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Caremark Comp MCO Directory

Primary Care Physicians as of 05/29/2023
Providers are contracted MCO providers only at Practice Locations listed in the Directory. Alphabetical Listing shows only one contracted Practice Location per city for each Provider. Look Provider up by name [search by Physician Last Name] to verify if Provider has other contracted locations in the same city (example: 2 locations in Portland). * Indicates practice is closed to new patients.

 NAME                                               LOCATION                PHONE           NOTE                  
------------------------------                     ---------------         ------------    ----------------------
 Heidi M Abreu Pacheco  MD                       N  Keizer                  503-779-2271                          
 Heidi M Abreu Pacheco  MD                          Mount Angel             503-845-2000                          
 Ayesha Akhter  MD                                  Vancouver               503-413-8407                          
 Robert J Alaimo Jr.  DO                            The Dalles              541-296-9151                          
 Michelle S Alberts  MD                             Clackamas               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Laura E Anissian  MD                               Lake Oswego             503-635-2496                          
 Laura E Anissian  MD                               Tualatin                503-692-7785                          
 Paul T Armerding  MD                               The Dalles              541-296-7811                          
 Stephen S Babson  MD                               Tigard                  503-620-5556                          
 Aman Bagla  DO                                  NW Gresham                 503-666-5050                          
 Aman Bagla  DO                                  NW Portland                503-413-7074                          
 Robert P Barlow  MD                             NW Beaverton               503-672-6000                          
 Robert P Barlow  MD                             NW Portland                503-413-8988                          
 Navpree S Bassan  MD                               Vancouver               360-487-5014                          
 Mark G Bates III  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Brian M Bedolla  MD                                Woodburn                503-981-9526                          
 Kristin S Bendert  MD                              Oregon City             503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Jonathan D Benton  DO                              Troutdale               503-669-6800                          
 Bertram W Berney  MD                            NE Portland                503-230-4811                          
 Emily Cupp Bier  MD                                Troutdale               503-669-6800                          
 Gelar Paul N Biscaro  DO                           St Helens               503-397-0741                          
 Laura K Bitts  MD                                  Portland                503-620-7358                          
 Gretchen E Blair  MD                               The Dalles              541-296-9151                          
 Elizabeth J Blount  MD                             Molalla                 503-874-5670                          
 Elizabeth J Blount  MD                          N  Silverton               503-874-5640                          
 Elizabeth J Blount  MD                          N  Woodburn                971-983-5360                          
 John E Bohlman  MD                                 Tillamook               503-842-5546                          
 Jefferey L Bowden  DO                              Vancouver               360-787-4135                          
 Martin R Box  MD                                N  Woodburn                503-982-2174                          
 David A Bradburn  MD                               Tillamook               503-842-5546                          
 James M Brauer  MD                                 Hood River              541-386-3883                          
 William B Bronec  MD                            SE Portland                503-261-7200                          
 Aaron A Brown  DO                                  Astoria                 503-338-4675                          
 Jeffery C Brown  MD                                Salem                   503-391-1110                          
 Jennifer M Brown  MD                               Warrenton               503-338-4500                          
 Robin S Brown  MD                                  Hillsboro               503-681-4233                          
 Julie C Broyhill  MD                            N  Woodburn                503-982-2174                          
 Stacy M Brueckner  DO                              Woodburn                503-814-4400                          
 Leslie A Bryden  MD                                Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Thomas M Buchanan  MD                           SW Portland                503-452-0915                          
 Christopher P Buckley  MD                          Salem                   503-391-1110                          
 Marie J Budesa  MD                                 Sandy                   503-826-0206                          
 Charles N Buser II  MD                             Hood River              541-386-2204                          
 Jennifer M Byrne  DO                               Troutdale               503-667-7711                          
 Elizabeth E Callaghan  MD                          Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Jay S Campbell  DO                                 Salem                   503-391-1110                          
 Charles R Campbell IV  DO                          McMinnville             503-472-4197                          
 Veronica C Carrasco Cabrera  MD                    Salem                   503-814-4400                          
 Analiesse M Carter  MD                             Molalla                 503-874-5670                          
 Analiesse M Carter  MD                          N  Silverton               503-874-5640                          
 Stephanie R Casey  DO                           SE Portland                503-261-7200                          
 Prasanna R Chandran  MD                            Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Poonam W Chhibber  MD                              Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Bryan C Chitwood  MD                               Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Mustaquim F Chowdhury  MD                          Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 May-Lynn S Chu  DO                                 Gresham                 503-489-1998                          
 Radhika Chugh  MD                               NW Portland                503-297-3336                          
 Jane E Corboy  MD                                  The Dalles              541-506-6520                          
 Richard W Craft Sr.  MD                         N  Gresham                 503-465-8887    Existing Patients Only
 Robert C Crouse  MD                             DT Portland                503-221-0161                          
 Jeana M Crover  MD                              SE Portland                503-261-7200                          
 Reewen C D'Souza-Kamath  MD                        Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Jeffrey C Dart  MD                                 Milwaukie               503-659-4988                          
 Jeffrey C Dart  MD                                 Oregon City             503-659-4988                          
 Matthew J Daskalos  DO                             Troutdale               503-667-7711                          
 Barry N Davis  DO                                  Clackamas               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Erica C Delgado  MD                                Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Harpreet (Daisy Dhillon  DO                        Troutdale               503-667-7711                          
 Marie-Louise Dhulst  MD                         DT Tigard                  503-293-0161                          
 Michael R Dirks  DO                             NE Sandy                   503-668-8002                          
 Andrew C.Q. Do  MD                                 Salem                   503-814-4400                          
 James E Domst  MD                               N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000                          
 Jenna M Donaldson  MD                              Woodburn                503-981-9526                          
 Erin K Donovan  DO                              NW Portland                503-413-4340                          
 Ben H Douglas II  MD                               Tillamook               503-842-5546                          
 Thomas S Dudrey  MD                             DT Portland                503-221-0161                          
 James M Edwards  MD                                Hood River              541-387-6125                          
 Christopher R Eilersen  MD                         Oregon City             503-656-1484                          
 Patricia M Engle  MD                               Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Patrick I Erickson  DO                             Tigard                  503-620-5556                          
 Christopher R Faison  MD                           White Salmon            509-493-2133                          
 Laura A Flath  MD                                  The Dalles              541-296-9151                          
 Sarah L Flowerday  MD                           SE Portland                503-408-7010                          
 John Thomas Forsythe  MD                           Tualatin                503-692-1205    Existing Patients Only
 Abigail A Fulton  DO                               Vancouver               503-413-8407                          
 Paolo P Gabriel  MD                                Oregon City             503-962-1000                          
 Patricia E Gallegos  DO                            Clackamas               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Moses J Gallegos Jr.  DO                           Clackamas               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Amanda S Gay  MD                                   Canby                   503-525-7600                          
 Shugang Ge  MD                                  SE Portland                503-408-7010                          
 John Scott Gibson  MD                              McMinnville             503-472-0888                          
 Alicia S Gimenez  MD                               White Salmon            509-493-2133                          
 Claire-Alyce R Gobble  MD                          The Dalles              541-296-9151                          
 Maurice F Golden III  MD                           Silverton               503-982-0403                          
 Maurice F Golden III  MD                        N  Woodburn                503-982-2174                          
 Shandra D Greig  MD                                Molalla                 503-874-5670                          
 Shandra D Greig  MD                             N  Silverton               503-874-5640                          
 Gwen J.R. Grewe  MD                                Tualatin                503-692-7785                          
 Murlan Elbert Grise  DO                            Welches                 503-622-3126                          
 Douglas W Grissom  MD                              Hood River              541-387-1300                          
 Cynthia S Gulick  DO                               Tigard                  503-620-5556                          
 Shwetha R Gurram  MD                               Salem                   503-814-4400                          
 Jose D Gutierrez Holguin  MD                    N  Keizer                  503-779-2271                          
 Magdalene R Gyuricska  MD                          Salem                   503-814-4400                          
 Jack Hamson  MD                                    The Dalles              541-296-9151                          
 Cynthia M Harper  MD                               Independence            503-838-1133                          
 Michael R Harris  MD                               Hood River              541-387-1300                          
 Tana M Haynes  MD                                  Tillamook               503-842-5546                          
 Jennifer R Hedden  MD                              Tillamook               503-842-5546                          
 Tara L Heeney  DO                               NE Portland                503-233-6940                          
 Jennifer D Herber  MD                              Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Toni L Hero  DO                                    Gresham                 503-665-9144                          
 Teresa A Hildebrand  MD                            Vancouver               360-260-2773                          
 Ingeborg Hindel  MD                                The Dalles              541-296-9151                          
 Hoa T Hoang  MD                                    Salem                   503-391-1110                          
 Todd A.M. Hochenedel  MD                           Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Peter E Hoffman  MD                                Hillsboro               503-640-3724                          
 Daniel B Hoover  MD                                Hillsboro               503-681-4233                          
 Nazmul Hoque  MD                                   McMinnville             503-472-9002                          
 Ashley P Hyder  MD                                 McMinnville             503-472-4197                          
 Emoniel Isakharov  MD                           NW Portland                503-413-4340                          
 Emoniel Isakharov  MD                              Tualatin                503-692-7785                          
 Nathalie J Jacqmotte  MD                           Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Nathalie J Jacqmotte  MD                        SE Portland                503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Timothy P Janzen  MD                            SE Portland                503-261-7200                          
 Jacqueline M Johnson  DO                        SE Portland                503-255-2186                          
 Kathleen G Judd  DO                             NW Portland                503-413-4340                          
 Karl N Kaluza  DO                                  Lake Oswego             360-254-6161                          
 Grace W Kao  DO                                    Salem                   503-391-1110                          
 David C Karam  MD                               NW Portland                503-414-5160                          
 Kara M Kassay  MD                                  Portland                503-675-1137                          
 Faith M Kayes  MD                                  Warrenton               503-338-4500                          
 Jennifer B Kearsley  MD                            Tualatin                503-692-1205    Existing Patients Only
 Imelda C Kelly  MD                              NE Portland                503-408-7008                          
 Carrie M Kent  DO                               NW Gresham                 503-666-5050                          
 Carrie M Kent  DO                                  Vancouver               360-787-4135                          
 Gary S Kim  MD                                     Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Gary S Kim  MD                                     Portland                503-233-6940                          
 Richard K Kimani  MD                               McMinnville             503-472-9002                          
 Connor L Kitts  MD                              SE Portland                503-255-2186                          
 Gregory M Knopf  MD                                Troutdale               503-669-6800                          
 Faith L Koschmann  MD                           N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000                          
 Jonathan L G Kukier  MD                            Hood River              541-387-6125                          
 Ronald W Kwong  DO                                 Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 R Allen Laberge  MD                                Stevenson               509-427-4212                          
 R Allen Laberge  MD                                White Salmon            509-493-9533                          
 Tracy L Laidley  MD                                Portland                503-525-7599                          
 Kyle Lawson  MD                                 N  Portland                503-413-4134                          
 Priscilla D Le  MD                              NW Portland                503-226-4091    Existing Patients Only
 Jessica A Lehrfeld Smith  DO                    N  Silverton               503-873-5667                          
 Brian M Lindeman  MD                            NE Portland                503-233-6940                          
 Tad W Lowder  DO                                   Vancouver               360-667-5840                          
 Steven T Lu  MD                                    Vancouver               360-896-3188                          
 Elizabeth T Madarang  MD                           Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Steven D Maness  MD                                Gresham                 503-665-9144                          
 Leonard A Mankin  MD                               Portland                503-415-4060                          
 David R Maslen  MD                                 Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 David A McAnulty  MD                               Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 David A McAnulty  MD                            SE Portland                503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Maria C McCormick  MD                              Hood River              541-387-1300                          
 William H McCreight  MD                            Vancouver               360-253-6947                          
 Patrick J McGowan  MD                           N  Gresham                 503-465-8887    Existing Patients Only
 Sharon E McNeill  MD                            SE Portland                503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Huey J Meeker  MD                                  West Linn               503-636-1333                          
 Brandi Mendonca  MD                                McMinnville             503-472-4197                          
 Brittney B Mensen  DO                              Gresham                 503-665-8176                          
 Chandni N Merchant  MD                             McMinnville             503-472-9002                          
 Suzanne L Migchelbrink  MD                         Tualatin                503-692-1205    Existing Patients Only
 Dorelan L Miller  MD                               Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Janice P Miller  MD                                Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Jess R Miller  MD                                  Keizer                  503-779-2271                          
 Jess R Miller  MD                               N  Mount Angel             503-845-2000                          
 Jess R Miller  MD                                  Silverton               503-873-5667                          
 Jess R Miller  MD                               N  Woodburn                971-983-5360                          
 Jerrod C Mitzel  MD                                Salem                   503-363-8047                          
 Cristina F.G. Mondragon  MD                     DT Portland                503-221-0161                          
 Viktoriya D Monroe  MD                             Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Viktoriya D Monroe  MD                             Lake Oswego             503-525-7500                          
 Michael T Moore  MD                                Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Matthew D Moravec  MD                              Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Marc M Moroye  MD                               SE Portland                503-261-4430                          
 Neha R Naik  MD                                    Salem                   503-814-4400                          
 Minh-Phong A Ngo  MD                               Dallas                  503-623-8376                          
 Hoang Q Nguyen  MD                              SE Portland                503-255-1111                          
 Ngan-Lien T Nguyen  MD                          SE Portland                503-255-7550                          
 Robert S Nicol  MD                              NW Gresham                 503-666-5050                          
 Robert S Nicol  MD                                 Portland                503-396-4950                          
 Alan E Nolasco  MD                                 Eagle Creek             503-630-5511                          
 Alan E Nolasco  MD                                 Tillamook               503-842-5546                          
 Alan E Nolasco  MD                                 Welches                 503-622-3126                          
 Vitus N Nwaele  MD                                 Keizer                  503-393-2533                          
 Theodore T Nyquist  MD                             McMinnville             503-472-4197                          
 Molly M.L. Olsen  MD                               Hood River              541-387-6125                          
 Forrest S Orme  DO                              NW Portland                503-413-4340                          
 Richard L Orth  DO                                 Gresham                 503-665-8176                          
 Joanne P Parker  MD                             NW Gresham                 503-666-5050                          
 Joanne P Parker  MD                                Vancouver               360-787-4135                          
 Benito G Pataroque  MD                             Tualatin                503-692-3647                          
 Ann Marie Paulsen  MD                              Portland                503-620-7358                          
 Lynda R Peel  MD                                NW Portland                503-226-4091    Existing Patients Only
 Maria Peila  MD                                    Vancouver               360-487-5000                          
 James W Pennington  MD                             Hood River              541-386-2204                          
 David R Peter  MD                                  Canby                   503-525-7600                          
 Jody L Pettit  MD                               DT Portland                503-221-0161                          
 Albert Phan  DO                                 NW Beaverton               503-672-6000                          
 Mary S Placek  MD                                  Independence            503-838-1133                          
 Jan Radzik  MD                                     Lake Oswego             503-697-3272                          
 Jan Radzik  MD                                     McMinnville             503-472-9438                          
 Baier Rakowski  DO                                 Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Baier Rakowski  DO                              SW Portland                503-620-7358                          
 Carlos M Ramos  MD                                 Beaverton               503-646-9222                          
 Carlos M Ramos  MD                              NW Gresham                 503-666-5050                          
 Brett M Rath  MD                                   Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Brett M Rath  MD                                SW Portland                503-620-7358                          
 Robert S Rath  MD                                  Beaverton               503-643-2000                          
 Tracy L Read  MD                                N  Woodburn                503-982-2174                          
 Jodi R Ready  MD                                   Hood River              541-387-6125                          
 Barry B Rhodes  MD                                 Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Anisa M Richardson  MD                             Astoria                 503-338-4675                          
 Stephen K Richardson  DO                           Vancouver               360-260-2773                          
 James P Roberts  MD                                Vancouver               360-487-2727                          
 Gregory E Robinson  MD                          SE Portland                503-255-7550                          
 Timothy J Roddy  MD                                Vancouver               360-260-2773                          
 Michael K Rodgers  MD                              McMinnville             503-435-1077                          
 Leslie L Root  MD                                  Portland                503-525-7550                          
 Benjamina N Rowe Brown  MD                         Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Nathan M Ruden  MD                                 McMinnville             503-472-9002                          
 Roberta W Ruggeri  DO                              Oak Grove               503-654-6567                          
 Lori C Rumbaugh  MD                             N  Keizer                  503-779-2271                          
 Lori C Rumbaugh  MD                                Woodburn                503-982-2174                          
 Christopher P Samuels  MD                          Stevenson               509-427-4212                          
 Christopher P Samuels  MD                          White Salmon            509-493-2133                          
 Erik M Sasovetz  DO                                Beaverton               503-646-9222                          
 Matthew J Satcher  MD                              Damascus                503-658-5521                          
 Alisha B Saultz  DO                                Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Alisha B Saultz  DO                                Oregon City             503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Sean R Schulz  DO                                  Sandy                   503-826-0206                          
 Harry B Schumilas  MD                              Dallas                  503-623-8376                          
 Annette M Schweiger Fischer  MD                 NW Gresham                 503-666-5050                          
 Subramaniam Seetharaman  MD                        Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 David W Selby  DO                                  Lake Oswego             503-635-1350                          
 Mario J Seyer  DO                                  Canby                   503-263-9500                          
 Wendelyn E Shue  MD                                The Dalles              541-296-9151                          
 Janet R Sjoblom  MD                                Hood River              541-387-1300                          
 Jennifer M Slack  MD                               Portland                503-525-7599                          
 Elizabeth R Smith  MD                           N  Keizer                  503-779-2271                          
 Elizabeth R Smith  MD                              Silverton               503-873-5667                          
 Michelle R.C. Smith  MD                            Hood River              541-386-9500                          
 Michelle R.C. Smith  MD                            The Dalles              541-386-9500                          
 James R Sohriakoff  DO                             Hillsboro               503-648-1121                          
 Kayce A Spear  MD                               SE Portland                503-261-7200                          
 Laura A Starrett  MD                               Hood River              541-386-0007                          
 Richard P Starrett  MD                             Hood River              541-386-0007                          
 Monica M Stickfort  DO                             Portland                503-413-4340                          
 Shirin R Sukumar  MD                            NW Portland                503-413-7074                          
 Shirin R Sukumar  MD                               Tualatin                503-413-7074                          
 Krista J Summers  MD                               Salem                   503-391-1110                          
 Anne M Sutherland  MD                              Troutdale               503-669-6800                          
 Eric E Swiridoff  MD                               Sandy                   503-826-0206                          
 Daphne A Sy  MD                                    Vancouver               360-487-5014                          
 Mohammed A Taher  MD                            NW Beaverton               503-672-6000                          
 Mohammed A Taher  MD                            NW Portland                503-414-5160                          
 John P Takacs  DO                               SE Portland                503-234-1531                          
 Svetlana Taycher  DO                               Gresham                 503-661-3439                          
 Breanna S Thompson  DO                             McMinnville             503-472-9002                          
 Timothy C Thunder  MD                           DT Portland                503-221-0161                          
 Thomas T Trinh  MD                                 Lake Oswego             503-352-5410                          
 Rebekah A Trochmann  MD                            Beaverton               503-646-0161                          
 Raymond Truong  DO                                 Vancouver               503-413-8407                          
 Anna M Tubman  MD                                  Oregon City             503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Yasuyo D Umene  MD                              DT Portland                503-221-0161                          
 Claire L Unruh  DO                                 The Dalles              541-506-6920                          
 Richa Uppal  MD                                 DT Portland                503-221-0161                          
 Matthew C Upshaw  DO                               Gresham                 503-665-9144                          
 Julian J Uselman  DO                            NW Gresham                 503-666-5050                          
 Julian J Uselman  DO                            N  Silverton               503-873-5667                          
 Anne M Valente  MD                                 Tigard                  503-620-5556                          
 Ronald U Vallejo  MD                               Tigard                  503-293-0161                          
 Christopher S Van Tilburg  MD                      Hood River              541-387-6391                          
 Nalini Velayudhan  DO                              Tualatin                503-692-1205                          
 Eduardo A Vides  MD                             NE Portland                503-233-6940                          
 Stephen P Vogt  MD                                 Hood River              541-387-6125                          
 Jamey L Walker  MD                              N  Woodburn                503-982-2174                          
 Robert Francis Warda  MD                        SE Portland                503-255-2186                          
 Trent B Warren  MD                                 Canby                   503-266-5127                          
 James M Webb  DO                                   Gresham                 503-665-8176                          
 David S Weingarten  MD                             Beaverton               503-415-4060                          
 Karli Whittam  MD                                  Vancouver               360-260-2773                          
 Jon M Winjum  MD                                   Oregon City             503-656-1484                          
 Liette C Witherrite  MD                            Stevenson               509-427-4212                          
 Liette C Witherrite  MD                            White Salmon            509-493-2133                          
 Troy R Witherrite  MD                              Stevenson               509-427-4212                          
 Troy R Witherrite  MD                              White Salmon            509-493-2133                          
 Joanne Wu  MD                                   SE Portland                503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Kar-Yee Wu  MD                                     Lake Oswego             503-635-2496                          
 Julie E Yeggy  MD                                  Gresham                 503-674-1580                          
 Jeffrey W Young  DO                                Oregon City             503-656-1484                          
 Eleanor Zawada  MD                                 Molalla                 503-874-5670                          
 Eleanor Zawada  MD                              N  Silverton               503-874-5640                          
 Eleanor Zawada  MD                              N  Woodburn                503-982-2174                          
 Yufei Zhang  MD                                    Milwaukie               503-659-4988    Existing Patients Only
 Deryk M Zinser  DO                                 Sandy                   503-668-4117                          
 Gregory D Zuck  MD                                 Stevenson               509-427-4212                          
 Gregory D Zuck  MD                                 White Salmon            509-493-2133