eric D Falquist  PT                                Tualatin                503-692-4934
 Elizabeth A Fanning  OTR                           Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Nervin H Fanous  MD                                Salem                   503-371-4044
 Riyad A Fares  MD                               N  Portland                503-226-4091
 Maryam A Farinola  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-6120
 Lisa J Farkouh  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3660
 David B Farley  MD                                 West Linn               503-635-8384
 James A Farley  MD                                 Oregon City             503-657-7235
 Cindi L Farnstrom  RNP                          SW Newberg                 503-538-6791
 Mary Cathleen Farnsworth  CNM                   NE Portland                503-249-5454
 Granthem T Farr  DO                             NW Portland                503-963-3030
 Lori J Farrell  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Tony M Farrenkopf  PhD                          NW Portland                503-225-0498
 R David Farris  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Rebecca A Fausel  MD                               Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Miriam D Fauth  MD                                 Hood River              541-386-6380
 Josiah D Faville  PT                               Salem                   503-585-4824
 Matthew C Fedor  MD                                Dallas                  503-623-8301
 Michael J Feely  RPT                            SE Portland                503-234-4858
 Jordan D Fein  MD                               NW Portland                503-413-5702
 Jeffrey S Feinblatt  MD                            Oregon City             503-656-0836
 Stephen P Fekete  DPM                              Wilsonville             503-682-6035
 Sean C Fell  MD                                    Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Zhuang Feng  MD                                 N  Portland                503-413-1863
 Benjamin C Fenison  OTR                            Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Sergio M Fernandez  RNP                            Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Barbara K Ferre'  MD                            NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Mariko A Ferronato  DO                             Salem                   503-561-2448
 Sydney F Ferryman  PT                              Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Katie M Fey  MS                                    Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Elizabeth A Fialkowski  MD                      N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Hetal K Fichadia  MD                            NE Portland                503-488-2344
 Teresa R Field  LPC, LMFT                          Portland                503-740-1971
 Julie A Fiene-Yeager  MD                        SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Dominic Anthony Figueras  MD                       Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Derek B Fink  PT                                   Vancouver               360-573-3611
 Scott D Finkelstein  MD                         NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jennifer H Finley  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Paul E Finley  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-640-3708
 Terrance A Finstad  MD                             Hood River              541-387-6328
 Gustav Fischer  MD                              NE Portland                503-231-1426
 Joni M Fischer-Jones  RPT                       NW Portland                503-726-8880
 Kindra J Fish  PT                                  Tigard                  503-639-2118
 Barbra M Fisher  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Makindra L Fitton  PT                              Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Diana L Fitzpatrick  MD                         SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Kelly V Fitzpatrick  DO                         N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Scott E Fitzwater  LPC                             Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Michael B Flaming  MD                           NE Portland                503-488-2400
 William E Flanary II  MD                           Happy Valley            503-656-4221
 Ingrid A Flanders  RNP                             Hood River              541-386-5070
 Laura A Flath  MD                                  The Dalles              541-506-6920
 Jenna S Fleck  RNP                              NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Rachel L Flescher  PA                              Astoria                 503-338-4675
 Bonnie J Flick  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Gregory R Flick  MD                                Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Michelle R Fliman  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Matthew N Flood  PT                             NE Portland                503-287-6636
 Kenneth D Flora  MD                                Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Robert C Florek  MD                                Hood River              541-308-1010
 Sarah L Flowerday  MD                           SE Portland                503-408-7010
 Thomas F Flynn  MD                              NE Portland                503-236-4343
 Marni L Foley  MD                                  Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Matthew I Foley  MD                                Gresham                 503-413-3580
 Timothy J Foley  PT                                Hood River              541-386-9735
 Paula A Folger  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-4340
 Lawrence E Foltz  DO                               Vancouver               360-254-4402
 Sherilyn M Foltz-Cook  DO                          Vancouver               360-254-4402
 David C Ford  MD                                   The Dalles              541-296-6101
 Randall S Ford  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Tori B Fornaciari  MSW                             Portland                503-525-7550
 John Thomas Forsythe  MD                           Tualatin                503-692-1205
 Kristen M Foskett  RNP                             The Dalles              541-296-4610
 Elizabeth M Foster  MD                             Hood River              541-386-5070
 Martin C Foster  MD                                Hood River              541-387-6238
 Shirley A Fox  MD                               SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Maria I Foy  RNP                                   Oregon City             503-656-5273
 Christopher L Fraley  MD                           Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Rebecca M Franceschi  PT                        NW Portland                503-466-2254
 Gloria D Frandsen  MSW                          SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Joseph H Frankhouse  MD                         DT Portland                503-413-5525
 Margaret M Franklin  RNP                        N  Silverton               503-873-5667
 Sara-Melba C Franklin  DO                       SE Portland                503-252-4325
 Michael R Fraser Jr.  MD                           Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Christina E Fratangelo  RNP                     NW Portland                503-224-1371
 Jesse L Frechette  PT                              Happy Valley            503-558-0112
 Elizabeth B Freeman  CNM                        N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Breton Freitag  MD                              N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Micah D Frey  PT                                   Oregon City             503-305-8455
 Joseph J Fricke  PT                             NE Beaverton               503-257-9881
 Daniel K Friedman  MD                              Hillsboro               503-681-4310
 Eric I Friedman  MD                                Milwaukie               503-239-0092
 Larry S Friedman  PhD                           DT Portland                503-223-5441
 Sean M Friend  MD                               NE Portland                503-282-0979
 Nancy W Frisch  MSW, LMFT                       SW Portland                503-484-8300
 Stephen B Fritz  MD                                Clackamas               971-220-2201
 Lindsay B Froman  PT                            NW Portland                503-413-4505
 Britton Anne Frome  MD                          N  Lake Oswego             503-850-9940
 Scott D Fromherz  MD                               Tigard                  503-639-7000
 Xinyu Steve Fu  MD                                 The Dalles              541-296-7585
 Jordan S Fukumoto  PT                              Vancouver               360-859-3346
 Jeffrey D Fullman  MD                              Tualatin                503-692-1205
 Robert H Furman  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-699-0337
 Maxwell C Furr  MD                              NW Portland                503-222-3638
 Abby P Furukawa  MD                             NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Corina E Gabbert  PT                               Hood River              541-386-9511
 Cassie L Gabriel  MD                               Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Laura A Gadzala  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-7022
 Laura L.Z. Gaff  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-635-2496
 Maria Angela C Galang  MD                          McMinnville             503-472-9002
 Faith C Galderisi  DO                           SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Debbra M Gale  RNP                                 Portland                360-254-6161
 Edward A Galen  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Anthony E Galinato  MD                          SE Portland                503-251-6132
 Eric D Gallagher  MD                               Hood River              541-296-2294
 Todd L Galle  DPM                                  Hillsboro               503-245-2420
 Patricia E Gallegos  DO                            Clackamas               503-659-4988
 Moses J Gallegos Jr.  DO                           Clackamas               503-659-4988
 Timofey S Galuza  PsyD                             Oregon City             503-657-7629
 Matthew J Gambee  MD                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Harminder P.S. Gandhok  MD                         Dallas                  503-623-8301
 Rosa M Garcia-Jordan  MD                        NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Timothy L Gard  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-640-3708
 Michael P Gardner  MD                              Tualatin                503-692-1200
 Sandeep N Garg  MD                              SW Tualatin                503-692-0405
 Matthew J Garrean  PT                              The Dalles              541-296-3368
 Jennifer R Garreau  MD                             Gresham                 503-674-1848
 Deborah Loomis Garvey  MD                          Hillsboro               503-681-1111
 Maryanne B Garvie-Loveland  MD                  SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Bernard A Gasch  MD                                Hillsboro               503-297-3440
 Arthur Gaskell III  MD                             Vancouver               360-896-6944
 Devin M Gattey  MD                                 Aloha                   503-642-2505
 Kim G Gauntt  DPM                                  Hillsboro               503-648-1713
 Dennis J Gavin  PT                                 Vancouver               360-256-9827
 Sharon Bast Gavora  PsyD                           Vancouver               503-636-4333
 Anthony S Gay  MD                                  Hood River              541-386-5070
 Elaina M Gayles  PT                                Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Laura G Gayton  CNM                             NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Shugang Ge  MD                                  SE Portland                503-255-2186
 Lauren M Gearhart  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-635-6256
 Arvin C Gee  MD                                 N  Portland                503-528-0704
 Kim M Geelan  MD                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Martha P Geisheker  RNP                         N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Robert W Geister  DPM                              Sandy                   503-668-5210
 Mark A Gelfand  MD                              N  Gresham                 503-413-4992
 Richard E Gellman  MD                           N  Portland                503-249-0719
 Jill M Gelow  MD                                   Hood River              541-387-1950
 Michael A Gentile  DPM                             Hillsboro               503-446-3808
 Margaret A George  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Michael A George  PT                               Clackamas               503-698-5500
 Joshua A Gepner  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-635-2496
 Helene C Geraci  RNP                               Hood River              503-215-5696
 Paula A Gerber-Gore  MD                         NE Portland                503-935-8500
 Bennett E Gertz  MD                             SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Bridget P Gessler  RNP                             West Linn               503-352-0468
 Lindsey A Geunes  CNM                           SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Bobak A Ghaheri  MD                                Gresham                 503-488-2600
 Elena D Ghetie  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3384
 Oliver Ghitea  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Maryam R Ghods  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Elizabeth G Gianotti  MS                           Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Janet L Gibbens  MD                             NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Lisa M Gibbons  DO                                 Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Gerald E Gibbs  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-640-3687
 Barbara Gibby-Smith  PsyD                          Forest Grove            503-357-0206
 Jennifer M Gibson  MD                              Gresham                 503-674-1950
 John Scott Gibson  MD                              McMinnville             503-472-0888
 Maryika I Gibson  RNP                              Portland                503-413-5702
 Manuel Gigena  MD                                  McMinnville             503-435-6398
 Curtis B Gill  RNP                                 Salem                   503-561-5554
 Robert J Gillespie  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Hamilton S Gillespie V  MD                         Beaverton               503-413-7162
 James R Gilmore  MD                             NW Portland                503-227-2400
 Alicia S Gimenez  MD                               White Salmon            509-493-2133
 Cynthia A Gingalewski  MD                       N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Gary A Gingrich  MD                                Hood River              541-308-1010
 Christopher J Ginocchio  MD                        Gresham                 503-669-0435
 Steven R Giss  MD                                  McMinnville             503-434-6060
 Martin S Gizzi  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-7022
 Graham D Glass  MD                                 Vancouver               360-254-8025
 Bradford J Glavan  MD                           NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Samuel R Glickman  MD                              Gresham                 503-413-5702
 David J Glidden  MD                             NW Portland                503-268-4802
 Jason M Glover  MD                              N  Portland                503-276-9300
 Ryan D Glover  OTR                                 Beaverton               971-245-6663
 Stephanie Go  MD                                   Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Robert W Gobbo  MD                                 Hood River              541-386-6380
 Molly G Goddard  RNP                               Canby                   503-266-7686
 Nikki L Goebel  PT                                 Vancouver               360-254-6161
 James Goeke  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Aprajita Anita Goel  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-3384
 David M Gofreed  PT                                Ridgefield              360-727-3877
 Chad R Goins  MD                                   Hillsboro               503-640-3708
 Alana S Golden  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-3600
 Maurice F Golden III  MD                           Silverton               503-982-0403
 Daniela C Goldenberg  MD                        NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Leslie E Goldmann  PhD                          DT Portland                503-227-4570
 Jay C Goldstein  DPM                            NW Portland                503-221-1581
 Miguel A Gomez  MD                              SW Tualatin                503-692-0405
 Enrique Gomez Morayta  MD                          Tigard                  503-221-0161
 Vincent A Gonsalves  PT                            Tigard                  503-352-1313
 Juan C Gonzalez-Vitale  MD                      N  Portland                503-413-4089
 Raymond Good  DO                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Sara C Goodman  MSW                             NE Portland                503-475-8880
 Shawn Goodman  MD                                  Portland                503-413-3030
 Renee N Goodreau  MD                               Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Donna J Goodwin  MSW                               Vancouver               360-993-2939
 Paul J Goodwin  MD                                 Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Lori L Goranson  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Jenna N Gordon  OTR                                Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Michele M Gordon  OTR                              Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Olivia M Gordon  LMFT                              Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Michelle C Gordon-Lown  PsyD                       Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 William J Goritski  MD                             Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Margaret C Gorman  MD                              Portland                503-734-3800
 Jim A Gosewehr  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Pompy Z Goswami  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Carrie J.K. Gotkowitz  MD                       N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Claire H Gould  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-5787
 Kirsten M Gower  PT                                Tigard                  503-639-2118
 Angela M Gracia  PT                                Gresham                 503-666-7644
 Michael E Grady  MD                             N  Silverton               503-873-5667
 Scott P Grady  MD                               NW Portland                503-274-4884
 Elizabeth J Graff  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Marsha Lee Graham  MSW                          SW Portland                503-241-7705
 Gregory D Gramstad  MD                             Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 James D Grant  MD                                  Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Lisa Christine Grant  MD                           Hood River              541-436-2705
 Erin E Grap  RNP                                   Hood River              541-386-6380
 Howard L Grattan  MD                               Gresham                 503-382-8100
 Cynthia D Gray  MD                                 Vancouver               360-892-0096
 Siobhan M Gray  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-8090
 Thomas C Gray  DO                                  Forest Grove            503-359-4773
 Timothy J Gray  DO                                 Forest Grove            503-359-4773
 Tyler T Gray  MD                                   Hood River              541-386-5070
 Timothy J Gray II  DO                              Forest Grove            503-359-4773
 Scott C Grealish  MD                               Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Angella D Green  RNP                               Keizer                  503-814-4400
 Kelly A Green  RNP                                 Vancouver               360-487-2811
 David C Greenberg  DPM                          NE Portland                503-257-8886
 Gary M Greenberg  MD                               Astoria                 503-338-4087
 Amy Greene  MD                                  NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jonathan E Greenleaf  MD                           Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Sarah E Gregg  RSW                              NW Portland                503-413-7557
 Candace Lynne Gregory  DPM                         Beaverton               503-597-5647
 Elaine F Greif  PhD                             NW Portland                503-260-7275
 Shandra D Greig  MD                                Molalla                 503-829-7374
 Gwen J.R. Grewe  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Kathy Grewe  MD                                    Hood River              541-308-1010
 Kent M Grewe  MD                                N  Portland                503-288-5151
 Scott R Grewe  MD                                  Tigard                  503-639-6002
 Aristotle L.J. Griego Marsh  CNM                   Salem                   503-814-4480
 Carly J Griffin  RNP                            NW Portland                503-281-0561
 John W Griffin  MD                              SE Portland                503-256-2216
 Kimberly J Griffin  OTR                            Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Anneke M Griffith  PT                              Keizer                  503-463-4221
 Lucinda A Griffith  MD                          NE Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Nicholas P Grinich  MD                             Lincoln City            541-994-7652
 Murlan Elbert Grise  DO                            Welches                 503-622-3126
 Andre D Grisham  MD                             DT Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Douglas W Grissom  MD                              Hood River              541-387-1300
 Robert J Gross  MD                              NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Nancy D Grossenbacher  OTR                         Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Frederick D Grossman  PhD                       SE Clackamas               503-505-7227
 Ellen R Grover  PT                              NE Portland                503-287-6636
 Noreen V Gruber  LPC                               Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Daniel R Gruenberg  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Steven L Grund  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-5702
 David M.S. Grunkemeier  MD                      SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Aimee C Guarriello  PT                          SE Portland                503-230-1744
 Kelly Dean Gubler  DO                           N  Portland                503-528-0704
 Jonathan T Gudman  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Gina M Guerin  MSW                              N  Mount Angel             971-983-5214
 John C Guevara  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Rachel W Guild  MD                                 The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Cynthia S Gulick  DO                               Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Allison E Gullo  MD                                Clackamas               503-512-1212
 Geoffrey M.R. Gullo  MD                         NE Beaverton               503-619-1100
 Gregory Gullo  MD                                  Clackamas               503-512-1212
 Scott M Gulstine  PT                            DT Portland                503-227-7774
 John M Gunselman  DO                               Gresham                 503-492-6510
 Fuhua Holly Guo  MD                                Vancouver               360-896-8963
 Akash Gupta  MD                                    Milwaukie               503-659-1769
 Brittany L Gurgel  PT                           N  Portland                503-276-9300
 John E Gustavsson  MD                           NW Portland                503-227-2400
 Jennifer A Guthrie  CNM                            Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Jose D Gutierrez Holguin  MD                    N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Janel R Guyette  MD                             N  Portland                503-285-6607
 Noel J Guzman  MD                                  Vancouver               360-254-8025
 Kirsten S Gwynn  CNM                               Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Peter R Gyerko  MD                                 Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Magdalene R Gyuricska  MD                          Salem                   503-814-4400
 Paul J Haddeland  MD                               McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Bassam G Hadeed  MD                                Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Maryam S Hadiashar  MD                             Tualatin                503-692-1242
 John C Hadley  DO                                  Dallas                  503-623-7301
 David J Hagen  MD                                  Camas                   360-834-3141
 Kerry B Hagen  MD                               SW Portland                503-222-0614
 Lindsey E Hagen  PT                             NE Portland                503-287-6636
 Melissa A Hahn  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Patricia H Hall  MA                             NE Portland                503-249-0455
 Wendy S Hall  MD                                   Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Chloe A Hallyburton  PT                            Gresham                 503-666-7644
 Valerie J Halpin  MD                            NW Portland                503-413-7557
 Naji M Hamdan  MD                               N  Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Edward E Hamel  MD                                 Portland                503-261-1171
 Conrad G Hamilton  MD                              Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Nicholas A Hamilton  MD                         N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Richard N Hamilton  MD                          N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Katherine C Hammond  RNP                        DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Lydia M Hammond  CNM                            NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Mariel A Hammond  PT                            SE Portland                503-255-1500
 Hope A Hampton  PT                                 Vancouver               360-571-2195
 Iris J Han  MD                                  SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Steve E Hand  MSW                               NW Portland                503-590-7029
 Lori Gail Hankenson  MD                            Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Carolyn M Hankins  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Corinda M Hankins  MD                              Hood River              541-386-6380
 Patrick L Hanley  MD                            SE Portland                503-256-5866
 Marceea G Hanlin  PT                               Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Philip E Hanline Jr.  MD                        SE Portland                503-251-6132
 Jennifer Hanlon Wilde  RNP                         The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Heather A Hannam  PT                            SE Portland                503-777-6746
 George I Hannibal  MSW                          NE Portland                503-254-1454
 Carl R Hansen  PT                                  Canby                   503-651-2020
 Darci J Hansen  MD                              N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Jill R Hansen  MD                               N  Portland                503-414-5160
 Juliana E Hansen  MD                               The Dalles              871-296-6101
 Paul D Hansen  MD                               NE Portland                503-281-0561
 Craig E Hanson  MSW                                Beaverton               503-626-9494
 Eric L Hanson  MD                                  Milwaukie               503-253-3910
 Shane R Hanzlik  MD                                Oregon City             503-656-0836
 Ronald J Hapke  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Laura J Hardebeck  PT                              Clackamas               503-655-4877
 Sherry L Harden  PsyD                              Beaverton               503-533-9806
 Chelsea S Hardin  MD                               Hillsboro               503-216-9715
 Anna Q.R. Hare  MD                              NW Portland                503-226-3376
 Jennifer A Hargis  PT                           SE Portland                503-895-1320
 Christopher A Hargunani  MD                     NW Portland                503-229-8455
 Linda K Harmon-Provost  PT                         Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Allison M Harney  PT                            SW Portland                503-292-3583
 Meri T Harper  MD                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Sean S Harper  MD                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-2496
 Mindy S Harrington  RNP                            Sandy                   503-826-0206
 Barbara J Harris  AuD                              Tigard                  503-293-0161
 David P Harris  PT                                 Tigard                  503-598-2008
 James B Harris  MD                                 Tillamook               310-225-3220
 Michael R Harris  MD                               Hood River              541-387-1300
 Joel S Harrison  PT                                Salem                   503-378-7434
 Candace M Hart  RNP                                Vancouver               360-487-2811
 Amy T Hartman  RNP                                 Hood River              503-215-5696
 Ralph Hartman  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Shelley R Hartman  MD                              Portland                503-261-1171
 Rori L Hartzell  RNP                               McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Steven A Hashiguchi  MD                            Lake Oswego             503-635-6256
 Ryan S Hassan  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Margaret M Haupt  RNP                              The Dalles              541-506-6520
 Mary Christine Hauptmann  MD                    NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Shilpi S Havron  PT                                Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Mitchell A Hawkey  MD                           NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Annalisa C Hawthorne  DO                        NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Wendy W Hawthorne  RNP                             Beaverton               503-644-1171
 Austin G.D. Hayes  MD                              Hillsboro               503-297-9340
 David J.C. Hayes  MD                               Lincoln City            541-994-7652
 Jocelyn R Hayes  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Peggy L Hayes  CNM                              SE Portland                503-257-7757
 Roby F Hayes II  MD                             SE Portland                503-256-1575
 Amanda V Hayman  MD                             NW Portland                503-281-0561
 Kerrie E Hayman  RNP                               Salem                   503-814-4400
 Casey L Hazenberg  RNP                             Salem                   503-814-4400
 Xing-Yue Shawn He  MD                              Vancouver               360-896-7070
 Yan Lin He  DO                                     Hillsboro               503-681-4233
 Amanda Heather  MSW                                Salem                   503-814-2483
 Tara L Heeney  DO                               NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Ari M Heffron  MD                                  Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Kenneth W Hegewald  DPM                            Hood River              541-296-2294
 James J Heid  MD                                   Vancouver               360-487-4848
 Brent W Heimuller  MD                              McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Scott B Hein  PT                                   Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Scott R Heinichen  PT                              Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Amy K Heiser  CRNA                                 Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Kimberlynn M Heller  DO                         NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Heather M Helms  RNP                            NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Paula M Helsby  LPC                             N  Mount Angel             971-983-5214
 John L Hembree III  DPM                            Beaverton               503-413-2005
 Dana N Hemmati  MD                                 Portland                503-255-3054
 Anna L Hemphill  MD                                Warrenton               503-338-4500
 Dennis W Henderson  PsyD                           Gladstone               503-659-5515
 Jenne R Henderson  PhD                          SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Alan Perry Hendin  MD                           N  Portland                503-414-5160
 Laura M Hendricks  DO                              Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Carol J Hendrix  PhD                               Salem                   503-585-3644
 Alexander C Henningsen  PT                      SE Portland                503-254-3424
 Charles A Henrikson  MD                            Astoria                 503-338-4087
 Eric T Henshaw  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Stephanie B Hepburn  PT                            Hood River              541-386-9511
 Jennifer D Herber  MD                              Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Byron J Herigstad  PT                              Newberg                 503-538-8952
 April Herlache  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Margot L Herman  MD                             NE Portland                503-297-8081
 Kenneth A Hermens  MD                              Hillsboro               503-844-8219
 Toni L Hero  DO                                    Gresham                 503-665-9144
 Heidi N Herrington  RNP                            Beaverton               503-646-9222
 Craig K Hertler  MD                             NW Portland                503-222-3638
 Richard B Hesla  MD                             NW Portland                503-227-2400
 Brenda S Hess  RNP                                 Salem                   503-561-5554
 Nathan J Hess  DO                                  Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Eric J Hester  MD                                  Tigard                  503-245-2415
 Melissa D Heuberger  RNP                           McMinnville             503-435-2020
 Kim M Heydon  MD                                   Portland                503-414-5160
 Michael P Hicken  MD                               Hillsboro               503-615-0960
 Erin N Hickman  MD                                 Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Aaron M Hicks  MD                               SE Portland                503-251-6305
 Robert A Hiester  RNP                              Salem                   503-814-4400
 Guillermo Higa Sansone  MD                         McMinnville             503-434-6060
 Meghan J Higley  MD                                Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Todd R Hilbelink  MD                            NE Portland                503-235-5509
 Teresa A Hildebrand  MD                            Vancouver               360-260-2773
 Nathan J Hildebrant  MD                            Hillsboro               503-681-1111
 Mandy L Hilgeman  CRNA                             Portland                877-307-4554
 Jonathan G Hill  MD                             N  Portland                503-413-2211
 Kathryn M Hill  RNP                             SW Portland                503-297-4123
 Amanda E Hiller  PT                             SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Barbara J Hills  MD                                Hillsboro               503-681-0816
 Dana E Hilz  PT                                    Battle Ground           360-687-7147
 Katie Himel  CNM                                   Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Julie E Hinson  RNP                                Salem                   503-814-2483
 Jayme R.H. Hiratzka  MD                            Hood River              541-308-1010
 Anne M Hirsch  MD                               NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Daniel A Hirselj  MD                            NW Portland                503-223-6223
 Thomas F Hirsh  MD                              DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Karina M Hoan  MD                               NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Nga T Hoang  RNP                                   Happy Valley            503-427-2637
 June E Hobbs  CNM                                  Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Susan A Hobson  MD                              SW Portland                503-734-3535
 Todd A.M. Hochenedel  MD                           Beaverton               503-415-4060
 Stephanie R Hodges  RNP                            McMinnville             503-472-6161
 R Sterling Hodgson  MD                          NW Portland                503-553-3664
 Catharina A Hoeksema  MD                           Hillsboro               503-352-3791
 Christopher J Hoekstra  PT                         Sherwood                503-625-1691
 Tarah S Hoelter  PT                                Milwaukie               503-496-4550
 Jeffrey E Hoffman  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Peter E Hoffman  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-3724
 Walter Gary Hoffman  MD                         SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Dawn M Hoffman-Gray  PsyD                          Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Hayley J Hoggarth  OTR                             Wilsonville             503-694-8366
 Justin T Hoggarth  PT                              Lake Oswego             503-636-3028
 Beverly A Hohn  MSW                                Vancouver               360-906-1190
 Leah J Holbrook  PT                             SW Portland                503-292-3583
 Lisa K Holbrook  MD                                Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Jeremy P Holden  MD                             NE Portland                503-963-2707
 Judith R Holeva  DO                             SE Portland                503-236-1830
 Bonnie S Holland  PT                            SE Portland                503-255-1500
 Daniel R Holland  MD                            NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 John M Holland  MD                                 Beaverton               503-203-1000
 Katherine E Holland  MD                            Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Miles P Holland  RNP                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Robert L Holland  MD                               Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Lisa M Holler  RNP                                 Vancouver               503-413-7162
 Ruth L Holloran  PT                             SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Janson L Holm  DPM                                 Portland                503-221-0161
 Virginia S Holman  PT                              Woodburn                503-982-8544
 Bruce N Holmes  MD                                 Tualatin                503-885-1663
 Douglas W Holmes  DO                               Forest Grove            503-357-2136
 Ashley M. T. Holsen  MD                         SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Lance T Holton  MD                                 Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Sally J Holtzman  MD                               Portland                503-227-4050
 Constance F Honer  LPC                          SW Portland                503-708-1429
 Tamara L Hoogestraat  PsyD                         West Linn               503-653-0631
 James D Hook  MD                                   Keizer                  503-561-5976
 Robert S Hopkins  MD                            NW Portland                503-223-3104
 Sarah M Hopkins  MD                                Hood River              541-387-1300
 Nazmul Hoque  MD                                   McMinnville             503-472-9002
 Brian T Horak  PT                                  Tigard                  503-245-2420
 Ian M Horner  DO                                   Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Julie E Horowitz  PT                               Tigard                  503-245-2420
 Mary B Horrall  MD                                 Beaverton               503-646-0161
 John D Horton  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Mia M Horvath  DPM                                 Newberg                 503-538-0800
 Sheryl L Horwitz  RNP                           NW Portland                503-223-1933
 Orlene A Hoskinson  RNP                            Portland                360-254-6161
 Marla S Hostetter-Kropf  RNP                       Tigard                  503-598-2000
 David L Hotchkin  MD                            NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Matthew P Hotchkiss  MD                         NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jodi C Houghton  RNP                               Vancouver               360-487-4848
 Kenneth C Houston  MSW                             Vancouver               360-695-0115
 Hagop Hovaguimian  MD                           N  Portland                503-280-3418
 Wendy S.B. Hovden  RNP                             Warrenton               503-338-4500
 Janis L Howatt  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Ellen Nona Hoyven  PT                              Tualatin                503-885-8677
 Marjorie J Hrbek  MD                            NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Cindy M.C. Hsieh  MD                               Salem                   503-561-5350
 Shauyene Hsieh  MD                                 Vancouver               360-696-4691
 Emily Hu  MD                                       Tualatin                503-692-8882
 Jingjing Hu  MD                                 NE Beaverton               503-203-1000
 Carber C Huang  MD                              N  Gresham                 503-413-3580
 Daisy Q Huang  MD                                  McMinnville             503-435-6440
 Jennifer H.P. Huang  MD                         N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Ted L Huang  MD                                 NE Beaverton               503-203-1000
 David P Huberty  MD                                Oregon City             503-656-0836
 Erika E Schettl Huberty  MD                        Lake Oswego             503-699-0337
 Colton D Hubler  PT                                Canby                   503-263-6786
 Heike K Huchler  RNP                            NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Jacolyn A Hudson  OTR                              West Linn               503-266-4263
 Rebecca J Hudson  RNP                              The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Jennifer C Huffman  MD                          N  Portland                503-413-3600
 Rebecca C Huggins  CNM                             Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Stephen M Huggins  PsyD                            Gresham                 503-661-7733
 Deborah A Hughes  MD                               Salem                   503-814-2201
 Amber A Hull  DO                                   Astoria                 503-325-7337
 Marion C Hull  MD                                  McMinnville             503-435-1077
 Megan B Hull  RNP                               SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Kimberly A Humann  MD                              The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Sarah H Humphrey  MD                               Astoria                 503-338-7595
 Jessica D Hund  PT                                 Lake Oswego             503-636-3028
 Arthur Y Hung  MD                                  Aloha                   503-203-1000
 Maya K Hunter  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Connor R Hurley  PT                             NW Portland                503-466-2254
 Alan Wayne Hurty II  MD                            Carlton                 503-472-0101
 Kathleen Jo Hussey  MSW                         NE Portland                503-317-7814
 Caroline T Hutcherson  PT                          Hillsboro               503-649-9090
 Kathleen M Hutchinson  MD                          Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Kathryn L Huyssoon  MD                             Gresham                 503-674-1580
 Michael D Hwang  MD                                Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Charles D Hyde  RNP                             N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000
 Jason K Hyde  MD                                NW Portland                503-274-7128
 Ashley P Hyder  MD                                 McMinnville             503-472-4197
 Chris B Hyun  MD                                   Clackamas               503-659-4988
 John P Iguidbashian  MD                         N  Portland                503-280-3418
 Nicholas Ing  PT                                NW Portland                503-726-8880
 Ivan B Inger  PhD                               SW Portland                503-248-9684
 Stephen B Inkeles  MD                              McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Barbara G Isaacs  PhD                           DT Portland                503-248-0775
 Kyle S Isaacson  PhD                               Tigard                  503-352-0036
 Robert S Israel  MD                                Gresham                 503-489-2600
 Emily S Iverson  PT                             NW Portland                503-715-7237
 Donald A Ives  RNP                              NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Sheryl L Ivey  RNP                                 Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Calli M Jackson  PT                                St Helens               503-397-1914
 Peter D Jackson  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-5702
 Ricky L Jackson  MD                                Vancouver               360-892-2030
 Tirzah D Jacob  MA                                 Portland                503-407-9232
 Benjamin J Jacobs  MD                              Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Marc A Jacobs  MD                               NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Julie A Jacobson  PT                            NE Portland                503-245-2323
 Kristina J Jacobson  RNP                        SW Portland                503-646-0101
 Nathalie J Jacqmotte  MD                           Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Mubeen A Jafri  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Jonathan D Jahnke  MD                              Newberg                 503-538-2010
 Sanjeev Jain  MD                                   Longview                360-940-0880
 Jim A James  MD                                    McMinnville             503-474-2722
 Kevin J Jamison  MD                                Oregon City             503-655-9868
 Richard L Jamison  MD                           NW Portland                503-281-0561
 Jay C P Jan  MD                                 NW Portland                503-413-4325
 William H Jang  MD                                 Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Daniel M Janoff  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-1078
 Kenneth A Janoff  MD                            NE Portland                503-549-4111
 Steven J Janselewitz  MD                           Beaverton               503-413-4488
 Darren M Janzen  PsyD                           SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Timothy P Janzen  MD                            SE Portland                503-261-7200
 Jean P Jarbath  PT                                 Keizer                  503-463-4221
 Kevin A Jarvis  PT                                 Oregon City             503-305-8455
 Holly P Jastak  RNP                                Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Aruna Jayaram  MD                                  Gresham                 503-674-1580
 Grace E Jazrawi  DO                             NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Saad F Jazrawi  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Anne L Jeffery  PT                                 Salem                   503-378-7434
 David A Jeffery  MD                             SE Portland                503-234-9591
 Kathryn C Jenewein  DPM                            Hood River              541-308-1010
 Randall D Jenkins  MD                           NW Portland                503-494-7327
 Beth E Jennings  PT                                Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Tina F Jenq  MD                                    Milwaukie               503-400-6622
 Larry D Jensen  DPM                                Canby                   503-263-2347
 Richard C Jensen  MD                            NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Deniese (Dee) E Jensen-Granville  DPM              Lake Oswego             503-635-7742
 Amariek J Jensen-de la Cruz  MD                    Salem                   503-561-5350
 Hillary A Jenson  RNP                              Hillsboro               503-640-3724
 Tricia N Jesperson  DO                          NW Portland                503-235-5509
 Ramnik S Jhooty  MD                                Beaverton               503-416-7162
 Teng Ji  MD                                     N  Portland                503-413-3600
 Wendy Y Jin  MD                                    Woodburn                503-814-4400
 Lyndon G Johansen  DPM                          SE Portland                503-256-4018
 Michelle L John  MD                                Gresham                 503-674-1580
 Annie E Johnson  CNM                            N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Ben W Johnson  MD                               SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Christine L Johnson  MD                            Oregon City             503-742-6750
 Courtney P Johnson  PT                             Oregon City             503-305-8455
 David P Johnson  MD                             SW Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Debra F Johnson  RNP                               Gresham                 503-665-8176
 Erica Johnson  PT                                  Gresham                 503-491-1666
 James C Johnson  PhD                            SE Portland                503-252-3906
 Joseph H Johnson  PhD                              Beaverton               503-626-9494
 Leslie Ann Johnson  MD                          NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Lisa K Johnson  MD                              N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Mallory J Johnson  RNP                          SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Nancy K Johnson  MD                             SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Nathalie M Johnson  MD                          NW Portland                503-413-5525
 Paul W Johnson  DO                                 Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Robert F Johnson  MEd                              Vancouver               360-281-6824
 Stephen M Johnson  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-2042
 Clotilde A Johnson-Beale  MD                       Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Waldo Cory M Johnston III  MD                      Hood River              541-387-1300
 Alan V Jones  MD                                   Vancouver               360-254-8025
 Carrie E Jones  MD                                 Beaverton               503-672-6080
 Celeste E Jones  PsyD                              West Linn               503-653-0631
 Emily P Jones  MD                               NW Portland                503-413-8202
 Eric I Jones  MD                                N  Portland                503-413-3030
 Evan Roger Jones  PT                               Salem                   503-378-7434
 Jared R Jones  PT                                  Forest Grove            503-357-7822
 Joshua D Jones  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-8407
 Olivia L Jones  DO                                 Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Rickard L Jones  PT                                Forest Grove            503-357-7822
 Robert H Jones  PhD                                Salem                   503-399-7092
 Scott B Jones  MD                               NW Portland                503-224-8399
 Zachary R Jones  PT                                Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Elliot Joo  MD                                  SE Portland                503-255-3054
 Sarah R Jordan  MD                                 Hillsboro               971-228-8097
 Colbie J Jorgensen  PT                             Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Gregory T Jorgensen  PT                            Hood River              541-386-9511
 Jennie K Jorgensen  MSW                         N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000
 Rebecca L Jorgensen  OTR                           Hood River              541-386-9511
 Ralph A Juarez  MD                              SE Portland                503-253-2248
 Terresa S Jung  MD                              DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Marianne M Kabour  PhD                          N  Portland                503-276-9300
 Timothy D Kadlecek  DO                             Tualatin                503-692-5737
 Terrald S Kadrmas  PT                              Vancouver               360-573-8191
 Michael J Kaempf  MD                            SW Portland                503-255-5244
 John P Kafrouni  MD                                Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Kevin M Kahn  MD                                N  Portland                503-732-6863
 Diane S Kaiser  PsyD                               Vancouver               360-524-5200
 Keith W Kale  DO                                NE Portland                503-255-9400
 Sarah A.M. Kalina  RNP                             Oregon City             503-656-1484
 Angela Kalisiak  MD                             N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Mark A Kallgren  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Amy Kalra  OTR                                     Beaverton               971-245-6663
 Karl N Kaluza  DO                                  Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Jessica A Kam  DO                                  Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Daniel K Kamada  RNP                               Gresham                 503-661-7733
 Raghunandan Kamineni  MD                           Salem                   503-371-4044
 Evonne M Kandas  RNP, RNP                          Beaverton               503-413-8654
 Kevin J Kane  DO                                SE Portland                503-232-1000
 Paul S Kane  PT                                    Tualatin                503-699-2955
 Tina J.Y. Kang-Lim  PsyD                           Tigard                  503-352-0036
 Raman Kansal  MD                                SE Portland                503-251-6132
 David M.F. Kao  MD                                 Tualatin                503-691-1122
 Diane M Karl  MD                                SE Portland                503-256-4096
 Anna U Karlsson  MD                             SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Liberty A Karp  RSW                                Portland                503-525-7550
 Sandra S Karp  CNM                                 Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Daniel J Karr  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-640-3708
 Deven A Karvelas  MD                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Katherine E Kasik  MD                           N  Portland                503-226-4091
 Claire T Kassakian  MD                          SE Portland                503-256-0877
 Kara M Kassay  MD                                  Portland                503-675-1137
 Robin S Kates  MD                                  Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Leah M Katz  PhD                                SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Steven R Kaufman  DO                               West Linn               503-657-0074
 Harpreet Kaur  MD                               SE Portland                503-256-3034
 Karen A Kawaguchi  PT                              Hillsboro               503-844-6565
 Chelsea N Kaye  RSW                                Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Alan H Kaynard  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-8081
 John A Kazmierowski  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-4779
 Bret T Kean  MD                                    Gresham                 503-659-1769
 Jaime E Kean  MD                                N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Brigette M Keane  LMFT                             Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Jennifer B Kearsley  MD                            Tualatin                503-692-1205
 Jennifer N Kearsley  PT                            Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Marcey Lee Keefer Hutchison  PT                    Keizer                  503-463-4221
 Matthew S Keegan  DO                            N  Portland                503-285-6607
 D Kerry Keeler  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Timothy L Keenen  MD                               Tualatin                503-885-9391
 Miranda V Keepers  RNP                             Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Brenda L Kehoe  MD                              NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Margaret P Keicher  MSW                         SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Tesslyn S Keim  PA                              NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Melissa L Keller  MSW                              Portland                503-525-7550
 Helen P Kelley  LPC                             N  Silverton               971-983-5214
 Jordi X Kellogg  MD                                Happy Valley            503-256-1462
 Christina E Kellogg Gratchner  RNP                 Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Brian W Kelly  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-640-5950
 Imelda C Kelly  MD                              NE Portland                503-408-7010
 Jennifer S Kelly  MD                               Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Jonathan R Kemp  MD                             NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Judith M Kemp  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-615-3100
 Nicole M Kemper  MD                             SW Portland                503-292-7704
 Geraldine Kempler  MD                              Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Christine M Kenlan Laurent  CNM                 N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Marshal Terry Kennedy  DPM                         Gresham                 503-667-7789
 Scott Kennedy  MD                                  Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Thomas M Kennefick Jr.  MD                      NW Portland                503-595-6675
 Carrie M Kent  DO                               NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Jessica R Kerstetter  CNM                          Portland                503-855-1220
 Deborah D Kettle  PhD                              Beaverton               503-533-9806
 Kanwaljit S Khabra  PT                             Vancouver               360-573-3611
 Barzin Khalili  MD                              DT Portland                503-228-0155
 Jaspreet K Khangura  MD                            Gresham                 503-674-1950
 Kevin P Khaw  MD                                SE Portland                503-261-6912
 Albert H Khine  MD                              DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Caitlin K Khoury  PhD                           SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Katherine Khvilivitzky  MD                         Salem                   503-371-4044
 Beenish K Khwaja  DO                               Gresham                 503-674-1757
 Erik J Kilgore  MD                                 Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Julie C Killpack  OTR                              Vancouver               360-487-1777
 John E Kilty  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Betty H Kim  MD                                    Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Edsel U Kim  MD                                 SW Portland                503-935-8100
 Gary S Kim  MD                                     Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Hyon Soo Harold Kim  MD                         NW Portland                503-444-7676
 Jin-Hee Kim  MD                                 SW Portland                503-255-5244
 Julie A Kim  MD                                 N  Portland                503-282-5559
 Michael C Kim  MD                                  Vancouver               360-696-4691
 Robert D Kim  MD                                   Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Shane C Kim  MD                                 N  Portland                503-413-4992
 Shane K Kim  MD                                 NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Soonie A Kim  PhD                                  Portland                503-449-6707
 Richard K Kimani  MD                               McMinnville             503-472-9002
 Colleen D Kimoff  PT                               Canby                   503-651-2020
 Hidenao Kimura  MD                                 Tualatin                503-612-1181
 Robert M Kinast  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-7022
 Erin S Kincaid  PT                                 Tualatin                503-885-8677
 Patrick W Kincaid  PT                              Clackamas               503-656-0139
 Melissa R Kinder  MD                               West Linn               503-498-8190
 Russell R Kinder  MD                               Portland                503-251-6835
 Alice King  MD                                     Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Daniel F King  MD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Virginia G King  MD                                Vancouver               503-413-5787
 Daniel J Kingsbury  MD                          N  Portland                503-413-3930
 Joy A Kinkaid  OTR                                 Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Kirsten J Kinsman  MD                              Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Amy K Kinzie  RNP                                  Gladstone               503-255-3404
 Megan E Kirkpatrick  RNP                           Silverton               503-982-0403
 Eryn C Kirschbaum  PT                           DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Louise I Kirz  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Sandor R Kiss  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Brian K Kittams  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Bonnie K Kittleson  RNP                            Aloha                   503-203-1000
 Phillip K Kiyasu  MD                               Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Sissel M Kjelstrup  MD                          NW Portland                503-227-7117
 Paul A Klas  MD                                    Tualatin                503-691-1743
 Marla M Klein  MD                                  Lake Oswego             503-445-2200
 Donna Kleinman  MSW                             NW Portland                503-525-1144
 Gilbert P Klemann  MD                              Milwaukie               503-488-2323
 Christina Kloss  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Mollie R Knapp  MSW                                Hood River              541-386-5070
 Alicia E Knecht  RNP                               Molalla                 503-829-7374
 Joshua L Kneeshaw  PT                           NE Portland                503-252-2556
 Kimberly S Kniebuehler  AuD                     NW Portland                503-413-8154
 Joshua J Knight  MD                             NW Portland                503-227-2400
 Gregory M Knopf  MD                                Troutdale               503-669-6800
 Heather L Knott  DO                                Clackamas               503-912-4788
 Anne M Knudsen  MD                                 Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Roammie H Ko  MSW                                  Tigard                  503-624-2600
 Daniel R Kocarnik  MD                              Beaverton               503-372-1800
 Albert F Koch III  MD                           N  Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Tami R Kochan  RNP                                 Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 John A Koehler  MD                                 Battle Ground           360-687-6370
 Katie Z Koehler  RSW                               Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Patricia A Koehler  PT                          DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Margaret L Koenig  PhD                             Hood River              541-806-2494
 William J Koenig II  DO                            McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Marsha Z Kohen  MSW                             NE Portland                503-287-7006
 Karl J Kolbeck  PT                              NE Portland                503-228-1306
 Sasha L Kolbeck  PT                             NE Portland                503-228-1306
 Kathryn S Kolibaba  MD                             Vancouver               360-944-9889
 Erica Koltenuk  CNM                                McMinnville             503-435-2020
 Karrie R Kondel  RNP                               Camas                   360-838-2440
 Angela M Kondrat  MD                            SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Lawrence Konick  MD                                Salem                   503-561-5350
 David C Koon  MD                                NW Portland                503-413-6294
 Sandhya V Koppula  MD                              Beaverton               503-439-6969
 Laura A Korman  MD                              DT Portland                503-227-4050
 Faith L Koschmann  MD                           N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000
 Maria Anna Koscinska  MD                           Vancouver               360-695-1334
 Mary Koski-Vogt  CNM                            SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Denise Kossover-Wechter  AuD                    NW Portland                503-413-4505
 Cheryl S Kosta  PT                                 Canby                   503-651-2020
 Melissa Kounine  DO                                Hillsboro               503-648-0803
 Thomas D Kowalik  MD                               Hillsboro               503-844-8219
 John M Kowalski  PT                                Longview                360-578-1188
 Blaine E Kozak  MD                              NW Portland                503-227-2400
 Judith A Kozicki  RNP                              Vancouver               360-253-6425
 Eliana L Kozin  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-640-3687
 Elizabeth D Krainchich  CNM                     N  Keizer                  503-364-3787
 Samantha E Kraly  MD                            NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Eugene W Krebsbach Jr.  MD                         Vancouver               360-253-6947
 Saramati J Krishna  MD                          NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Sanjay Krishnaswami  MD                         N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Jack Kron  MD                                   N  Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Chelsea I Krotser  PT                              Gresham                 503-328-0222
 Christine A Krueger  PT                         DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Michelle L Krummenacker  MSW                       Clackamas               503-740-1971
 Lawrence T Krupa  MD                               Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Brietta L Kubak  PT                             DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Charlotte D Kubicky  MD                            Aloha                   503-203-1000
 Todd A Kuether  MD                                 Tualatin                503-489-8111
 Jennifer Kuhn  RNP                                 Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Nicholas A Kuhn  MD                             SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Brooke A Kuhnhausen  PhD                           Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Jonathan L G Kukier  MD                            Hood River              541-387-6125
 Meena K Kumar  RNP                                 Hillsboro               503-597-3130
 Sandeep Kumar  MD                                  McMinnville             503-434-6060
 Joseph T Kundrat  PT                               Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Edna Kung  MD                                   NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Karen Kuo  PT                                   SE Happy Valley            503-353-1278
 Lena F Kuo  MD                                  N  Portland                503-413-2902
 Olya V Kurkoski  PT                                Hillsboro               503-549-9090
 Tessa A Kush  PT                                   Vancouver               360-823-0138
 Elizabeth T Kutella  MD                            Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Charles H Kuttner  MD                           SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Susan B Kwon  MD                                   Hillsboro               503-615-3130
 Dana J Kwong  PT                                   Tualatin                503-885-8677
 Rebecca A Kyle  DO                              NW Portland                503-416-9922
 James P Kyser  MD                               N  Portland                503-280-3418
 Jeffrey C La Rochelle  MD                       NW Portland                503-223-6223
 Karen A LaPointe  PhD                              Hood River              541-352-6000
 Victoria B LaPorte  RNP                         NE Portland                503-408-7010
 Elizabeth A Labby  CNM                             Portland                503-734-3800
 R Allen Laberge  MD                                Stevenson               509-427-4212
 Rebecca L Lacey  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Tracy L Laidley  MD                                Portland                503-525-7599
 Sheri L Laird  MD                                  West Linn               503-496-0290
 Jeremy M Lake  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-640-1614
 Daniel F Lam  MD                                   Vancouver               360-906-7156
 Nhung T Lam  MD                                    Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Thuy-Trang Lam  DPM                                Clackamas               503-652-9671
 Brenda J Lamb  PT                               NW Portland                503-726-8880
 Derek E Lamprecht  DO                           NW Portland                503-224-8399
 Shaun X Lan  MD                                 NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Amanda L Land  PT                               DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Jenna N Lander  MSW                                Clackamas               503-659-0880
 Tina L Landeros  RNP                            DT Tigard                  503-221-0161
 Maeran C Landers  MD                               Tualatin                503-692-9525
 Sarah L Landrey  PsyD                              Tigard                  503-352-0036
 Donna M Lane  RNP                               DT Tigard                  503-221-0161
 Mieke D Lane  DO                                   Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Jakub S Langer  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-844-8219
 Lucy Ruwitch Langer  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Sophia M.R. Lannon  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Rae L Lantsberger  DPM                             Gresham                 503-667-7789
 Druanne M Laplante  DO                             Portland                503-239-7030
 Sandra B Lare  DO                               SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Anne E Larkin  LMFT                             N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Curtis J Larson  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-1614
 Rachel L Larson  RNP                               McMinnville             503-472-6161
 David B Lashley  MD                                McMinnville             503-435-2561
 Christine M Lasich  RNP                         NW Portland                503-413-6200
 Andrew S Lasky  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-3930
 Patrick M Lassen  MD                               Longview                360-425-3720
 Alexander H Lau  MD                                Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Joshua J Laughlin  PT                              Ridgefield              360-887-7147
 Sara J Laun-Cannon  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Bret A Lautt  PT                                   Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Michael T Lavelle  MD                              McMinnville             503-435-2561
 Melissa A Law  PT                                  McMinnville             503-435-1900
 Jennifer K Lawlor  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-6294
 Marny L Lawson  CNM                                Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Natasha K Lawson  CNM                              McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Steven E Laxson  DPM                            NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Matthew W Layne  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Denny V Le  DPM                                    Beaverton               503-643-1737
 Hoang N Le  MD                                     Portland                360-254-6161
 Priscilla D Le  MD                              NW Portland                503-226-4091
 Thien-Luong Dom Le  MD                          NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Thuy X.T. Le  MD                                NW Portland                503-413-6722
 Marc D LeGras  MD                               N  Portland                503-280-3418
 Avelino O Leal  MD                                 Salem                   503-814-5352
 Joseph H Leas  DPM                                 Vancouver               360-256-1777
 Kenneth M Leclerc  MD                              Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Brent Y Lee  MD                                 SW Portland                503-297-8081
 David H Lee  MD                                    Salem                   503-561-5554
 David T.C. Lee  MD                                 Vancouver               360-828-1378
 Debrah H Lee  MSW                               NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Harold G Lee  MD                                SE Portland                503-253-3882
 James M Lee  PT                                    Portland                503-620-7358
 Joyce Ji-Young Lee  MD                          N  Portland                503-413-3926
 Ken K Lee  MD                                   NW Portland                503-223-3104
 Michael S Lee  MD                               NW Portland                503-274-2121
 Patrick Yuk-Hoi Lee  MD                         SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Randall G Lee  MD                               NW Portland                503-274-2486
 Raymond S Lee  DO                                  Clackamas               503-659-0880
 Sarah C Lee  MD                                    Oregon City             503-692-3750
 Stephanie R Lee  DO                                Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Thomas Lee  MD                                  SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Paula M Lee-Valkov  MD                             Hood River              541-387-6238
 Daniel A Leedy  MD                              NE Oregon City             503-656-0601
 Nikkiel A Lefebre  RNP                             Gresham                 503-665-8176
 Kathy L Lefor  MS                                  Beaverton               971-322-8672
 Michael J Lefor  MD                             NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Yves A Lefranc  MD                                 Clackamas               503-659-0880
 Deborah L Lehner Warner  PT                        Ridgefield              360-887-7147
 Jessica A Lehrfeld Smith  DO                    N  Silverton               503-873-5667
 Patrick M Lehti  MD                             NW Gresham                 503-674-1520
 Stan S Lei  MD                                  NW Portland                503-299-9906
 David P Leibel  DO                                 Astoria                 503-338-7075
 Kristen M Leinung  RNP                          N  Keizer                  971-982-5214
 Jeffrey Leon  MD                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Katherine M Leonard  PhD                        SW Portland                503-292-9873
 Mai P Leopold  DO                                  Happy Valley            503-239-7030
 Kyle M Lesko  PT                                   Canby                   503-651-2020
 Phillip A Letourneau  MD                           Hood River              541-308-1010
 Marc G Levitte  MD                              SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Stuart A Levy  MSW                                 Beaverton               503-690-8686
 Ronald J Lew  MD                                   Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Patrick K Lewallen  MD                          N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Brant W Lewis  PT                                  Clackamas               503-698-5500
 Clare Lewis  PT                                    Hood River              541-386-9735
 Marc E Lewis  MD                                   Hillsboro               503-681-4366
 Michael S Lewis  MD                                Astoria                 503-338-4516
 Penny L Lewis  MS                                  Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Sandra J Lewis  MD                                 Gresham                 503-413-7162
 Shannon K Lewis  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Joanna L Lezak  RNP                                Portland                503-413-6862
 Kai Li  MD                                         Oregon City             503-656-5273
 Louis S Libby  MD                               NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Sophia M Lichenstein Hill  RNP                     Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Karen H Lickteig  MD                            NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Elisabeth M Liebrock  OTR                          Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Catherine L Lien  RNP                           SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Erica J Liepelt  OTR                               Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Alexander CY Lin  DDS                              Oregon City             503-656-8799
 Hsinchen J Lin  MD                                 Salem                   503-561-2448
 Jennifer E Lin  MD                                 Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Lianne L Lin  MD                                   Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Tom J Lin  MD                                      Canby                   503-723-4660
 Renae L Lind  MD                                NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Brent W Lindberg  PhD                              Vancouver               360-906-1190
 Brian M Lindeman  MD                            NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Grant R Lindquist  MD                              Newberg                 503-538-1341
 Carley G Lindsay  MSW                              Sherwood                503-706-5197
 Jody M Lindwall  CNM                               Portland                503-292-3577
 Alison H Linka  PT                                 Beaverton               503-672-6080
 Tyler B Lippincott  MD                             Beaverton               503-619-1100
 David J Liss  MD                                   Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Michaelann L Liss  DO                              Vancouver               360-896-7070
 Jack M Litman  PhD                                 Vancouver               360-253-6425
 Colleen J Little  PT                               Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Cynthia H Liu  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Helen Liu  MD                                      Lake Oswego             503-635-9221
 Winnie Y.J. Liu  MD                                Gladstone               503-255-3404
 Erin D Lloyd  PT                                   Hillsboro               503-844-6565
 Elsbeth C Lo  MD                                SE Clackamas               503-659-0880
 Jamie O Lo  MD                                     Salem                   503-814-4600
 Jennifer E Lockwood  RNP                           Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Sandra G Loeb  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Margaret Byrne Loebner  PT                      NW Portland                503-228-1306
 Ann M Loeffler  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-2042
 Heidi A Loganbill  MD                              Oregon City             503-655-9868
 Dafna S Lohr  MD                                NW Portland                503-274-4800
 Cody L Lommen  PT                                  Keizer                  503-463-4221
 Heather B Long  MD                                 Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Katherine R Long  MD                               Gresham                 503-491-0714
 Stephanie D Long  PT                               Beaverton               503-684-7246
 William B Long III  MD                          N  Portland                503-528-0704
 Nigel M Longland  DO                            NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Regan M Look  MD                                N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Kalena B Lopez  OTR                             SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Nicole D Lorenz  MD                             N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Andrea Louisell  RNP                               Portland                971-808-0665
 Vicki L Love  RNP                               NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Zachary B Love  MD                                 Portland                503-612-0498
 Robert S Lovitz  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Tad W Lowder  DO                                   Battle Ground           360-687-6370
 Bruce A Lowe  MD                                   McMinnville             503-435-2561
 Hillary ER Lowenstein  MD                       SE Clackamas               503-233-5548
 Keith G Lowenstein  MD                          SW Portland                503-384-0044
 James P Lowry  MD                                  Salem                   503-814-2483
 Sarah A Lowry  RNP                                 Beaverton               503-203-1000
 Romen Lu  PT                                       Portland                503-450-0591
 Steven T Lu  MD                                    Vancouver               360-896-3188
 Xiaodong Lu  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jessica D Lubahn  MD                            SW Portland                503-255-5244
 Jordon G Lubahn  MD                             NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 James T Lubischer  MD                              Aloha                   503-649-5257
 Jolie C Lucas  MSW                                 Hood River              541-386-1233
 Nathan L Lucherini  PT                             McMinnville             503-435-1900
 Julianna B Lucisano  MSW                        N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Cameron D Luck  MD                              SW Newberg                 503-538-6791
 Patricia D.M. Luckeroth  MD                        Salem                   503-561-2448
 Robert C Lufkin  DO                             NE Portland                503-239-7767
 Laura R Luitje  PT                              DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Donald F Lum  MD                                   Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Darell R Lumaco  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-3708
 Tamara K Lundberg  RNP                             Gresham                 503-674-2044
 Duane A Lundeberg  MD                           NW Portland                503-229-8455
 Megan R Lundeberg  MD                           N  Portland                503-528-0704
 Jonathan James Lundy  PhD                       SE Portland                971-678-3941
 Brandy L Lunsford  RNP                             Salem                   503-814-4400
 Jessica R Luscombe  PT                             Canby                   503-651-2020
 Ryan P Luscombe  PT                                Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Eman M Lutfi  MD                                   Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Suzanne G Lutts  RNP                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Cara J.T. Lutze  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-525-7500
 Susan M Lutzke-Hoff  MSW                        N  Portland                503-413-8988
 Ben V Ly  MD                                    NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Jessica T Ly  MD                                   Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Jennifer L Lycette  MD                             Astoria                 503-338-4085
 Conley J Lynch  MD                                 Forest Grove            503-357-2136
 Jennifer L Lyons  MD                               Gresham                 503-491-9277
 Kama T Lyons  RNP                                  Troutdale               503-667-7711
 Lisa M Lyons  PhD                                  Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Katherine S Lyttle  PT                          NW Portland                503-413-7513
 Thomas W Lyttle  PT                             N  Beaverton               503-672-6080
 Colin Ma  MD                                    NW Portland                503-274-2121
 Jun Ma  CNM                                        Beaverton               503-413-8654
 Elizabeth Maas  PhD                             DT Portland                503-226-6451
 Eric J MacEvoy  MD                                 Tualatin                503-413-5089
 Lauren S MacKenzie  CNM                            Portland                503-734-3800
 Molly A MacMorris-Adix  CNM                        Salem                   503-364-3787
 Nancy J MacMorris-Adix  CNM                        Salem                   503-364-3787
 Sandra S MacPhail  PhD                          SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Anna M.P.Q. Macasa  MD                             Newberg                 503-538-7500
 Christy L Mackiewicz  PT                           Battle Ground           360-687-7147
 Sarah T Macomber  PT                               Vancouver               360-571-2195
 Brooke Megan Madden  MD                            Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Steven M Madey  MD                              N  Lake Oswego             503-850-9940
 Ramchander R Madhavarapu  MD                       Astoria                 503-325-7337
 Natashia M Madrid Heimburger  DO                   Vancouver               360-256-4060
 Erin A Magaw  PT                                NW Portland                503-726-8880
 Laura M Magers  PT                                 McMinnville             503-435-1900
 Mark J Magilner  MD                                Salem                   503-561-5350
 Karl Magsarili  MD                                 Milwaukie               503-905-2526
 Clifford D Mah  DPM                                Beaverton               503-643-1737
 Kenneth K.S. Mah  DPM                           SE Portland                503-643-1737
 Katherine A Mahar  CNM                          N  Keizer                  503-364-3787
 Laura T Mahar  RNP                              NW Gresham                 503-413-6862
 Fayyaz Mahmood  MD                                 Gresham                 503-674-5818
 Fethiya M Mahmoud  MD                              Gresham                 503-674-1950
 Brian R Mahon  MD                                  Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Abby F Maier  MSW                               DT Portland                503-228-8569
 Danielle L Maier  RNP                           N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Mary C Maier  MD                                   Portland                503-636-9011
 Jennifer J Maire  DO                               West Linn               503-655-3320
 John J Majerus  PT                                 Vancouver               360-253-4020
 Oleg I Maksimov  MD                                Gresham                 503-382-8100
 Jenny L.S. Malcom  MD                              Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Oriana P Maldonado  AuD                            Milwaukie               503-513-8693
 Monika A Malecha  MD                            DT Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Gregory W Mallek  MD                            NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Bojan L Malmin  MD                              SW Happy Valley            503-772-5011
 Lisa J Malmquist  CNM                              Salem                   503-364-3787
 Jeffrey V Manchio  MD                              Portland                503-216-5380
 Steven D Maness  MD                                Gresham                 503-665-9144
 Leonard A Mankin  MD                            NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Stephen J Mannino  MD                           DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Steven L Mansberger  MD                         NW Portland                503-413-7022
 Noor A Mansoori  MD                                Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Roya Mansouri  MD                                  Gresham                 503-488-2600
 Dana L Marasco  PT                                 Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Rebecca N Marcin  PsyD                          SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Judith T Marcus  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-525-7500
 Elizabeth M Marik  RNP                          N  Woodburn                971-983-5360
 Anna L Marina  MD                                  Astoria                 503-338-4531
 Catherine J Markin  MD                             Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Kelsey R Marks  MA                                 Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Paige L Marmer  PsyD                               West Linn               503-653-0631
 Cynthia V Marquess  PT                             Tualatin                503-885-8677
 Ernesto Marquez  PT                                Tigard                  503-639-2118
 David E Marquis  PT                                Wilsonville             503-694-8134
 Amy L Marr  MD                                  NW Portland                503-413-7711
 Curtis Marr  MD                                 NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Lance T Marr  MD                                   Milwaukie               503-488-2323
 L Douglas Marsh  MD                                Vancouver               360-574-2900
 Amy S Marshall  MSW                                The Dalles              541-296-6364
 Shawn R Marshall  LPC                           SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Angela T Marshall-Olson  DO                     SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Paul Marten  MD                                 NW Portland                503-227-2400
 Allison K Martin  MD                               Astoria                 503-325-7337
 Jared P Martin  RNP                             NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Jaya N Martin  CNM                                 Salem                   503-562-4040
 Kenneth L Martin  MD                               Lake Oswego             503-525-7500
 Klaus Martin  MD                                   McMinnville             503-472-8433
 Mark Alan Martin  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-4710
 Erin L Martin-Weeks  DO                         NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Maralyn D Martindale  AuD                          Tigard                  503-227-3668
 Michael M Martindale  PT                        SE Portland                503-256-5866
 John F Martinez  PT                                McMinnville             503-474-3524
 Kimberly M Martinez  RNP                           McMinnville             503-474-2722
 Caitlin J Martini  PT                              Hillsboro               503-649-9090
 Macy A Martinson  MD                            SE Portland                503-256-0877
 Jonathan T Maslan  MD                           SE Clackamas               503-233-5548
 David R Maslen  MD                                 Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Cintia M Mason  LPC                                Tigard                  503-598-2000
 Julia W Mason  MD                                  Gresham                 503-491-0714
 Damon S Massey  PT                                 Canby                   503-651-2020
 Jean K Mathew  MD                               NW Clackamas               503-654-1153
 Sabrina U Mathews  MSW                          DT Portland                503-936-4833
 Sarah J Matney  RNP                                Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Jens K Matson  PT                                  Clackamas               503-659-9155
 Maria D Matson  PT                                 Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Andrea L Matsumura  MD                             Portland                503-963-3030
 Sharlene D Matthieu  MD                         SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Allison M Mattila  RNP                             Astoria                 503-338-4050
 Steven J Mattison  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Erica N Matzkin  OTR                            SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Jason D Mauer  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Joy Mauldin  PsyD                                  McMinnville             503-472-4197
 Adrienne J Maynard  RNP                            Salem                   503-588-5816
 Ellen K Mayock  MD                                 Lake Oswego             503-525-7500
 Richard T Maziarz  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-6500
 Michael G Mazzotta  MD                          NE Portland                503-249-8787
 James M McAfee  MD                                 Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Julie S McAllister  PT                          SE Portland                503-255-1500
 Marc W McAllister  MD                              Hood River              541-308-1010
 David A McAnulty  MD                               Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 John H McAnulty Jr.  MD                            Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Kyle B McAvoy  RNP                              NW Portland                503-771-1883
 Patrick G McBee  MD                                Tualatin                503-691-1743
 William F McBride  MD                           SW Portland                503-384-0906
 Damon McBrinn  MD                                  Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Kelsie A McCaffrey  PT                          DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Sara L McCaffrey  MD                               The Dalles              541-296-9151
 William J McCaffrey  RNP                           Hillsboro               503-640-3724
 Derek J McCammon  DPM                              Gresham                 503-661-5388
 Jesse A McCarron  MD                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Caitlin K McCarthy  MD                             Hood River              541-308-1010
 Kristen L McClard  PsyD                         SE Portland                503-754-1228
 Standish McCleary III  PhD                      DT Portland                503-228-0688
 Catherine B McClellan  PhD                         Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Margaret M McCloskey  MD                        SW Portland                503-296-7800
 Antonia L McClune  DPM                             Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Lisa L McCluskey  MD                            SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Richard G McCollum Jr.  MD                      SE Portland                503-252-4325
 Jessica A McConahay  PT                            Portland                503-253-0924
 Colleen C McCormick  MD                            Beaverton               503-413-8654
 Maria C McCormick  MD                              Hood River              541-387-1300
 Shanda A McCormick  PT                             Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Gregory B McCoy  MD                             SW Portland                503-255-5244
 Katherine B McCoy  PT                           DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Robin N McCoy  MD                               SW Portland                503-452-8002
 John C McCreary  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 William H McCreight  MD                            Vancouver               360-253-6947
 Megan K McCrossin  CNM                             Salem                   503-814-4480
 Philip L McDaniel  MD                           SE Portland                503-261-7200
 Helen F.H. McDevitt  PT                            Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Clark E McDonald  MD                               Salem                   503-561-5350
 Jennifer A McDonald  MD                            Vancouver               360-695-1334
 Jordana L McDonald  RNP                            Salem                   503-561-5352
 Mary Regis McDonald  CNM                           Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Colin M McDonough  MD                              Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Rodney D McDowell  MSW                             The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Kevin M McEvoy  MD                              SW Portland                503-255-5244
 Tara M McGarry  PsyD                               Canby                   503-525-7600
 Allison J McGaw  PT                                Tigard                  503-639-2118
 Matthew J McGehee  MD                              Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Jodie M McGinlay  PT                               Oregon City             503-305-8455
 Robert H McGlynn Jr.  MD                           Happy Valley            503-656-4221
 Patrick J McGowan  MD                           N  Gresham                 503-465-8887
 Carolyn J McGurl  PsyD                             Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Louise A McHarris  DO                           SW Portland                503-452-0915
 David V McHenry  PT                             NE Portland                503-283-8133
 Lindsay MW McHugh  RNP                             The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Colin A McInnes  RNP                               The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Alicia M McIntire  RNP                          N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Samantha A McKay  MD                               West Linn               503-655-3320
 Julie C McKee  RNP                              N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Mary S McKenzie  MD                                Portland                503-413-5702
 Jana K McKeown  DO                              NW Portland                503-413-6294
 John Kevin McKinney  MD                            Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Maxwell L McKinney  PT                             Beaverton               971-245-6663
 Heather M McLean  RNP                              Salem                   503-814-4400
 Sharon E McNeill  MD                            SE Portland                503-659-4988
 Katrina M McPherson  MD                            Astoria                 503-325-7337
 John A McQueston  MD                               Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Lindsey D McQuillan  RNP                           Salem                   503-814-4400
 Theresa M McSherry  RNP                         NE Portland                503-288-7535
 Thomas P McWeeney  MD                              Tualatin                503-506-8384
 Christy A Meade Olivier  MD                     N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Huey J Meeker  MD                                  West Linn               503-636-1333
 Christina Mehanni  MD                           NW Tualatin                503-692-7971
 Manish Mehta  MD                                N  Portland                503-413-7162
 Nikhil K Mehta  MD                                 Wilsonville             503-612-0498
 Erik P Meira  PT                                NE Portland                503-288-4643
 Thomas C Melillo  DPM                              Hillsboro               503-245-2420
 Mark A Melman  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Justin A Melson  PT                                Milwaukie               503-496-4550
 David S Menashe  MD                                Milwaukie               503-488-2323
 Jeffrey I Menashe  MD                              Hood River              541-387-6252
 Brandi Mendonca  MD                                McMinnville             503-472-4197
 Carol E Menustik  PhD                           DT Hillsboro               503-241-0771
 Chandni N Merchant  MD                             McMinnville             503-472-9002
 Alyssa L Merkel  PA                                Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Patrick A Merrill  MD                           N  Clackamas               503-414-5700
 Mark J Mertens  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Michael Vincent Mesa  DO                        NE Tigard                  503-443-2157
 Natalie S Mesnier  MD                           NE Portland                503-231-1426
 Alison Metcalf  MS                              NW Portland                503-227-5109
 Katherine L Metcalf  MD                         NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Michele E Metrick  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-3600
 Joseph P Meurer Jr.  MD                         SW Portland                503-223-8147
 Erika K Meyer  MD                               NW Portland                503-295-2546
 Erin O Meyer  RNP                               NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Kaylene M Meyer  PT                             SW Hillsboro               503-844-9294
 Jeffrey D Meyerhoff  MD                         NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Elliot N Michael  DPM                              Hillsboro               503-648-2200
 Jamie N Mieras  DPM                                Beaverton               503-413-2005
 Suzanne L Migchelbrink  MD                         Tualatin                503-692-1205
 Heather M Mikes  DO                                Gresham                 503-413-5542
 Dale E Milam  PT                                   Hood River              541-386-9511
 Sarah W Milam  PT                                  Hood River              541-386-9511
 Carrie F Miles  MD                              NW Portland                503-274-4800
 Catherine M Miles  MD                           NW Portland                503-268-4802
 Donna L Millan  RNP                                Independence            503-838-0045
 Juan C Millan  MD                               NE Portland                503-413-5049
 Barbara A (Bolt Miller  MD                      NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Benjamin J Miller  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Daniel L Miller  MD                             SW Portland                503-255-5244
 Debbie L Miller  MD                             NW Portland                503-279-9700
 Dorelan L Miller  MD                               Beaverton               503-415-4060
 Janice P Miller  MD                                Beaverton               503-415-4060
 Jess R Miller  MD                                  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Keith E Miller  MD                              NW Beaverton               503-672-6000
 Margaret J Miller  MD                              McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Pamela G Miller  PhD                               The Dalles              541-298-3294
 Roger J Miller  PT                                 Tualatin                971-204-0600
 Terri L Miller  RNP                                Astoria                 503-338-4050
 Wendela E Miller  PT                               Hillsboro               503-844-6565
 Jennifer W Miller-Davis  MD                        Newberg                 503-723-4234
 Thomas H Milleson  MD                              Hillsboro               503-681-1100
 Elizabeth P Mills  RNP                             Keizer                  503-814-4400
 Tegan L Mills  OTR                                 Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Kimberly P Mineo  PT                               Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Timothy J Mineo  DPM                               Gresham                 503-284-2000
 Anish A Mirchandani  DO                            Clackamas               503-512-1212
 Mehdi M Mirtorabi  MD                              Beaverton               503-531-9990
 Amer J Mirza  MD                                N  Lake Oswego             503-850-9940
 Rebecca E Mischel  MD                           N  Portland                503-282-7002
 John F.A. Mission  MD                              Hillsboro               503-413-3900
 Duncan T Mitchell  PT                              Milwaukie               503-496-4550
 Erica L Mitchell  MD                               Salem                   503-371-4044
 Marti L Mitchell  DO                               The Dalles              541-296-6101
 Stephen A Mitchell  PT                             Milwaukie               503-496-4550
 Timur Mitin  MD                                    Hillsboro               503-681-4200
 Tyler S Mittelstaedt  MD                        SE Portland                503-353-3005
 Christine M Mock  OTR                           NW Portland                503-224-9270
 Alison A Modafferi  PT                             Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Ashok Modha  MD                                    Portland                360-254-6161
 Larry L Moffett  DO                                Clackamas               503-659-0880
 Melissa N Moffitt  MD                              Salem                   503-562-4321
 Mojgan Mohandesi  MD                               Keizer                  503-814-4400
 Elizabeth C Moline  RNP                            McMinnville             503-435-1077
 Thomas D Moline  PT                                Hood River              541-386-9511
 Thomas A Molloy  MD                             SE Portland                503-261-4430
 Jennifer C Monaco  PT                              Vancouver               360-256-9827
 Cristina F.G. Mondragon  MD                     DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Gary P Monkarsh  PhD                               Lake Oswego             503-639-9556
 Michelle L Monnie  MD                           SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Nancy Monnie  PT                                   Sandy                   503-668-5321
 Viktoriya D Monroe  MD                             Beaverton               503-415-4060
 Dinelli M Monson  MD                               Newberg                 503-538-1341
 Craig S Montgomery  PhD                            Gresham                 503-661-7733
 Alice V Moody  PsyD                                West Linn               503-653-0631
 L Katherine Moon  RNP                              Vancouver               360-253-7666
 Paul O.S. Moon  MD                                 Hood River              541-308-1010
 Kathleen M Mooney  MD                              Portland                503-261-1171
 Heather M Moore  MD                                Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Jill M Moore  MD                                NW Portland                503-226-3376
 Juliette E Moore  MD                               Astoria                 503-338-4670
 Linda Y Moore  MD                               NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Michael J Moore  MD                                Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Michael T Moore  MD                                Beaverton               503-415-4060
 Christine S Morales  CNM                           Salem                   503-814-4480
 Elizabeth E Morales  CNM                           Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Matthew D Moravec  MD                              Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Alexis M Moren  MD                                 Salem                   503-561-2448
 Melvin L Morganroth  MD                         NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Megumi M Morishita  MD                             The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Daniel C Morlan  PT                                West Linn               503-387-5449
 Melissa J Morlan  PT                               West Linn               503-387-5449
 Pete A Morones-Careaga  PhD                     SE Portland                503-236-4665
 Marc M Moroye  MD                               SE Portland                503-255-7550
 Katherine J Morris  PhD                            Salem                   503-561-5986
 Nicole B Morris  CNM                            NE Portland                503-734-3800
 Jennifer L Morrison  MD                            The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Laura Yun Morrison  MD                          SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Olivia R Morrison  PT                              Vancouver               360-571-2195
 Scot D Morrison  PT                             NE Portland                503-288-4643
 Dennis E Morrisroe  MD                             Vancouver               360-695-1334
 Gregory G Morse  PsyD                              Gresham                 503-492-7470
 Greggory D Mortensen  PT                           Vancouver               360-694-9099
 Emily A Moser  MD                                  Hood River              541-436-2705
 Jeffrey S Moser  MD                                Gresham                 503-489-2600
 Erika M Moseson  MD                                Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Dean A Moshofsky  MD                               Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Naghmeh Moshtael  MD                            N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Michael J Mosier  MD                            NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Diane L Moskowitz  LPC                             Lake Oswego             503-624-2737
 Nima Motamedi  MD                                  Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Erika E Mote  RNP                                  Salem                   503-561-5554
 Caroline A Motika  MD                              Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Jonathan Y Mou  MD                              NE Portland                503-408-7010
 Anong Y Moua  MD                                   Gladstone               503-655-2404
 Marwan Mouammar  MD                             SE Portland                503-253-2248
 Vinton R Mougey  PT                             NW Portland                503-228-1306
 Manny Moy  DPM                                     Milwaukie               503-659-6686
 Kathryn D Moyer  MD                             N  Portland                503-281-5139
 Brian S Moyers  MD                                 McMinnville             503-435-1200
 Daniel J Moynihan  MD                              Vancouver               360-487-4848
 John D Mozena  DPM                                 Happy Valley            503-652-1121
 Charles R Mueller  MD                           NE Portland                503-288-7535
 Liberato V Mukul  MD                            SW Portland                503-734-3535
 Maureen M Mulcahy  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-699-0337
 Amy L Mulcaster  DO                                Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Robert D Mullen  MD                             NE Portland                503-282-0979
 William H Mullins  PhD                          SE Portland                503-252-9690
 Eryn B Munks  MD                                   Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Michael J Munly  MD                             NE Portland                503-297-1351
 Travis R Munnell  PT                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Daniel J Munoz  PhD                             SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Elizabeth G Munro  MD                              Salem                   503-814-7557
 Allyson C Munson  RNP                              Canby                   503-266-7686
 Sara M Murdick  MD                                 Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Jennifer L Murdoch  RNP                         NW Portland                503-297-3336
 Michael A Murdock  DPM                             Astoria                 503-338-4075
 Patra J Murdock  RNP                            N  Woodburn                971-983-5360
 Kevin J Murphy  MD                                 Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Laura K Murphy  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Sharlene A Murphy  DO                              Clackamas               503-659-4988
 Jennifer H Murray  MD                           NW Portland                503-274-4800
 Scott M Murray  MD                              NW Portland                503-252-0322
 Timothy R Murray  MD                            SE Portland                503-261-4475
 Mark M Muse  RSW                                   Warrenton               503-338-4500
 Douglas S Musgrave  MD                             Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Wael Y.S. Musleh  MD                               Portland                360-254-6161
 Elizabeth A Muzik  MD                              Camas                   360-566-4840
 Brandi S Myers  DPM                             SE Portland                503-235-8594
 Gloria Jean Myers  MD                           SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Stanley A Myers  MD                                McMinnville             503-435-2561
 Stephanie A Naas  RNP                              Stevenson               509-427-4212
 Arian Nachat  MD                                NW Gresham                 503-413-6862
 Opher A Nadler  MD                              N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Nisha Nagarkatti-Gude  MD                          Aloha                   503-642-2505
 Jordan J Nagle  MD                                 The Dalles              541-506-6920
 Alvin K Nakamura  MD                            SE Portland                503-257-7757
 Steven M Nakano  PT                                Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Ryan M Nall  PT                                    Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Zackery D Nance  DPM                            NE Portland                503-963-2964
 Christopher J Nanson  MD                           Tigard                  503-639-6002
 Meenakshi A Narasimhamurthy  MD                 SW Hillsboro               503-430-0497
 Coral A Nash  RNP                                  Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Eric A.J. Nash  RNP                                Vancouver               360-787-4135
 Dana R Nason  MD                                   Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Brenda A Ndunda  RNP                               Salem                   503-814-4400
 Meghan A NeSmith  MD                            NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Jennifer C Neahring  MD                            Salem                   503-814-2483
 James P Nealon  MD                                 Silverton               503-874-0574
 Mason W Nebrija  PT                             NW Portland                503-466-2254
 John B Neeld  MD                                   McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Diana C Negreanu  MD                            SE Portland                503-256-4096
 James L Neifing  MD                             NW Portland                503-274-4884
 John K Neiheisel  MSW                           NW Portland                503-525-1148
 Leslie J Neilson  MD                            NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Justin T Neiman Westbrook  PhD                  NW Portland                503-413-4340
 Andrew D Nelson  DO                                Silverton               503-873-8740
 Katherine M Nelson  MD                             Hillsboro               503-681-4145
 Lance J Nelson  PT                                 West Linn               503-387-5449
 Maren R Nelson  RNP                                Salem                   503-814-4400
 Martha Nelson  MD                               N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Rebecca D Nelson  PT                               Canby                   503-263-6786
 David W Nelson Jr.  MD                             Gresham                 503-674-1122
 Andrew N Nemecek  MD                               Portland                503-732-6863
 Tira E Nesset  RNP                                 Beaverton               503-644-1171
 Stephen G Newberry  MD                             Tigard                  503-598-2000
 Philippa H.A. Newell  MD                        NE Portland                503-281-0561
 Jessica L Newgard  CNM                             McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Alan P Newman  MD                                  Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Kelly E Newman  PT                              NE Portland                503-288-4643
 Stewart S Newman  MD                               Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Valerie Newman  MD                              N  Portland                503-282-7002
 John D Ng  MD                                      Hillsboro               503-640-3708
 Tuan-Huy L Ngo  AuD                                Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Bich Thi Nguyen  MD                                Milwaukie               503-513-8693
 Bich-Hang K Nguyen  MD                             Hillsboro               503-681-1111
 Catherine C Nguyen  RNP                            Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Emily C Nguyen  MD                              NW Portland                503-224-8399
 Hoang Q Nguyen  MD                              SE Portland                503-255-1111
 Mark T Nguyen  MD                               NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Ngan-Lien T Nguyen  MD                          SE Portland                503-255-7550
 Mina Dinh Nguyen-Driver  PsyD                      West Linn               503-653-0631
 Megan L Nichols  PsyD                           SW Portland                503-452-8002
 William D Nichols  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Hannah M Nicholson  PT                             Hood River              541-386-1211
 Jacob M Nicholson  RNP                             Salem                   503-561-2448
 Gilbert E Nicholson-Nelson  MSW                 N  Mount Angel             971-983-5214
 Alexander D Nicoloff  MD                           Gresham                 503-413-3580
 James R Niebergall  PT                             Estacada                503-630-5314
 Heather L Nielsen  LPC                             Hood River              541-386-6380
 Jo Anne (Anders Nielsen  MD                        Oregon City             503-657-7629
 Kathryn A Nielsen  CNM                             Salem                   503-814-4480
 Cassandra M Niemi  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Carol L Nightengale  MSW                           Gresham                 503-669-1095
 Judith A Nigro  DO                                 Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Sunita R Nijhawan  PsyD                         NW Portland                503-413-4505
 Alyse R Nikolao  RNP                               Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Kayla D Nixon  RNP                                 Hood River              541-387-6125
 Rebecca A Njord  CNM                               Salem                   503-814-4480
 Julio R Noda Milla  MD                             Salem                   503-561-5170
 Blake A Nonweiler  MD                           N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Michael J Noonan  MD                               Clackamas               971-220-2201
 Supranee Amy Nopachai  MD                          Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Cynthia B Nordlund  PsyD                           Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Mark D Nordlund  PsyD                              Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Mark A Norling  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Patricia L Norris  MD                           NW Portland                503-227-7117
 Audra Rachelle Norris-Jacob  MD                    Gresham                 503-491-9444
 Elizabeth A North  DO                              Gresham                 503-669-0435
 Susan A Nosacka  OTR                               Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Craig M Novack  MD                              N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Carolyn R Nowosielski  RNP                      SE Portland                503-255-2186
 Ijeoma C Nwerem  RNP                            NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Theodore T Nyquist  MD                             McMinnville             503-472-4197
 Steven (Bo) K O dell  MSW                       SE Portland                503-249-7844
 Alyxandra M O'Brien  MD                            Gresham                 503-855-2340
 Patrick R O'Brien  MD                           NE Portland                503-535-8300
 Shannon P O'Brien  MD                              Portland                503-292-9200
 Vana H O'Brien  MSW                             SE Portland                503-222-3308
 David P O'Brien IV  MD                          NW Portland                503-281-0561
 Jennifer C O'Connor  DO                            Vancouver               360-256-4060
 Stephanie O'Connor  RNP, LAc                       Hood River              541-387-6177
 Laura L O'Dell  PT                                 Clackamas               503-656-0139
 Patrick S O'Hollaren  MD                           Portland                503-528-0704
 Patrick J O'Leary  MD                              Hillsboro               503-681-4310
 Jennifer J O'Loughlin  PT                          Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Shauna K O'Neal  CNM                               Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Connie A O'Reilly  PhD                             Beaverton               503-644-4669
 Julie K O'Toole  MD                             N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Elizabeth A Oakes  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Heather K Odell  PT                                Gresham                 503-491-1666
 Taylor C Odell  PT                              SW Portland                503-292-3583
 Karen A Ogryzlo  MD                             NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Warren I Okuns  MD                                 Woodburn                503-981-9526
 Christine E Olinghouse  RNP                     DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Christina L Oliver  MD                          SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Cynthia M Olivier  MSW                             Vancouver               360-882-3464
 Andrea Cable Olmstead  MD                          Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Molly M.L. Olsen  MD                               Hood River              541-387-6125
 Steven M Olsen  MD                                 Hood River              541-387-8992
 Bradley G Olson  MD                                Portland                503-413-2902
 Janice F Olson  MD                              N  Portland                503-276-9300
 Mary M Olson  DO                                SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Katherine Willi Omer  MD                           The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Eriko Onishi  MD                                   Salem                   503-561-5419
 Kellie S Oosterbaan  PsyD                          Hood River              541-386-6070
 John E Oppenheimer  MD                          NW Portland                503-413-8988
 James Opton  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Mona R Ornelas-Staneck  MD                         McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Kenton R Orr  RNP                                  Salem                   503-814-5554
 Richard L Orth  DO                                 Gresham                 503-665-8176
 Rebecca L (Schr Orwoll  MD                      NE Portland                503-239-7767
 Michael V Osborne  MD                           SW Portland                503-292-7577
 Susan H Oshiro-Zeier  RNP                          Vancouver               360-260-2773
 Shukri A Osman  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Blake C Osmundsen  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-5787
 Lynn E Osmundsen  MD                               Vancouver               503-413-5787
 Nancy M Oswald  MSW                             NW Portland                503-413-7513
 Jack L Otterstrom  MSW                          N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000
 Lesley N Otto  MD                               SW Portland                503-297-4123
 Bailey A Ouellette  PT                             Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Marsha J Owen  MA                                  Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Vanessa L Owen  MSW                                Lake Oswego             503-516-6085
 Michael M Owens  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Kevin K Oyama  MD                               NW Portland                503-413-7463
 Juan R Oyarzun  MD                                 Salem                   503-371-4044
 Oliver B Padgett  MD                            NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Shannon R Padilla  CNM                             Gresham                 503-489-2650
 David B Page  MD                                   Hood River              503-215-5696
 Laura M Pagenstecher  PsyD                      SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Vinaya B Pai  MD                                   Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Gina M Paine  PT                                   Salem                   503-585-4824
 Chol Pak  MD                                       Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Thomas Pak  DO                                  NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jodi E.J. Palensky  PhD                         SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Lindsy R Palisca  PT                            SW Camas                   360-335-9033
 Suvarna R Palla  MD                                Clackamas               503-353-1272
 Kathleen M Palm  MD                                Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Alina L Palmer  CNM                             NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Kirin N Palmer  MD                              SW Portland                503-296-7800
 Thomas R Palmer  DPM                            NE Portland                503-255-8100
 Xianghua Pan  MD                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Christine M Panagos  PT                         NE Portland                503-288-4643
 Patricia N Pancoast  MD                         NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Patrick M Pancoast  MD                          NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Alvan W Pang  MD                                   Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Jason M Panick  PT                                 Ridgefield              360-887-7147
 Alia K Paquette  DO                                Lake Oswego             503-525-7500
 J Michael Paradis  MD                              Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Joseph A Parent Jr.  MD                         SW Portland                503-241-1992
 Aaron Butch Parker  MD                             Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Colleen M Parker  PhD                              Hillsboro               503-466-2846
 Jennifer M Parker  PT                           DT Portland                503-227-7774
 John J Parr  PT                                    Gresham                 503-666-7644
 Luke A Parr  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Bowen S Parsons  MD                             DT Portland                503-246-7195
 Sirichai Pasadhika  MD                          N  Portland                503-413-3030
 Jodie L Paschall-Majerus  PT                       Vancouver               360-253-4020
 Monina F.R. Pascua  MD                             Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Nicole M Pashek  RNP                               The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Michael S Passo  MD                                Lincoln City            541-994-7652
 Pamela B Pastore  RNP                           NW Portland                503-672-6000
 Benito G Pataroque  MD                             Tualatin                503-692-3647
 Andrew K Patel  MD                              NW Portland                503-222-3638
 Apurva K Patel  MD                              NW Portland                503-274-2121
 Ashish A Patel  MD, DDS                         NW Portland                503-224-1371
 Ashit G Patel  MD                                  Salem                   503-485-4787
 Kishoree J Patel  MD                            NW Portland                503-414-5160
 Shivani J Patel  MD                             NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Joseph J Paterno  PT                            NE Portland                503-287-6636
 Dominic P Patillo  MD                           NW Portland                503-224-8399
 Shawn T Patrick  MD                             N  Portland                503-413-7162
 Elizabeth A Patron  PT                             Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Emma J Patterson  MD                            NW Portland                503-227-5050
 William L Patterson Jr.  DO                     SE Portland                503-408-7008
 Gregory A Patton  MD                            N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Melissa A Paul  RNP                                Vancouver               360-487-2727
 Ann Marie Paulsen  MD                              Portland                503-620-7358
 Vicki D Paulus  RNP                                Vancouver               360-567-1664
 Justin B Pavlovich  MD                             Tigard                  503-293-0161
 T David Pawlik  MD                              N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Lisa M Peacock  LMFT                            N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Andrew D Peaker  OTR                               Vancouver               360-254-6161
 James M Pearson  MD                                Beaverton               503-619-1100
 Andrew D Pedersen  MD                           NE Portland                503-488-2400
 Constance Eldri Pederson  PhD                      Portland                503-740-1971
 Tamara L Pederson  PhD                          NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Lynda R Peel  MD                                NW Portland                503-226-4091
 Dina A Peganoff  PT                             SW Camas                   360-335-9033
 David S Peizner  MD                                Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Kelli L Pellegrini  PsyD                           Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Melissa Pendergrass  MD                            Portland                503-413-5787
 James W Pennington  MD                             Hood River              541-386-2204
 Regan W Pennington  PT                             Canby                   503-651-2020
 Analene J Pentopoulos  MD                          The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Leonardo M.R. Pereira  MD                          Salem                   503-814-4600
 Natasha S Pereira  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Nancy Perez-Senn  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-2902
 Laurel P Perilli  PT                               Clackamas               503-659-9155
 Timothy A Perkins  PsyD                            Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Curtis R Persons  PT                            DT Portland                503-221-0161
 David R Peter  MD                                  Canby                   503-525-7600
 Bryce W Peters  PT                                 Vancouver               360-567-0633
 Jon F Peters  MD                                NE Portland                503-288-0083
 Lisa R Peters  RNP                                 Lake Oswego             503-445-2200
 Mark A Peters  MD                               SW Portland                503-274-2121
 Timothy J Peters  MSW                              Portland                503-752-5823
 Andrea K Petersen  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-4505
 Arnold L Petersen II  MD                        SE Portland                503-256-0890
 Bruce E Peterson  PT                               Longview                360-578-1188
 Gerald D Peterson  DPM                             Seaside                 503-717-7000
 Heather D Peterson  OTR                            Tualatin                503-692-8907
 Vanessa L Peterson  MD                             Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Charles J Petit  MD                             NW Portland                503-224-8399
 Raymond J Petrillo  MD                          NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Jody L Pettit  MD                               DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Lisa C Pew  MD                                     Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Alison M Pfeffer  RNP                              Tigard                  503-598-2000
 Michael E Pfister  MD                              Portland                503-612-0498
 Anthony Q.A. Pham  MD                              Tualatin                503-692-2032
 Kerry E.M. Phifer  RNP                             Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Elizabeth A Phillips  RNP                       NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Michael G Phillips  MD                             Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Lynne R Phillips-Werbel  MSW                       Beaverton               503-690-9119
 Thomas A Phipps  MD                                Oregon City             503-655-9868
 Paul D Pickering  MD                               Hillsboro               503-734-3700
 Amanda J Pickert  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Kori D Pienovi  CNM                                Portland                503-734-3800
 Ralph W Pierce  MD                              N  Portland                503-732-6863
 Steven A Pierson  PT                               Canby                   503-651-2020
 Jennifer E Pike  PT                                Canby                   503-651-2020
 Murali Pillai  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Sandra K Pinches  PhD                           SW Portland                503-452-8306
 Ted C Pinkert  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-681-1140
 Cheryl L Pippin  RNP                            SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Gillian R Piro  MD                                 Portland                503-415-4060
 Elissa Pirocanac  MD                            NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Thomas M Pitre  MD                                 McMinnville             503-435-2561
 Andrew E Pitt  MD                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-9221
 Randolph J Pitts  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Jennifer E Pizzuti  RNP                            Gresham                 503-413-5542
 Stephen E Pliska  MD                               Vancouver               360-574-2900
 Anita F Ploghoft  OTR                              Tualatin                503-692-5210
 Carin K Pluedeman  MD                              Warrenton               503-338-4500
 Paul V Podett  MD                                  Gresham                 503-665-1010
 Cynthia M Polance  PsyD                            Tigard                  503-624-2600
 Michelle L Polas  PT                               Tualatin                503-885-8677
 Laura G Polich  AuD                             NE Portland                503-806-1498
 Richard S Polin  MD                                Gresham                 503-666-8149
 Oscar R Polo  MD                                NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Nicholas J Ponzetti  PT                            Hood River              541-386-9511
 Hataya K Poonyagariyagorn  MD                      Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Jay C Poorman  MD                               N  Portland                503-229-7137
 Yale S Popowich  MD                                Portland                503-292-9200
 Lisa S Poritz  MD                                  Portland                503-216-5380
 Jeremy C Porter  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jessica A Porter  MD                               Hood River              541-386-5070
 Kelly A Portnoff  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Jay H Post  MD                                     McMinnville             503-435-6440
 Tina K Postrel  PT                                 Hillsboro               503-649-9090
 Anna V Potoczny-Jones  PT                          Vancouver               360-573-3611
 Janelle M Potts  CNM                            SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Morgan N Powell  RNP                            NE Portland                503-408-7010
 James H Powers  MD                              NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Emily B Pratt  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Joseph D Pratt  PT                                 Newberg                 503-538-8952
 Ronald D Prauner  MD                            N  Portland                503-276-9300
 Mandelynn G.A. Pray  CNM                           The Dalles              541-296-5657
 Sidney J Prescott Jr.  MD                       NE Portland                503-249-5454
 Susan K Preston  PhD                               Oregon City             503-657-7235
 Karly A Prewitt  OTR                               Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Evan J Price  PT                                   Vancouver               360-567-0633
 Kursteen S Price  MD                            SW Portland                503-297-4779
 Logan Priollaud  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Julie A Proctor  RNP                               Gresham                 503-661-5388
 Matthew D Proctor  MD                              Hood River              541-308-1010
 Aumyot Prongdong  MD                            SE Portland                503-256-0877
 L Rebecca Propst  PhD                           SW Portland                503-244-4660
 Adam C Protain  MD                              SW Portland                503-292-7704
 Lindsay K Provencio  PT                         NE Portland                503-283-8133
 C Thomas Provenzano  PT                         SE Portland                503-255-1500
 Pierre E Provost  MD                               Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Patrick C Pua  PT                               SE Portland                503-232-1000
 Joan A Pugh  PsyD                                  Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Scott J Puracchio  PT                           SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Deborah K Purcell  MD                              Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Susanne H Purnell  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Radhika Purushothaman  MD                       N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Brian L Puskas  MD                              N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Rex M Puterbaugh  MD                            SW Portland                503-297-3371
 James C Putman  PsyD                               Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Bryan J Putnam  DO                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Eric J Putz  MD                                    Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Paul M Puziss  MD                                  Beaverton               503-646-8995
 Waleed G Qaisi  MD                              NW Portland                503-227-2400
 Michael P Quesnell  PT                          SE Portland                503-230-1744
 Daryl E Quick  PhD                                 Gladstone               503-659-5515
 Nitza I Quiles-Soo  MD                             Beaverton               503-533-4461
 Leo F Quinn  PT                                 NW Portland                503-228-1306
 Michele T Quinn  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Lisa M Radcliff  RNP                               Aloha                   503-203-1000
 Patrick L Radecki  MD                           NW Portland                503-222-3638
 Anne E Rader  MD                                   Vancouver               503-274-2486
 Jessica A Radley  RNP                              The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Jan Radzik  MD                                     Lake Oswego             503-697-3272
 Anna L Raffaelli  CNM                              Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Edgar K Ragsdale  MD                            N  Portland                503-732-6863
 John W Ragsdale  MD                                Milwaukie               503-652-7191
 Charles E Rahe  MSW                                Scappoose               503-543-6164
 Derek D Rains  MD                                  McMinnville             503-435-4520
 Y Pritham Raj  MD                                  Portland                503-261-5953
 Barbara M Rajska  MD                               Hillsboro               503-681-4145
 Melissa C Ramirez  PT                              Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Mayda Ramos  MD                                 N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000
 Cameron A Ramsay  MD                               Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Christopher C Ramsey  PT                        NE Portland                503-283-8133
 Joshua A Ramseyer  MD                           NW Portland                503-297-3778
 Lesley A W Raphael  MD                             Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Charles E Rapp  MD                                 Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Bart P Rask  MD                                    Hillsboro               503-648-0803
 Melody Rasmor  RNP                                 Portland                503-408-7040
 Joanna Rasmussen  MS                               Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Kara N Rasmussen  PT                               Canby                   503-651-2020
 Michelle A Rasmussen  MD                           Salem                   503-814-4400
 Brett M Rath  MD                                   Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Robert S Rath  MD                                  Beaverton               503-643-2000
 Pamela J Rathbone  RNP                             Milwaukie               503-905-2526
 Pasala S Ravichandran  MD                          Hillsboro               503-226-6321
 Rebecca Rawson  RNP                                Hood River              541-386-1818
 Tammy L Ray  MSW                                   Warrenton               503-338-4500
 Jordan M Raymer  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-1351
 Anthony A Razzak  MD                               Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Tracy L Read  MD                                N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Jodi R Ready  MD                                   Hood River              541-387-6125
 Kelly A Reams  MSW                              NE Portland                503-224-1288
 James P Reardon  MD                                Hood River              541-308-1010
 Kevin M Reavis  MD                                 Astoria                 503-325-9597
 Bhavana R Reddy  PT                                Tualatin                503-692-4934
 Swapna B Reddy  MD                                 Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Elizabeth A Reding  DO                             Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Leigh H Reece  PT                                  Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Kelly Reed  PT                                  SW Portland                503-292-3583
 Matt H Reed  MD                                 DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Peter N.T. Reed  MD                             NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Susan A Reeder  AuD                                Vancouver               360-326-3966
 Joshua M Reese  MD                              SE Portland                503-261-7200
 David H Regan  MD                               NE Portland                503-239-7767
 James K Regan  MD                                  Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 John Wesley Reilly  PhD                         SE Portland                503-253-4600
 Gregg F Reiter  PhD                             NE Portland                503-236-4343
 Katrenka R Rember  MD                              Tigard                  503-598-2000
 Jared K Remmers  DPM                               Beaverton               503-413-2005
 Daniel R Renelt  PT                             SE Portland                503-774-3585
 Caroline M Rentenaar  PT                           Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Laura Renteria  PhD                                Beaverton               971-330-7352
 Bret K Reordan  PT                                 Keizer                  503-463-4221
 James M Resk  MD                                   Oregon City             503-657-1871
 Barbara E Resnick  MD                           NW Portland                503-223-3104
 Mary Rex  MSW                                      Beaverton               503-645-7306
 Elizabeth J Reynolds  PT                           Gresham                 503-669-2500
 James P Reynolds  RNP                              Astoria                 503-338-4087
 Roger E Reynolds  DO                               Forest Grove            503-357-2136
 Lisa A Reynolds-Sanders  MD                     SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Kenneth L Rhoads  MD                               Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Barry B Rhodes  MD                                 Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Philippa J.A. Ribbink  MD                       NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Britt R Ricci  MSW                                 Camas                   503-740-1971
 Valerie L Rice  PT                                 Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Phoebe Rich  MD                                 NW Portland                503-226-3376
 Christen K Richard  MD                             Gresham                 503-491-9277
 Jacob R Richard  MD                                Oregon City             503-488-2323
 Stephanie J Richards  MD                           Vancouver               360-695-9922
 Anisa M Richardson  MD                             Astoria                 503-338-4675
 Judy R Richardson  MD                              The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Phyllis M Richardson  PhD                       NE Portland                503-281-1897
 Hyla S Richey  AuD                                 Vancouver               360-326-3966
 Carl A Riddick  MD                                 Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Sarah J Ridley  PT                                 Hood River              541-386-9511
 Karen D Rieman  RNP                             N  Portland                503-413-1122
 Trey A Rigert  MD                                  Hood River              541-386-9500
 Matthew R Riley  MD                             N  Portland                503-284-1825
 Steven J Riley  MD                                 Oregon City             503-962-1000
 Clytie S.R. Rimberg  MD                         NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Tara L Rinard  PT                                  Vancouver               360-253-4020
 Diana B Rinkevich  MD                              Astoria                 503-338-4087
 Jocelyn D Riordan  PT                              Lake Oswego             503-636-3028
 Wesley E Rippey  MD                             SE Portland                503-256-1575
 Martha K Rissmiller  PT                         NW Portland                503-413-7557
 Melinda Cushing Riter  MD                          Hood River              541-308-1010
 Jose-Luis N Rivas  PT                              Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Mary E Rizzo  RNP, AuD                             Astoria                 503-338-4675
 Harold (Hank) B Robb III  PhD                      Lake Oswego             503-635-2489
 Alison R Roberts  RNP                              Hood River              541-387-8983
 Donald W Roberts  MD                               Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Heidi M Roberts  PT                                Hood River              541-386-1211
 James P Roberts  MD                                Vancouver               360-487-4848
 Janet L Roberts  MD                             NW Portland                503-223-1933
 Laura A Roberts  PsyD                              Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Lauren W Roberts  MD                            NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Robert L Roberts  DO                            SE Clackamas               503-233-5548
 Patricia A Robertson  MD                           Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Nikolas S Robins  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-8988
 Elizabeth H Robinson  CNM                       N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Gregory E Robinson  MD                          SE Portland                503-255-7550
 Jeffrey C Robinson  MD                             Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Katherine R Robinson  CNM                          Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Lisa M Rocereto  PT                                Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Rochelle R Rochester  RNP                          Hillsboro               503-597-3130
 Anthony S Rocklin  PT                           DT Portland                503-450-0591
 Shammai Rockove  MD                                Gresham                 503-492-6510
 Timothy J Roddy  MD                             N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Michael K Rodgers  MD                              McMinnville             503-435-1077
 Christina L Rodriguez  MSW                      N  Woodburn                971-983-5214
 Marina K Rodriguez  MSW                            Gresham                 503-669-4300
 Sarah A Rodriguez  MD                           SW Portland                503-397-8081
 Joshua B Roehrich  MD                              Hillsboro               503-844-8219
 Kristine K Roesen  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-4340
 Peter M Roessler  MD                            NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Alice Rogan  MD                                 NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Matthew S Rogers  PT                               Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Nicki L Rogers  RNP                             SW Hillsboro               503-734-3700
 Stefanie Rogers  MD                             N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Janelle M Rohrback  MD                             Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Andrew Romanowski  MD                           SW Portland                503-227-2020
 Daniel B Root  MD                               NW Portland                503-288-5201
 Leslie L Root  MD                                  Portland                503-525-7550
 Kate M Ropp  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Camilo Rosales  MD                                 Astoria                 503-338-4670
 Anthony N Rosati  PT                            NE Portland                503-257-9881
 Bethany J Rosborough  MD                        SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Todd M Rosborough  PA                              Silverton               503-873-8740
 Paul Rose  MD                                   NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Susan S Rose  RNP                               NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Andrew P Rose-Innes  MD                         N  Portland                503-413-6166
 Amanda M Rosen  MD                              NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Howard S Rosenbaum  MD                             Beaverton               503-629-2131
 James T Rosenbaum  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-7022
 Richard B Rosenbaum  MD                         N  Portland                503-413-6166
 Sahar E Rosenbaum  MD                              Astoria                 503-338-4085
 Thomas J Rosenbaum  MD                          NW Portland                503-229-8470
 Jack A Rosenberg  MD                               Hillsboro               503-690-0707
 Miriam N Rosenberg  CNM                         N  Portland                503-413-2214
 Richard J Rosenberg  PhD                        SE Portland                503-402-1802
 Gregory S Rosenblatt  MD                           Hillsboro               503-648-6611
 Jay S Rosenbloom  MD                            SW Portland                503-227-0671
 Stuart M Rosenblum  MD                             Portland                503-477-5205
 David R Rosencrantz  MD                            Lincoln City            541-557-6417
 Richard B Rosenfield  MD                        NW Portland                503-771-1883
 Eli A Rosenthal  MD                                Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Susan A Rosenthall  MSW                         DT Portland                503-223-1313
 Susan G Rosenzweig  PsyD                        NW Portland                503-206-8337
 Alicia M Ross  MD                                  Hood River              541-387-1950
 John E Ross  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jennifer K Rossi  MD                            NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Jennifer R Rossi  PhD                              Coos Bay                541-662-0527
 Nicola S Rotberg  MD                               Hillsboro               971-228-8097
 Bobbi L Roth  RNP                                  Tualatin                503-692-1205
 Joy A Rothschild  RNP                           NW Portland                503-274-4800
 Alizah R Rotramel  MD                           NW Gresham                 503-674-2044
 Patricia A.S. Rotter  MD                        NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Cynthia L Roundtree  PT                         SE Portland                503-777-6746
 Benjamina N Rowe Brown  MD                         Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Bethany S Rowland  RNP                          DT Portland                503-224-5808
 Joel A Rubenstein  MD                              Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Nathan M Ruden  MD                                 McMinnville             503-472-9002
 Nicole M Rudy  CNM                                 Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Stacy M Rudy  PA                                   Portland                503-620-7358
 Robert A Ruef  MD                                  Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Paul D Ruesch  MD                                  Milwaukie               503-659-1769
 Justin B Rufener  MD                            NE Portland                503-488-2400
 Phillip A Ruff  PT                                 Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Sandra B Ruff  OTR                                 Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Roberta W Ruggeri  DO                              Oak Grove               503-654-6567
 Lori C Rumbaugh  MD                             N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 John P Rundle  MD                                  Vancouver               360-696-4691
 Rodney Scott Rushing  MD                        SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Andrea C Russell  MSW                              Tigard                  503-624-2600
 Joshua W Russell  MD                            NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Lindsey J Russell  PT                              Vancouver               360-571-2195
 David P.E. Russo  DO                               Hood River              541-386-9500
 Jeffrey R Russo  DPM                               McMinnville             503-435-0130
 Jessica R Russo  MSW                               Hood River              541-386-9500
 Cuchulain Luke Rust  MD                            Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Daniel R Ryan  PT                                  Canby                   503-263-6786
 Mitchell R Ryan  MD                             NE Portland                503-413-5000
 Gale A Rydell  MD                                  Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Kelly W Rydlund  MD                             NE Oregon City             503-656-0601
 Beata L Rydzik  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-297-3440
 Alyse N Rymer  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Samantha Rynearson  CNM                            Salem                   503-814-4480
 Jason S Sabatini  DPM                              McMinnville             503-472-3341
 Naveen Sachdev  MD                                 Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Maureen M Sacon  DO                                Portland                503-491-5555
 Thomas J Saddoris II  MD                        NE Portland                503-262-7273
 Chelsea M Saettone  MSW                         DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Laura M Sage  MD                                DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Nichole D Sage  PsyD                            SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Daniel S Sager  MD                                 Hood River              541-387-6125
 Sandeep A Saha  MD                                 Dallas                  503-623-8301
 Gary B Sahlstrom  MD                               Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Vikram Sahni  MD                                NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Keita Sakon  MD                                    Dallas                  503-623-8301
 Karen B Saks  MD                                SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Jennifer A Salati  MD                              Hillsboro               503-413-1122
 Arturo A Salazar  MD                               Molalla                 503-829-2273
 Devin A Salazar  CNM                               Salem                   503-364-3787
 Tomiko J Saldia  PT                                Vancouver               360-256-9827
 Jonathan R Sales  MD                            SW Portland                503-546-3503
 Erin A Salinas  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-7403
 Nancy J Salisbury  MD                              Lake Oswego             503-908-1646
 Jason E Sallee  PT                                 The Dalles              541-296-3368
 Maysee D Salleva  MD                               Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Annabelle L Sammis  MD                          NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Elizabeth R Sammond  MD                            Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Daniela Samoil  MD                              SW Portland                503-452-0915
 John R Samples  MD                              SW Portland                503-228-6681
 Krystal T Samuel  DO                            SE McMnnville              503-435-1200
 Christopher P Samuels  MD                          Stevenson               509-427-4212
 Janet M Sanders  OTR                               West Linn               503-266-4263
 Robert H Sandmeier  MD                             Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Cherisa Sandrow  DO                             NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Deborah L Saner  MD                                Vancouver               360-256-4060
 Nora Michelle Sang  MD                          NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Nina Sanna  RNP                                 NW Portland                503-413-7513
 Vanessa K Sanne  RNP                               Portland                503-280-1223
 Katarina R Santiago  RNP                           McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Megan A Sapp  CNM                               SW Portland                503-292-3577
 David J Sargent  MD                             SE Portland                503-257-7757
 Stephanie K Sari  MD                               Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Randy L Sasich  MD                                 Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Matthew J Satcher  MD                              Damascus                503-658-5521
 Ashlen T Saulson  MD                               Newberg                 503-538-2698
 Roger M Saulson  MD                             NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Alisha B Saultz  DO                                Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Gregory R Saunders  MD                             Camas                   360-566-4840
 Alicia M Sauter  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Alan D Savoy  MD                                   Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Margaret E Savransky  MD                        NW Portland                503-413-8988
 David Sawyer  MD                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Natalie A Schaad  OTR                              Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Elizabeth M Schader  MD                            Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 James B Schader  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-3250
 Steven J Schaefer  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Thomas H Schaumberg  MD                         NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Joseph P Schenck  MD                            NW Portland                503-224-8399
 Kellie S Schenk  MD                             NE Beaverton               503-372-1800
 Mark S Schiele  MD                                 Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Kathleen H Schiestl  PT                         SW Portland                503-288-4643
 Nicholas Schiller  MD                              Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Adam J Schiltz  PT                                 Salem                   503-378-7434
 Elizabeth K Schimmel  MD                        NW Portland                503-229-8455
 Jamie L Schmeer  DO                             NW Portland                503-413-6294
 Kristie L Schmidlkofer  PsyD                       McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Bren F Schmidt  PT                                 Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Kenneth G Schmidt  MD                              McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Nicole M Schmidt  MD                            N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Susan C Schmitt  MD                                Portland                503-234-1531
 Ian D Schnadig  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-2032
 Gavin R Schneider  PT                              McMinnville             503-435-1900
 Scott B Schneider  MD                           N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Jacob A Schneller  PT                              Clackamas               503-794-0103
 Jon A Schnepel  RPT                                Gresham                 503-669-2500
 Angela N Schoenheit  PT                            Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Harald L Schoeppner  MD                            Gresham                 503-674-2044
 Lydia E Schosnig  RNP                              Gresham                 503-491-0714
 Susan B Schradle  PhD                           NE Portland                503-525-1149
 Shannon M Schram  PT                               Battle Ground           360-687-7147
 Thomas F Schrattenholzer  MD                       Vancouver               360-487-2700
 John W Schroeder  MD                               Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Stephen M Schroeder  DPM                           Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Samuel S Schroetke  PT                             Hillsboro               503-844-6565
 Timothy J Schuckers  PT                            Tigard                  503-639-8284
 Craig R Schultz  RNP                               Milwaukie               503-253-3910
 Sarah V Schultz  MD                                Gresham                 503-661-3439
 Sean R Schulz  DO                                  Sandy                   503-826-0206
 Bryce P Schuster  PT                               Portland                971-270-0913
 Thye M Schuyler  MD                                Dallas                  503-623-8301
 Nancy D Schwarzkopf  RNP                        SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Annette M Schweiger Fischer  MD                 NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Daniel S Schweigert  MD                         N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Kenshin R Scoggin  PT                              Vancouver               360-694-9099
 Amy M Scott  PT                                    Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Garrett R Scott  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-3708
 Gregory B Scott  DO                                Vancouver               360-896-6944
 Peter N Scott  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Ryan G Scott  MD                                   West Linn               503-635-8384
 Therese M Scott  DO                                Damascus                503-558-8918
 Gregory C Scribner  MD                          SE Portland                503-408-7010
 Rachel L Sdrulla  RNP                           NW Portland                503-413-8090
 Celina C Sears  MD                                 McMinnville             503-435-2020
 Asani H Seawell  PhD                            NW Portland                503-413-7557
 James N Sechrist  PT                               Canby                   503-651-2020
 Terrence A Sedgewick  MD                           Oregon City             503-656-0836
 Subramaniam Seetharaman  MD                        Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Keifong W Seeto  MD                                Salem                   503-561-5170
 Gerald M Segal  MD                              N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Britney R Seitz  LPC                            SW Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 David W Selby  DO                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-1350
 Jennifer M Sellers  PT                             Ridgefield              360-727-3877
 Karin A Selva  MD                               N  Portland                503-672-6050
 Charul Sen  MD                                     Vancouver               360-487-2727
 Lisa P Senders  PhD                             NW Portland                503-913-7420
 William J Senders  MD                              Vancouver               360-487-5000
 Sandra-Lee M Sequeira  MD                          Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Gisela P Serna  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Melanie A Serpa  OTR                               Beaverton               971-245-6663
 Constance M Serra  MD                              Hood River              541-386-6380
 Kathleen E Severeid  PT                            Newberg                 503-538-8952
 Mario J Seyer  DO                                  Canby                   503-263-9500
 Serena A Shafer  AuD                            DT Tigard                  503-221-0161
 Brian S Shaffer  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-1078
 Brian T Shaffer  MD                             SW Portland                503-935-8100
 Ankur K Shah  MD                                   Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Jay B Shah  MD                                     Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Ketki G Shah  PhD                                  Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Kirit (Kumar) S Shah  MD                        NE Portland                503-254-6418
 Rupa K Shah  MD                                    Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Kamal G Shaker  MD                              SE Portland                503-253-2248
 George B Shanno  MD                                Portland                360-254-6161
 Joseph V Shannon  PT                            NE Beaverton               503-257-9881
 Spencer H Shao  MD                              N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Jill M Shaw  DO                                 NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Tatyana E Shaw  MD                              NW Portland                503-223-3104
 William R Shawler  MD                           NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Darcy F Shearer  LPC                               Keizer                  971-983-5214
 Melinda A W Shearer  PT                            Lake Oswego             503-636-3028
 Gina M Sheedy  MD                                  The Dalles              541-296-7811
 Michael F Sheffield  MD                            Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Melissa A Sheiko  MD                            N  Portland                503-281-5139
 Hong Shen  MD                                      Milwaukie               503-963-2707
 Vandy L Sherbin  MD                             NW Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Mark M.L. Shih  MD                                 Beaverton               503-672-6080
 Samuel G Shiley  MD                             NW Portland                503-229-8455
 Andrew B Shinabarger  DPM                          Beaverton               503-413-2005
 Kathryn M Shine  RNP                               Troutdale               503-667-7711
 Jared A Shipley  MD                                Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Kimberly S Shotz  RNP, LAc                      NW Portland                503-771-1883
 Christine E Shrader  PT                         N  Beaverton               503-672-6080
 Michael R Shrifter  PsyD                           Portland                503-620-7358
 David R Shulman  MD                             SE Portland                503-251-6132
 Douglas A Shumaker  MD                          SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Deborah L Shuster  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-4089
 Gregorio A Sicard Jr.  MD                          St Helens               503-397-0471
 Subeeh A Siddiqui  MD                              Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Atarah E.M. Sidey  MD                              Damascus                503-658-5521
 Jennifer J Siebold  RNP                         NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Carolyn W Siegele  MD                              Newberg                 503-538-2698
 David B Siepmann  MD                               McMinnville             503-435-6440
 David A Siker  MD                               NE Portland                503-595-3967
 Jami R Silflow  DO                                 Portland                503-525-7550
 Rafael Silva  MD                                NW Portland                503-227-2400
 David Mark Silver  MD                              Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Adam E Silverblatt  MD                          NE Portland                503-281-0561
 Burton L Silverman  MD                             Beaverton               503-644-1171
 Murl L Silvey  PsyD                                Sandy                   503-668-5494
 Samuel K Sim  MD                                   Vancouver               360-576-5060
 Troy W Simmons  DPM                             NE Portland                503-963-2964
 Laurel L Simon  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Miklos Simon  MD                                   Portland                503-239-7767
 Jennifer A Simon-Thomas  PhD                    SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Erica L Simonich  RNP                           NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Tamara S Simpson  MD                               Tualatin                503-692-5483
 Wai Man Belinda Siu  MD                         NW Beaverton               503-672-6000
 Janet R Sjoblom  MD                                Hood River              541-387-1300
 Gregory S Sjostrand  PT                         NW Portland                503-413-4505
 Jason H Skalet  MD                                 Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 David A Skau  MD                                SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Kukas K Skerjanec  PT                           NE Portland                503-228-1306
 Anne N Skinner  DO                              NE Portland                503-288-0083
 Susan L Skinner  CNM                               Astoria                 503-325-9131
 Michael D Skokan  MD                            NE Portland                503-963-3030
 David I Skolnik  PT                             SW Portland                503-244-0570
 Mia E Skourtis  MD                                 Portland                503-232-3242
 Mary E Skrypzak  MD                             SW Portland                503-734-3535
 David S Sky  MD                                 NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jennifer M Slack  MD                               Portland                503-413-3900
 Aubrey J Slaughter  MD                             Vancouver               360-254-4914
 Suzanne D Slayton-Milam  MD                        Vancouver               360-433-0022
 Matthew R Sleasman  PsyD                           Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Jay B Sleesman  MD                                 Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Rodger A Sleven  MD                             SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Catherine Post Sloan  RPT                          Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Alison M Small  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Kari L Smart  MD                                SW Newberg                 503-538-6791
 Mary A Smart  MD                                   Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Anne Mette Smeenk  MD                              Longview                360-577-1771
 Julia A Smetana  PT                             NW Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Clayton M Smiley  MD                            NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Alison L Smith  MD                                 Dallas                  503-623-7301
 Allisyn N Smith  PT                                Beaverton               503-684-7246
 Andrew O Smith  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 David A Smith  MD                                  Vancouver               360-944-9889
 Diana L Smith  CNM                              N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Elizabeth K.F. Smith  RNP                          Portland                503-636-9011
 Gwendolyn S Smith  PT                              Hillsboro               503-649-9090
 Jordan D Smith  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Julie H Smith  RSW                              NW Portland                503-413-7513
 Lora B Smith  OTR                                  West Linn               503-266-4263
 Marian E Smith  DO                              N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Matthew A Smith  MD                             NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Michelle M Smith  MD                            NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Michelle R.C. Smith  MD                            Hood River              541-386-9500
 Nathan B Smith  PA                                 Clackamas               503-654-7546
 Pamela Proffitt Smith  MD                          Salem                   503-561-5350
 Rebecca N Smith  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Wendy J Smith  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-4340
 William L Smith  MD                             NE Portland                503-235-8000
 Zane A Smith  PT                                   Camas                   360-835-7427
 John W Smith II  MD                             NE Portland                503-239-7767
 Ann E Smith Sehdev  MD                          NW Portland                503-413-6120
 Michael P.B. Smrtka  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Ray E Smucker  MD                                  Molalla                 503-829-2273
 Melanie J Smythe  DO                            SE Portland                503-236-1830
 Barbara H Sniffen  DO                              Lake Oswego             503-635-3743
 Jerrold L Snow  DO                              SE Portland                503-236-1830
 Katherine J Snow  MSW                           SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Christin N Snyder  MD                           NW Portland                503-274-4884
 David B Snyder  MD                                 Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Tara E Socquet  PT                                 Vancouver               360-253-4020
 Jennifer L Soden  MD                               Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Akiko Soehl  RNP                                   Hillsboro               503-681-4310
 Jonathan R Soffer  RNP                             The Dalles              541-506-6920
 Richard R Sogn  MD                              SW Portland                503-292-4411
 James R Sohriakoff  DO                             Hillsboro               503-648-1121
 Francisco X Soldevilla  MD                         Portland                503-352-0770
 Adam D Soll  MD                                    Hillsboro               503-844-8310
 Julie C Solomon  RNP                               Salem                   503-814-7246
 Matthew A Solomon  DO                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Magdolna M Solti  MD                               Vancouver               360-944-9889
 Lehel Somogyi  MD                                  Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Laurie E Sone  LPC                              DT Portland                503-222-4343
 Edward W Soo  MD                                NE Portland                503-239-7767
 Laurel C Soot  MD                               SW Portland                503-297-1351
 Jeffrey B Sosne  PhD                            SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Israel A Sostrin  PT                               Portland                503-234-1531
 Stephen R Southerland  MD                          Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Edward A Sparling  MD                              Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Jill A Speaker  MD                                 Vancouver               360-566-9355
 Eugene M Spear  MD                                 McMinnville             503-435-1200
 Brandi J Spence  MD                                McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Holly S Spence  CNM                             NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Kristine J Spencer  PT                             Wilsonville             503-682-7565
 Scott S Spencer  MD                             NW Portland                503-227-0671
 Matthew B Sperry  MD                               Hood River              541-386-5070
 Sara E Spettel Aliyar  MD                       SW Portland                503-297-1078
 Jessica A Spies  MD                                Tigard                  503-906-7300
 Anne M Spiliotis  OTR                           SW Beaverton               971-245-6663
 Stephanie J Spindler  PT                        NW Portland                503-466-2254
 Jillian E Spink  PT                                Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Alyssa M Sponhauer  RNP                            Hood River              541-386-6380
 Megan A Sporndli  PT                               Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Carol A Squyres  MD                             SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Lawrence G St Amand  OTR                        NW Beaverton               971-245-6663
 Julia B St Lawrence  CNM                           Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Jennifer N Stahl  MD                            N  Beaverton               503-672-6050
 Carol R Stampfer  RNP                           NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Blayne A Standage  MD                           NW Portland                503-226-4325
 Richard A Standiford  RSW                          St Helens               503-397-0741
 David A Staneck  MD                             NW McMinnville             503-435-2561
 Ann M Stanley  PT                                  Hood River              541-386-9511
 Christopher W Stanley  PT                          Keizer                  503-463-4221
 Gregory M Stanley  MD                              Hood River              541-296-2294
 Megan E Stanley  OTR                               Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Joseph P Stapleton  MD                             Happy Valley            503-775-6500
 Leslie E Stapp  DO                                 Clackamas               503-654-7546
 Thomas L Starbard  DO                              Portland                503-233-6940
 Greg E Starley  DO                                 Gresham                 503-674-1520
 Kathryn R Starr  MD                                Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Laura A Starrett  MD                               Hood River              541-386-0007
 Richard P Starrett  MD                             Hood River              541-386-0007
 Brian J Stater  MD                              SW Portland                503-935-8100
 Geoffrey S Staton  PT                           SE Happy Valley            503-353-1278
 Sallye L Stauber  RNP                           SE Portland                503-408-7040
 Debra L Staylor  OTR                               Tualatin                503-692-5210
 Beth A Stebbins  CNM                            N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Leslie M Steed  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Ryan D Steele  DO                                  Vancouver               360-487-2727
 Kelsey E Steinhorst  PT                            West Linn               503-387-5449
 Keith J Stelzer  MD                                The Dalles              541-296-7204
 James E Stempel  MD                             N  Portland                503-249-5454
 Joseph R Stenger  MD                            NW Portland                503-413-8407
 Matthew J Stenzel  MD                           NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jon S Stephan  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Allyson H Sterling  DO                             Silverton               503-873-5310
 Jennifer L Stevens  PT                             Sandy                   503-668-5321
 Jennifer R Stevens  RNP                         N  Silverton               503-873-5667
 Katherine A Stevens  OTR                           Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Kalena M Stevenson  PT                             Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Marguerite R Stewart  MD                           Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Maryanne F Stewart  MSW                            Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Timothy W Stewart  MD                           SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Kamela S Stilwell  MD                           SE Portland                503-255-3544
 Buffy Jo Stinchfield  PT                           Vancouver               360-253-4020
 Kara Stirling  MD                               N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Troy C Stoeber  MD                                 Oregon City             503-657-7629
 Margaret A Stoeckel  PhD                        SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Karen R Stokes  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Eric M Stoler  MD                                  Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Mark R Stone  MD                                   Hillsboro               503-640-3687
 Skyler A Stone  RNP                                Portland                503-666-6717
 Cathy W Stores  PT                              SE Happy Valley            503-353-1278
 Kelsie J Storm  MD                              N  Portland                503-276-9300
 Toni L Storm-Dickerson  MD                         Vancouver               360-944-9889
 Vasiliki D Stoumbos  MD                         NE Portland                503-231-0166
 Michael D Straiko  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-8202
 Molly J Strattan  CNM, RNP                         Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Rita A Stratton  MSW                               Gresham                 503-661-7733
 Wayne L Strauss  MD                             NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Rebecca K Street  PT                               The Dalles              541-296-3368
 Rachel ES Streu  MD                             SW Portland                503-646-0101
 Maya B Strom  RNP                               NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Paul K Stromberg  MD                               Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Andrea M Stroud  MD                             SE Portland                503-256-1575
 Christopher J Stuart  MD                           McMinnville             503-435-6440
 Carol G Stull  MD                               SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Cynthia A Sturm  PhD                            SW Portland                503-274-2416
 Ernest J Sturzinger  PT                            Canby                   503-263-6786
 Michael Chi-Wei Su  MD                          NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Sharon W Su  MD                                 N  Portland                503-413-3926
 Matthew T Sugalski  MD                             Milwaukie               503-659-1769
 Stanley M Sugarman  MD                             Vancouver               360-254-8025
 Gregory W Suits  MD                                Hillsboro               503-648-8971
 Shirin R Sukumar  MD                            NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Scot A Sullivan  MD                             DT Portland                503-223-8333
 Christine M Summers  PT                            McMinnville             503-434-9594
 Brian T Sundahl  PT                                Estacada                503-630-5314
 Varun Sundaram  MD                                 Gresham                 503-492-6510
 Paul E Sundstrom  EdD                              Tigard                  503-653-0631
 Ryne P Supplitt  PT                             SW Portland                503-244-0570
 James D Surface  PT                                Hillsboro               503-648-2441
 Gurvinder S Suri  MD                            NW Portland                503-235-5509
 Kimberly Ann Suriano  MD                        NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Jason R Surratt  DPM                               Hillsboro               503-245-2420
 Elisabeth A Susanka  MD                            Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Anne M Sutherland  MD                              Troutdale               503-669-6800
 Sohee Y Sutton  RNP                                Salem                   503-561-5170
 Natallia Suvorava  MD                              Vancouver               360-896-7070
 Aijiro P Suzuki  MD                                Hillsboro               503-681-1109
 Carol M Suzuki  MD                              NW Portland                503-274-9936
 Lori L Swain  CNM                               N  Keizer                  503-364-3787
 Neil A Swanson  MD                                 Clackamas               503-654-7546
 Vicki J Swanson  RNP                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Lee L Swanstrom  MD                             NW Portland                503-281-0561
 Kim R Swartz  MD                                NE Hillsboro               503-935-8445
 Katherine J Swearingin  MD                         Gresham                 503-491-0714
 Jack M Sweeney  DO                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Sean L Sweeney  DO                              N  Portland                503-282-7002
 Sherry L Sweeney  RNP                              Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Karen M Swift  PhD                                 Gresham                 503-666-4976
 Nora E Swinburne  RNP                           NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Eric E Swiridoff  MD                               Estacada                503-630-8550
 Erik K Szeto  DO                                SE Portland                503-239-5836
 Katherine M Tahamtan  PT                        SE Portland                503-254-3424
 Mohammed A Taher  MD                            NW Beaverton               503-672-6000
 Slater Tai  MD                                     Gladstone               503-659-5515
 Istvan Takacs  PT                               SE Portland                503-255-1500
 Joan M Takacs  DO                               SE Portland                503-234-1531
 John P Takacs  DO                               SE Portland                503-234-1531
 Jean M Takaesu  OTR                                Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Gary W Takahashi  MD                               Aloha                   503-203-1000
 Katherine C Talbert  LPC                           Hillsboro               503-352-0468
 Nora J Tallman  CNM                                Portland                503-734-3800
 Alys M Tamulinas  OTR                           SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Jessica A Tamura  PT                               Vancouver               360-253-4020
 Erica S Tan  PsyD                               SW Portland                503-231-7854
 Shevyll Arvie S Tan  MD                            Gresham                 503-674-1580
 Maria Y Tang  OTR                                  Newberg                 503-538-8952
 Julia (Julie) E Tank  MD                        NW Portland                503-229-7976
 Amy Jo S Tanous  PT                                Beaverton               503-644-3311
 Pamela A Tarrazona-Yu  MD                       N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Jody H Tate  MD                                    Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Robert L Tatsumi  MD                               Tualatin                503-828-1150
 E Ray Tatyrek  PhD                              SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Emmanuel T Tavan  MD                               Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Bert G Tavelli  MD                              NW Portland                503-295-2366
 Anan Tawil  MD                                     Salem                   503-371-4044
 Svetlana Taycher  DO                               Gresham                 503-661-3439
 Claudia P Taylor  MD                               Milwaukie               503-344-6643
 Derek C Taylor  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-7137
 Howard S Taylor  MD                                Gresham                 503-256-3034
 Jennifer M Taylor  RSW                             Portland                503-292-3577
 Scott J Taylor  PT                                 Tigard                  503-245-2420
 Julie E Teal  OTR                                  Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Ronald L Teed  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-681-9676
 Mallik N Tella  MD                              SE Portland                503-261-6961
 Susan K Temme  OTR                                 Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Mark A Terry  MD                                NW Portland                503-413-8202
 Michael M Terry  PsyD                              Gladstone               503-659-5515
 Michael H Tewfik  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Hemangini J Thakar  MD                          N  Portland                503-413-4992
 Aristomenis Thanos  MD                          NW Portland                503-413-7022
 Marie A Theard  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Mary Lynn Theel  MD                                Beaverton               503-906-7481
 John D Thickins  PsyD                              West Linn               503-653-0631
 Jon K Thiringer  DO                                Hillsboro               503-648-8971
 Alan C Thom  DO                                    Happy Valley            503-239-7030
 Carrie A Thomas  OTR                            N  Portland                503-413-4505
 James P Thomas  MD                              NW Portland                503-478-1845
 Kristen L Thomas  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-4488
 Larry R Thomas  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-8455
 Mark K Thomas  MD                                  McMinnville             503-435-4520
 Martha C Thomas  RNP                               Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Paul N Thomas  MD                               SW Portland                503-643-2100
 Charles R Thomas Jr.  MD                           Aloha                   503-203-1000
 Curtis T Thompson  MD                              Tigard                  503-906-7300
 Erin M Thompson  MD                                McMinnville             503-434-6060
 Mollie E Thompson  MD                           SW Portland                503-297-3384
 Kimberly A Thomson  MSW                            Hood River              541-386-6380
 Craig E Thornton  MD                               McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Robert D Thornton  MD                              Vancouver               360-574-2900
 David A Thorsett  MD                            N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 Timothy C Thunder  MD                           DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Amy L Thwing  PT                                   Portland                503-466-2254
 Justin A Tidwell  DPM                              Beaverton               503-413-2005
 Steven G Tillett  DPM                           SW Portland                503-246-2212
 Frances T Ting  MD                              SE Portland                503-256-1575
 Holly N Tipp  PT                                   Canby                   503-263-6786
 Mary M Tippin  CNM                              N  Keizer                  503-364-3787
 Paul S Tlucek  MD                               NW Portland                503-274-2121
 Kathryn A Todd  MD                                 Aloha                   503-649-3213
 Samantha K.D. Todd  PT                             Hood River              541-386-9735
 Nicole A Todisco  PT                               Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Kristin L Tognetti  PT                             Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Blaine E Tolby  MD, PhD                            Longview                360-577-1771
 Debbie Tomasovic  LMFT                             Vancouver               360-281-6824
 Cassandra B Tomczak  DPM                        N  Portland                503-249-0719
 Smita Tomkoria  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Mark W Tomlinson  MD                            SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Cynthia L Tortorelli  MD                           Beaverton               503-372-1800
 Jennifer LR Tostenrud  PT                          Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Robert P Tostenrud  MD                          NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jessica D Townsend  RNP                            Portland                503-292-3577
 Brian S Trafficante  MD                         DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Angela L Tramelli  RNP                             McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Hung D Tran  MD                                    Salem                   503-585-7454
 Susan H Tran  MD                                   Salem                   503-814-4600
 Pauline A Tran-Garcia  PT                          Hillsboro               503-844-9294
 Christina A Trautman  PT                           Vancouver               360-571-2195
 Suzanne M Trebnick  PT                          NW Portland                503-726-8880
 Lawrence S Tremaine  DO                            West Linn               503-655-3320
 Daniel L Trimberger II  MD                         Tigard                  503-692-8700
 Robby L Trimbo  PT                                 Ridgefield              360-253-4020
 Thomas T Trinh  MD                                 Lake Oswego             503-675-7495
 Ajay Tripuraneni  MD                            N  Portland                503-413-7162
 Rebekah A Trochmann  MD                            Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Ashlie A.R. Tronnes  MD                         SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Christin E Trost  CNM                           N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Barbara T Troxel  RNP                              Happy Valley            503-775-6500
 Dung (Steve) X Truong  MD                          Keizer                  503-561-5976
 Laura Truong  PT                                   Canby                   503-263-6786
 Clifford K Tsai  MD                                Hillsboro               503-681-1892
 Stefanie L Tschoeke  PT                            Oregon City             503-655-4877
 Holly I.F. Tse  MD                              NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Andrew C Tsen  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-226-6321
 Daniel M Tseng  MD                                 Portland                503-914-0024
 Paul C Tseng  MD                                   Beaverton               503-413-8654
 Warren S Tubbs  MD                                 Beaverton               503-372-1800
 Anna M Tubman  MD                                  Oregon City             503-659-4988
 Keiran K Tuck  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-6166
 Eric K Turner  MD                               N  Keizer                  503-779-2271
 James F Tycast  MD                                 McMinnville             503-435-2561
 Sarah A Tycast  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Theresa S Uchison  PsyD                            Portland                503-261-1171
 Kathleen A Ugolini  PhD                            Beaverton               503-629-2131
 Nathan F.E. Ullrich  MD                            Hood River              541-308-1010
 Mary Ellen Ulmer  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Todd W Ulmer  MD                                SE Portland                503-253-1223
 Robert C Umberhandt  MD                            Beaverton               503-413-4488
 Yasuyo D Umene  MD                              DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Audrey C Unrau  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Richa Uppal  MD                                 DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Matthew C Upshaw  DO                               Gresham                 503-665-9144
 Daniel J Urbach  MD                             N  Portland                503-413-4134
 Lindsay D Urbinelli  MD                         N  Portland                503-280-3418
 Mario A Urdaneta-Moncada  PT                    SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Andrew J Uri  MD                                SE Portland                503-253-2248
 Steven M Urman  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-5737
 Donna D S Urstadt  MD                              Hillsboro               503-681-1147
 Julian J Uselman  DO                            N  Silverton               503-873-5667
 Kristine Y Uyesugi  MD                             Oregon City             503-657-2980
 Belen N Vala-Haynes  PT                            Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Jonathan J Valen  MD                               Beaverton               503-567-3260
 Anne M Valente  MD                                 Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Timothy P Valenti  PT                              Portland                503-774-3585
 Donald A Valerio  MD                            SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Kristin S Valerius  PhD                            West Linn               503-653-0631
 Prashanth Vallabhanath  MD                      NW Portland                503-227-2020
 Ronald U Vallejo  MD                               Tigard                  503-293-0161
 Cristian Vallejos  MD                              Hillsboro               503-297-8081
 Luis A Valls Jr.  MD                            NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Michael R Van Allen  MD                            Tualatin                503-692-8907
 Rachel E Van Dusen  MD                             Astoria                 503-338-4670
 Nathalie I.M. Van Havre  MD                     NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Anthony Van Ho  MD                              N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Laura E Van Houten  MD                          NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Erik J Van Kleek  MD                               Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Mackenzie I Van Loo  PT                            McMinnville             503-434-9594
 Peter K Van Patten  MD                             McMinnville             503-435-4520
 Christopher S Van Tilburg  MD                      Hood River              541-387-6383
 Jennifer VanDuker  LPC                          N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Carmen L Vance  RNP                                The Dalles              541-506-6530
 Chardonnay J Vance  MD                             Stevenson               509-427-4212
 Corey J Vande Zandschulp  MD                    N  Lake Oswego             503-850-9940
 Nicole M.J. Vanderheyden  MD                       Salem                   503-561-2448
 Penny L Vanderveer  MD                             Salem                   503-561-5350
 Amanda G Vandlac  MD                               Oregon City             503-488-2323
 Mya N Vardi  MA                                    Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Adrian E Varela  MD                                Milwaukie               503-513-8693
 Jennine M Varhola  DO                           NE Portland                503-935-8445
 Brandi L Vasquez  MD                               Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Devita M Vaughan  PT                               McMinnville             503-434-9594
 Anna C Vaughn  PT                                  Hood River              541-386-1211
 Jaime A Vazquez  MD                                Vancouver               360-906-1190
 Kristin A Venderbush  RNP                       SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Srividya Venigalla  MD                             Tualatin                503-692-7785
 Sommer D Verley  RNP                            NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Stephanie R Verlinden-Scedny  PsyD              SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Elizabeth A Verner-Cole  MD                        Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Jennelle A Vernier  MSW                            Sandy                   503-668-8002
 Michael B Vessely  MD                              McMinnville             503-435-4520
 Michelle B Vessely  MD                             Lake Oswego             503-699-0337
 Anne F Vestergaard  MD                          NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Eduardo A Vides  MD                             NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Jason J Vila  PT                                   Clackamas               503-305-6129
 Sandra A Vilhauer  MD                              Hillsboro               503-690-0707
 Jean A Villagrana-Gutierrez  PT                    Canby                   503-651-2020
 Diana L Villanueva  MD                             Salem                   503-561-5554
 Jessica L Vincent  PA                              Tigard                  503-620-5556
 Steven J Vincent  PsyD                             Hillsboro               503-439-9531
 Jordan N Visser  PT                                McMinnville             503-435-1900
 David M Vitello  RNP                               Clackamas               503-353-1272
 Susan M Vockert-Burke  RNP                      NE Portland                503-288-0083
 Jessica L Voge  MD                              NW Portland                503-229-7353
 Daryl G Vogel  MD                                  Salem                   503-561-5350
 Stephen P Vogt  MD                                 Hood River              541-387-6125
 Susan P Vogt  PT                                   Clackamas               503-656-0139
 Chad C Volk  PT                                 DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Janice I Volkin  PhD                            SW Portland                503-705-1032
 David Volkov  MD                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Pamela D Voltz  PA                                 Portland                503-281-0561
 Birgitta Von Schlumperger  PhD                  SW Portland                503-226-0828
 Erich D Vorlop  MD                              N  Portland                503-282-5559
 Luke J Voytas  MD                                  Vancouver               360-892-1635
 Lee E Vranna  MD                                   Salem                   503-814-7246
 Pam W Vredevelt  MA                                Gresham                 503-661-7733
 Patricia D Vrooman  RNP                         N  Portland                503-276-9300
 Kim-Chi Vu  MD                                  SW Beaverton               503-601-2910
 Jacqueline Vuky  MD                                Aloha                   503-203-1000
 Adam C Wachter  PT                                 Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Rachel J Wachter  PT                               Tualatin                503-692-4934
 David C Wade  PsyD                                 Hood River              541-386-2998
 Brian D Wadley  MD                                 Tualatin                503-692-5737
 John G Wadsworth  MSW                           SW Portland                503-478-0667
 Mark B Wagner  MD                                  Tigard                  503-639-6002
 Ross G Wagner  MD                                  Vancouver               360-828-5396
 Monica M Wahls  RNP                             DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Juliette L Wait  MD                                Newberg                 503-297-3778
 Shannon R Wakem  OTR                               West Linn               503-266-4263
 James R Waldman  MD                             NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Kathleen A Waldorf  MD                          SW Portland                503-646-0101
 Kyla J Walish  PT                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-0844
 Annette Gilmore Walker  MSW                        Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Dean S Walker  MD                               NW Portland                503-299-9906
 James G Walker  MD                              N  Silverton               503-873-5667
 Jamey L Walker  MD                              N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Erin E Wall  PT                                    Hillsboro               503-549-9090
 Meghan E Wallace  RNP                              Hillsboro               503-640-3724
 Priscilla J Wallace  MD                            Beaverton               503-372-1800
 Herschel D Wallen  MD                              Hood River              503-215-5696
 Kelsey B Wallin  PT                                West Linn               503-387-5449
 Kristin L.R. Wallis  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Bryan D Walls  DO                               SE Portland                503-963-9181
 Bart J Walsh  MSW                                  Portland                503-249-8851
 Jessica M Walsh  CNM                               Salem                   503-814-4480
 Matthew J Walsh  PT                             NE Portland                503-283-8133
 Sarah A Walter  MD                              NW Gresham                 503-674-1129
 W Todd Walton  PT                                  Tigard                  503-639-2118
 Ajay Wanchu  MD                                 SE Portland                503-261-6912
 Amy Wang  MD                                    SW Portland                503-297-8081
 Anne H Wang  MD                                    Milwaukie               503-513-8950
 Jian-Sheng Wang  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Jianzhou Wang  MD                               NW Portland                503-413-8190
 Jillian J Wang  MD                              NW Portland                503-227-2020
 Gary A Ward  MD                                 NW Portland                503-413-6294
 Jeanine K Ward  OTR                                Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Robert Francis Warda  MD                        SE Portland                503-255-2186
 Dawn N Warddrip  RNP                               Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Jane A Ware  MD                                    Portland                503-525-7550
 Katherine L Wargo  MSW                          N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Damon A Warhus  MD                              SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Jean H Waring  RNP                              N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Clinton L Warne  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Trent B Warren  MD                                 Canby                   503-266-5127
 Frank M Warren III  MD                          SW Portland                503-935-8100
 Tessa T Waterbury Wallace  MSW                     Stevenson               509-427-4212
 James E Watkins  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Randy D Watson  MD                                 Hillsboro               503-640-1614
 Lindsey N Waugh  MD                             NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Theresa O Wear  RNP                             NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Cynthia S Weaver  RNP                              Happy Valley            503-775-6500
 Mark L Weaver  PT                                  Estacada                503-630-5314
 Charles W Webb  DO                                 Beaverton               503-413-4488
 James M Webb  DO                                   Gresham                 503-665-8176
 Bruce R Webber  MD                              SW Portland                503-488-2344
 Kasey M Webber  PT                                 Hood River              541-386-9511
 Charles H Weber  MD                                Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Sara M Weber  RNP                                  Portland                503-413-7074
 James D Webster  PT                                Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Molly F Weeber  CNM                             SW Portland                503-292-3577
 Roger S Wegley  PT                                 Hillsboro               503-649-9090
 Monica C Wehby  MD                              N  Portland                503-413-3690
 Anthony S Wei  MD                                  Portland                503-732-6863
 Kevin S Wei  MD                                    Goldendale              541-506-6530
 Shao-Hwa P Wei  DO                              N  Portland                503-413-6166
 Beau C Weill  MD                                   Beaverton               503-531-3434
 Molly M Weinbender  PT                             McMinnville             503-435-1900
 David S Weingarten  MD                             Beaverton               503-415-4060
 Anne M Weinsoft  MD                                Portland                503-413-7074
 Danielle C Weinstein  RNP                          Tualatin                503-692-1242
 Mayer Howard Weinstein  MD                      DT Portland                503-223-6360
 Ralph E Weinstein  MD                           N  Portland                503-280-1223
 Ira M Weintraub  MD                             NW Portland                503-224-8399
 Leslie K Weisner  LMFT                          N  Portland                503-249-8851
 Jessica W Weiss  MD                                The Dalles              541-506-6920
 Nicole B Weksler  MD                               Portland                503-525-7550
 Stephen B Weldon  MD                               McMinnville             503-435-6440
 David M Wellikoff  DPM                             McMinnville             503-472-3341
 Ryan P Wellington  OTR                             Hillsboro               503-648-8449
 Jason C Wells  MD                               NE Portland                503-963-3030
 Deborah A Welte  RNP                               Hillsboro               503-640-2757
 Amanda M Welter  PT                                Beaverton               503-646-0161
 Sally J Wentross  MD                            SW Portland                503-734-3700
 Jeffrey J Weprin  MD                               Hillsboro               503-297-8081
 Camas C Weraky  PT                                 Salem                   503-585-4824
 Amy E Werner  PT                                DT Portland                503-227-7774
 Karen J Wesenberg  MD                              Gresham                 503-413-5702
 Lynn A West  RNP                                   Salem                   503-814-4400
 Beth K Westbrook  PsyD                             Portland                503-222-4031
 Gina L Westhoff  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-8654
 Brian D Wetzel  RNP                             NW Portland                503-413-8090
 Glenn D Weybright  MS                              Lake Oswego             503-419-4941
 Katherine L Weyer  MD                              Oregon City             503-657-1071
 Molly K Wheatley  PA                               St Helens               503-397-0741
 David T Wheeler  MD                                Tigard                  503-635-4436
 Kim L Whitaker  MD                                 The Dalles              541-506-6920
 Andrew W White  PhD                             SE Portland                503-459-8866
 Deborah L White  PhD                               Oregon City             503-657-7235
 Kevin P White  MD                               SW Portland                503-418-3376
 Miriam K White-Pedeaux  OTR                        Tualatin                503-692-1670
 Mark H Whiteford  MD                            NW Portland                503-281-0561
 Guy Whitehead III  MD                              Molalla                 503-829-2273
 Emily P Whitfield  MD                           N  Portland                503-281-5139
 Kenneth A Whittaker  MD                            Newberg                 503-554-0036
 Karli Whittam  MD                                  Vancouver               360-260-2773
 Donna C Wicher  PhD                                Beaverton               503-690-9006
 Sarah K Wickenhagen  RNP                           Salem                   503-561-5554
 Linda C Widing  DO                                 Camas                   360-838-2440
 Don R Wiesner  MD                               NE Portland                503-358-1121
 John W Wiest  MD                                SW Portland                503-292-0070
 Lee A Wilcox  MD                                   Vancouver               360-282-5396
 Kathleen J Wilder  MD                              The Dalles              541-296-5657
 John H Wilkins  MD                              SW Portland                503-228-6681
 Katrina J Wilkins  PT                              Portland                503-236-3837
 Nicholas R Wilkins  PT                             Hillsboro               503-844-9294
 Rachel T Wilkinson  PT                             West Linn               503-387-5449
 John D Willer  DO                                  Hood River              541-386-2402
 Metta E.K. Willey  MD                              Gresham                 503-667-8878
 Diane H Williams  DO                            SW Portland                503-297-8081
 John B Williams  MD                                McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Karen R Williams  MD                               Vancouver               360-896-6944
 Lara J Williams  MD                             NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Meredith K Williams  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-3660
 Fred C Williams Jr.  MD                            Hillsboro               503-844-8219
 Dawn Williamson  MSW                               Dundee                  503-537-3927
 Megan L Wilson  RNP                             NW Gresham                 503-666-5050
 Michael E Wilson  DO                               Clackamas               503-659-4988
 Michael R Wilson  DO                            NW Portland                503-413-6294
 Paul I Wilson  PT                                  Forest Grove            503-357-9810
 Peter F Wilson  PsyD                               Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Robert J Wilson  MD                                Tigard                  503-639-6002
 Serena B Wilson  RNP                               Astoria                 503-338-4050
 Tamara J Wilson  CNM                               Salem                   503-514-4480
 Webb C Wilson  DO                                  Salem                   503-561-5554
 Corrine L Wilson-Baurick  LPC                   NE Portland                503-734-3800
 Kirstie L Wilson-Panum  MD                      NE Portland                503-284-5220
 Elizabeth M Windell  DO                            Salem                   503-561-2448
 Jon M Winjum  MD                                   Oregon City             503-656-1484
 William H Winkler  PhD                          DT Portland                503-243-3376
 Paul R Winn  RNP                                N  Portland                503-413-7162
 Sarah S.L. Winslow  MD                             Vancouver               360-896-6944
 William E Winter III  MD                           Beaverton               503-413-8654
 Liette C Witherrite  MD                            Stevenson               509-427-4212
 Troy R Witherrite  MD                              Stevenson               509-427-4212
 Casey F Wixson  PsyD                            SW Portland                503-452-8002
 Rachel A Wixson  RNP                               Salem                   503-814-2483
 Roger J Wobig  MD                                  Gresham                 503-465-5461
 Jeffrey M Woldrich  MD                          NE Portland                503-233-6940
 Kerri A Wolf  PT                                   Portland                503-774-3585
 Robert M Wolf  MD                                  Salem                   503-814-4400
 Jeffry K Wolfe  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Anthony J Wolff  PT                             NW Portland                503-413-7557
 Katalin Wolford  MD                                Vancouver               360-254-8025
 Theodore Scott Woll  MD                            Lake Oswego             360-254-6161
 Kimberly A Wollmuth  MD                         SW Portland                503-297-3371
 Regina Won  MD                                     Gresham                 503-674-1848
 Gay Wong  RNP                                   N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 Kirk L Wong  MD                                 N  Portland                503-732-6863
 Sharon E Wong  MD                               SE Portland                503-256-1470
 Stacy K Wong  PT                                   Vancouver               360-487-1777
 Julia A Wong-Ngan  PhD                          SW Portland                503-242-0490
 Allan W Wood  MSW                                  Beaverton               503-626-9494
 Charles M Wood  MD                              NE Portland                503-249-8787
 Emily K Wood  PT                                   McMinnville             503-434-9594
 Lena S.H. Wood  CNM                             NE Portland                503-239-6800
 Tracy M Woodson  PT                                Hood River              541-386-9511
 Zibing J Woodward  MD                              Newberg                 503-692-3750
 Kenten D Woolhiser  MD                             Salem                   503-814-6387
 Charles Todd Woolley  MD                        NW Portland                503-274-4865
 Steven C Woolpert  LPC                             The Dalles              541-296-9151
 Carol J Workman  MD                                Vancouver               360-253-7666
 Laura D Works  RNP                                 Oak Grove               503-654-6567
 Tamara M Wostal  RNP                            SE Portland                503-666-6717
 Katie E Wright  CNM                             N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Kelsy A.F. Wright  PT                              Oregon City             503-655-4877
 Angela Y Wu  PT                                    Newberg                 503-538-8952
 David E Wu  MD                                     Beaverton               503-413-7162
 Debbie C Wu  MD                                    Salem                   503-561-5350
 Joanne Wu  MD                                      Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 June K Wu  MD                                      Gresham                 503-661-4200
 Kar-Yee Wu  MD                                     Lake Oswego             503-635-2496
 Kenneth R Wu  MD                                   Longview                360-577-1771
 Lydia C Wukasch  OTR                            SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Solange M Wyatt  MD                                Salem                   503-814-4600
 Jennifer L Wynn  RNP                               Portland                360-254-6161
 Weiya Z Wysham  MD                                 Beaverton               503-413-8654
 Dong Xiang  MD                                     The Dalles              541-296-7585
 Melvin H Yamase  MD                                Canby                   503-723-4660
 Melissa S.W. Yamauchi  MD                       N  Portland                503-280-3418
 Caroline Yi Yang  MD                               Lake Oswego             503-699-0337
 John P Yang  MD                                 N  Keizer                  503-364-3787
 Rui Yang  MD                                       Portland                503-239-7030
 Bernard Edward Yanke  DO                           Gresham                 503-667-4545
 James F.M. Yanney  MD, DDS                         West Linn               503-722-4377
 Ralph A Yates  DO                                  Salem                   503-814-4400
 Stephen T Yau  MD                               SW Portland                503-297-3778
 Juliana C Yavorsky  PT                          SW Portland                503-244-0570
 Matthew J Yavorsky  PT                             West Linn               503-387-5449
 Kevin W.H. Yee  MD                                 Beaverton               503-203-1000
 Julie E Yeggy  MD                               N  Portland                503-413-4340
 Frank Yeh  MD                                      Vancouver               360-576-5060
 Hsu-Hung Yeh  PT                                   Keizer                  503-463-4221
 Susan Yeh  MD                                   SW Portland                503-452-0915
 Nancy Yen Shipley  MD                           NE Portland                503-231-1426
 Alan S Yeo  MD                                     Milwaukie               503-786-1711
 Christopher G Yheulon  MD                       N  Keizer                  503-873-5310
 Eun J Yi  MD                                    NW Portland                503-413-7513
 Sevket Yigit  MD                                N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Jonathan Yoken  MD                              NW Happy Valley            503-783-3300
 Eden Yoon  MD                                      Vancouver               360-696-4691
 Jerry J Yoon  DPM                                  Lake Oswego             503-636-9656
 Brenda L York  CNM                              NW Portland                503-416-9922
 Douglas G York  MD                              SW Portland                503-297-1351
 Debbie A Yoro  MSW                              NW Beaverton               503-672-6000
 Jenna C Yots  MS                                SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Gerald D Youker  MD                             SE Portland                503-256-4096
 Aaron L Young  MD                                  The Dalles              360-667-3065
 Ashleigh L Young  PT                               Keizer                  503-463-4221
 Brandon J Young  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-8988
 Jeffrey W Young  DO                                Oregon City             503-656-1484
 Robert C Young  MD                                 Tigard                  503-598-2000
 Edward T Ysunza IV  DPM                         NW Portland                503-413-4340
 Julie S Yu  MD                                     Tigard                  503-635-4436
 Maggie K Yu  MD                                    Sherwood                503-625-2848
 Megan M Zaander  MD                                Lake Oswego             503-908-1646
 Katherine A Zackin  RNP                            Clackamas               503-659-1694
 Hope A Zak  RNP                                    Astoria                 503-338-4050
 Philip B Zald  MD                                  McMinnville             503-434-1110
 Joanna M Zamora  MD                                McMinnville             503-472-6161
 Beata M Zanone  MD                              NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Christopher S Zarella  MD                       N  Portland                503-413-1600
 Craig F Zarling  MD                             NW Portland                503-228-5909
 Heather A.N. Zarour  MD                            Tualatin                503-692-5650
 Maria D.R.T. Zarraga  MD                        NW Portland                503-413-7074
 Eleanor Zawada  MD                              N  Woodburn                503-982-2174
 John S Zdor  PT                                    Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Henry Daniel Zegzula  MD                           Portland                503-292-9200
 John A Zeier  RNP                                  Vancouver               360-695-1334
 John R Zelko  MD                                NW Portland                503-281-0561
 Amber J Zendner  MD                             NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Mary E Zenorini  MSW                               Hood River              541-386-6380
 Juan Zhai  MD                                   NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Pan Zhang  PT                                      Battle Ground           360-723-0797
 Yufei Zhang  MD                                    Milwaukie               503-659-4988
 Zachary Zhang  MD                                  Wilsonville             503-612-0498
 Jason Y Zhao  PT                                SE Clackamas               503-659-9155
 Xi (Emily) Zheng  MD                               Salem                   503-814-4400
 Weimin Zhong  MD                                NW Portland                503-299-9906
 Amy L.R. Zhu  MD                                   Milwaukie               503-488-2323
 Tao Y Zhu  MD                                   NW Portland                503-413-8090
 Anne L Ziemba  CNM                                 McMinnville             503-474-1148
 Tricia A Zigrang  PhD                           DT Portland                503-227-5122
 Michael A Zimmerman  MD                            West Linn               503-655-3320
 Michele A Zimmerman Pike  CNM                   N  Portland                503-413-4500
 Richard A Zinke  MD                                Portland                503-280-1223
 Deryk M Zinser  DO                                 Estacada                503-630-8550
 Garrett K Zoeller  MD                           N  Portland                503-413-3690
 Jaroslava Zoubek  MD                            DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Laurel R Zuberi  RNP                            NW Portland                503-297-3336
 Gregory D Zuck  MD                                 Stevenson               509-427-4212
 Ehud I Zusman  MD                               DT Portland                503-221-0161
 Karen A Zwickert  RNP                           SW Portland                503-292-0765
 Abigail L van Amerongen  PT                        Vancouver               360-254-6161
 Simone L van Swam  MD                           SW Portland                503-292-3577