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Behavioral Health Providers as of 02/01/2023
Providers are contracted MCO providers only at Practice Locations listed in the Directory. Alphabetical Listing shows only one contracted Practice Location per city for each Provider. Look Provider up by name [search by Physician Last Name] to verify if Provider has other contracted locations in the same city (example: 2 locations in Portland). * Indicates practice is closed to new patients.

 NAME                                               LOCATION                PHONE           NOTE                  

* * * * Lic. Professional Counselor * * * *
Stephen J Comella LPC N Woodburn 503-982-2174 Kathy L Lefor LPC Beaverton 971-322-8672 Ryan A Lehotay LPC N Silverton 971-983-5214 Ryan A Lehotay LPC Woodburn 971-983-5214 Katherine F O'Leary LPC SW Vancouver 360-828-8912 Kerkula J.T Pehlke LPC The Dalles 541-296-9151 Darcy F Shearer LPC Keizer 971-983-5214 Darcy F Shearer LPC N Woodburn 971-982-5214
* * * * Neuro-psychiatry * * * *
Jill K Baird MD Vancouver 360-487-4707 Christopher J Ginocchio MD NW Gresham 503-674-1848 Christopher J Ginocchio MD NW Portland 503-413-6166 Christopher J Ginocchio MD Vancouver 360-487-4707 Candice Kam MD Vancouver 503-413-8407 Lawrence H Neville MD NW Gresham 503-674-1848 Lawrence H Neville MD NW Portland 503-413-6166 Lawrence H Neville MD N Tualatin 503-413-6166 Lawrence H Neville MD Vancouver 360-487-4707 Deborah R Syna MD N Portland 503-413-6166 Stewart A Weber MD N Portland 503-413-2200 Leena Youssefian-Halleran MD NW Portland 503-413-6166
* * * * Neuro-psychology * * * *
Laurence M Binder PhD Beaverton 503-626-5246 Laura Renteria PhD Beaverton 971-330-7352
* * * * Psych Mental Health Nurse Prac * * * *
Stacy M Anderson RNP N Woodburn 503-982-2174 Russell T Huffman RNP Salem 503-363-8047 Danielle L Maier RNP N Portland 503-413-4134 Danielle L Maier RNP N Woodburn 503-982-2174 Ryan A Tateishi RNP Salem 503-814-3343 Julie A TenBrook RNP NW Portland 503-413-8938 Julie A TenBrook RNP Vancouver 503-413-8938
* * * * Psychiatry * * * *
Pedro A Bauza Feliciano MD NW Gresham 503-413-8938 Pedro A Bauza Feliciano MD NW Portland 503-413-8938 Pedro A Bauza Feliciano MD Tualatin 503-413-8938 Pedro A Bauza Feliciano MD Vancouver 503-413-8938 Scott R Christensen MD N Portland 503-413-8000 Karina R Espana MD N Portland 503-413-8000 James A Farley MD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Dmitriy Gonikman DO N Portland 503-413-8000 Kimberly A Humann MD The Dalles 541-296-9151 Alex K Jenkins MD N Portland 503-413-8000 Jennifer A Leong MD N Portland 503-413-8000 Jeffrey M Levine MD NW Portland 971-983-5214 Jeffrey M Levine MD N Woodburn 503-982-2174 Judith T Marcus MD Vancouver 360-260-2773 Rachel C Morenz MD The Dalles 541-296-9151 Kofoworola I Ojo MD NW Gresham 503-413-8938 Kofoworola I Ojo MD NW Portland 503-413-8938 Kofoworola I Ojo MD Tualatin 503-413-8938 Kofoworola I Ojo MD Vancouver 503-413-8938 Kamalika Roy MD N Portland 503-413-8000 Mayer Howard Weinstein MD DT Portland 503-223-6360 Robert M Wolf MD Salem 503-814-4400
* * * * Psychology * * * *
Dorothy J Anderson PhD Salem 503-391-5666 Teresa M Andreoli PsyD Beaverton 503-684-7246 Andrew G Barnes PhD Beaverton 503-684-7246 Steven E Besing PhD Salem 503-561-5986 Laurence M Binder PhD Beaverton 503-626-5246 Jessica L Binkley PsyD Beaverton 503-646-0161 William A Blakey PhD Gladstone 503-659-5515 Gregory A Cole PhD McMinnville 503-472-5225 Frank P Colistro EdD NE Portland 503-281-2878 Stephanie M Conn PhD Beaverton 971-250-1519 Rychel R Cor PsyD NW Portland 503-413-8988 Thomas E Deshler PhD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Cecilia M Dominguez PsyD Vancouver 360-487-2700 Michelle L Dykstra PhD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Elaine F Greif PhD NW Portland 503-260-7275 Frederick D Grossman PhD SE Clackamas 503-505-7227 Frederick D Grossman PhD SW Portland 503-505-7227 Soriah N Hamide PsyD Beaverton 503-415-4060 Sherry L Harden PsyD Beaverton 503-533-9806 Carol J Hendrix PhD Salem 503-585-3644 Robert H Jones PhD Salem 503-399-7092 Jack M Litman PhD Vancouver 360-253-6425 Jonathan James Lundy PhD SE Portland 971-678-3941 Joy Mauldin PsyD McMinnville 503-472-4197 Kristen L McClard PsyD SE Portland 503-754-1228 Tara M McGarry PsyD N Keizer 503-779-2271 Pamela G Miller PhD The Dalles 541-298-3294 Justin T Neiman Westbrook PhD NW Portland 503-413-4340 Kellie S Oosterbaan PsyD Hood River 541-386-6070 Harold (Hank) B Robb III PhD Lake Oswego 503-635-2489 Susan G Rosenzweig PsyD NW Portland 503-206-8337 BJ Scott PsyD NW Portland 503-413-3714 Michael R Shrifter PsyD Portland 503-620-7358 Murl L Silvey PsyD Sandy 503-668-5494 Erica S Tan PsyD SW Portland 503-231-7854 E Ray Tatyrek PhD SW Portland 503-292-0765 E Ray Tatyrek PhD West Linn 503-512-1219 Haley G Trontel PhD Portland 503-620-7358 Andrew W White PhD SW Portland 503-231-7854 Deborah L White PhD Oregon City 503-657-7235 William H Winkler PhD DT Portland 503-243-3376 Julia A Wong-Ngan PhD SW Portland 503-242-0490 Patricia G Zeisler PsyD Portland 503-292-0765 Patricia G Zeisler PsyD SW Vancouver 503-292-0765 Tricia A Zigrang PhD DT Portland 503-880-2320
* * * * Social Worker * * * *
Agnes M Abel MSW Forest Grove 503-357-0206 Allison M Alexander RSW St Helens 503-397-0471 Angela Aurit RSW Hood River 541-386-9500 Chelsea Barbour RSW N Portland 503-413-4500 Chelsea Barbour RSW St Helens 888-784-2505 Sandra E Bartholomew MSW The Dalles 541-298-8227 Jennifer S Booth RSW NW Portland 503-414-5160 Kaysey J Crump MSW Gresham 503-665-8176 Jeannette R Dezsofi MSW Vancouver 360-695-7588 Colleen B Freeman RSW SE Clackamas 503-659-0880 Abigail J Griffith MSW Portland 503-255-2186 Abigail J Griffith MSW Troutdale 503-669-6800 Wayne T Halle RSW Salem 503-814-4400 Jessie L Higgins MSW Astoria 503-338-4675 Jessie L Higgins MSW Warrenton 503-338-4500 Jolie C Lucas MSW Hood River 541-386-1233 Margaret L Mahlik RSW Damascus 503-658-5521 Amy S Marshall MSW The Dalles 541-296-6364 Terra F Marzano MS Wheeler 503-368-5182 Rodney D McDowell MSW The Dalles 541-296-9151 Miranda A Meng RSW Canby 503-525-7600 Miranda A Meng MSW Mount Angel 971-983-5214 Miranda A Meng MSW N Silverton 971-983-5214 Miranda A Meng RSW West Linn 503-655-3320 Miranda A Meng MSW N Woodburn 503-982-2174 Amy S Mild MSW NW Portland 503-413-7074 Gilbert E Nicholson-Nelson MSW N Mount Angel 971-983-5214 Gilbert E Nicholson-Nelson MSW Woodburn 971-983-5214 Stephanie N Nickson RSW Keizer 971-983-5214 Stephanie N Nickson RSW N Woodburn 971-982-5214 Rebecca L Niemeyer RSW Mount Angel 503-845-2000 Rebecca L Niemeyer RSW N Silverton 503-873-5667 Nancy M Oswald MSW NW Portland 503-413-7513 Jack L Otterstrom MSW N Mount Angel 503-845-2000 Jack L Otterstrom MSW Silverton 971-983-5214 Timothy J Peters MSW Portland 503-752-5823 Tammy L Ray MSW Warrenton 503-338-4500 Christina L Rodriguez MSW N Woodburn 971-983-5214 Jessica R Russo MSW Hood River 541-386-9500 Jessica R Russo MSW The Dalles 541-386-9500 Chelsea M Saettone MSW DT Portland 503-221-0161 Ricardo Sanchez MSW Mount Angel 503-845-2000 Ricardo Sanchez MSW N Woodburn 503-982-2174 Julie H Smith RSW NW Portland 503-413-7513 Ellen M Standefer RSW Vancouver 360-487-2700 Joanne T Stowell RSW Tualatin 503-692-7785 Kimberly A Thomson MSW Stevenson 509-427-4212 Kimberly A Thomson MSW White Salmon 509-493-2133 Chloe B Vaughn RSW Gresham 503-413-6862 Chloe B Vaughn RSW Portland 503-413-6862 John G Wadsworth MSW SW Portland 503-478-0667 Tessa T Waterbury Wallace MSW Stevenson 509-427-4212 Tessa T Waterbury Wallace MSW White Salmon 509-493-2133 Dawn Williamson MSW Dundee 503-537-3927