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Behavioral Health Providers as of 12/01/2015
Providers are contracted MCO providers only at Practice Locations listed in the Directory. Alphabetical Listing shows only one contracted Practice Location per city for each Provider. Look Provider up by name [search by Physician Last Name] to verify if Provider has other contracted locations in the same city (example: 2 locations in Portland). * Indicates practice is closed to new patients.

NAME                                               LOCATION                PHONE      

* * * * Geriatric Psychiatry * * * *
Aga, Vimal Mohun MD Forest Grove 503-359-6153
* * * * Lic. Professional Counselor * * * *
Homan, Jesse B LPC SW Portland 503-231-7854
* * * * Neuro-psychology * * * *
Binder, Laurence M PhD Beaverton 503-626-5246 Daniel, Michael S PhD Hillsboro 503-681-0816
* * * * Psych Mental Health Nurse Prac * * * *
Herold, Brenda C RNP SE Portland 503-320-5001 Limandri, Barbara J RNP SW Portland 503-231-7854 Maynard, Adrienne J RNP Salem 503-588-5816
* * * * Psychiatry * * * *
Aga, Vimal Mohun MD Forest Grove 503-359-6153 Burlingame, Robert K MD Vancouver 360-256-3686 Dodson, Thomas W MD DT Portland 503-228-0370 Farley, James A MD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Gross, Robert J MD NW Portland 503-228-5909 Humann, Kimberly A MD The Dalles 541-296-9151 Paltrow, Kenneth G MD SW Portland 503-244-7569 Raj, Y Pritham MD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Swarner, Warner B MD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Weinstein, Mayer Howard MD DT Portland 503-223-6360 Zarling, Craig F MD NW Portland 503-228-5909
* * * * Psychology * * * *
Atkinson, Michael E PsyD Clackamas 503-653-0631 Barnes, Andrew G PhD Beaverton 503-684-7246 Bee, Heather A PsyD Astoria 503-550-7873 Benson, Jon L PsyD SE Portland 503-252-9690 Binder, Laurence M PhD Beaverton 503-626-5246 Binkley, Jessica L PsyD Beaverton 503-646-0161 Blakey, William A PhD Gladstone 503-659-5515 Block, Michelle M PsyD Tigard 503-352-0036 Blumenthal, Patricia A PsyD NE Portland 503-233-6940 Brent, Michael PhD Tigard 503-639-2300 Brown, Paul G PhD Hood River 541-298-3800 Brown, Paul G PhD NW Portland 503-227-2136 Bryan, James E PhD NE Portland 503-284-8558 Bushberg, Sandy M PhD The Dalles 541-296-9151 Clark, Anne W PsyD DT Portland 503-221-0161 Cole, Gregory A PhD McMinnville 503-472-5225 Colistro, Frank P EdD NE Portland 503-281-2878 Combs, Daniel B PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Combs, Daniel B PsyD Tigard 503-352-0036 Cooley, Norvin (Jake) R PhD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Deshler, Thomas E PhD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Doppelt, Lee H PhD Lake Oswego 503-697-0600 Dykstra, Michelle L PhD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Fancher, Jill B PhD Vancouver 360-487-2700 Farrenkopf, Tony M PhD NW Portland 503-225-0499 Flachsbart, Celeste E PsyD Clackamas 503-653-0631 Freeland, Russell C EdD Vancouver 360-695-3012 Friedman, Larry S PhD DT Portland 503-223-5441 Getzlaf, Shelly B PhD Portland 503-646-4664 Gibby-Smith, Barbara M PsyD Forest Grove 503-357-0206 Goldmann, Leslie E PhD DT Portland 503-227-4570 Goodale, Kimberly R PsyD Beaverton 503-684-7246 Gordon-Lown, Michelle C PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Greif, Elaine F PhD NW Portland 503-260-7275 Grossman, Frederick D PhD SE Clackamas 503-505-7227 Grossman, Frederick D PhD SW Portland 503-505-7227 Harden, Sherry L PsyD Beaverton 503-533-9806 Hendrix, Carol J PhD Salem 503-585-3644 Hoffman-Gray, Dawn M PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Hoffman-Gray, Dawn M PsyD Tigard 503-352-0036 Huggins, Stephen M PsyD Gresham 503-661-7733 Jones, Robert H PhD Salem 503-399-7092 Kennemer, Kordell P PsyD Clackamas 503-653-0631 Kennemer, Kordell P PsyD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Kim, Soonie A PhD Portland 503-449-6707 Koenig, Margaret L PhD Hood River 541-806-2494 Kuehlthau, Ryan D PsyD Clackamas 503-653-0631 Kuhnhausen, Brooke A PhD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 LaPointe, Karen A PhD Hood River 541-352-6000 Landrey, Sarah L PsyD Tigard 503-352-0036 Leland, Allan M PsyD Beaverton 503-684-7246 Lewis, Aaron W PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Lewis, Aaron W PsyD Tigard 503-352-0036 Litman, Jack M PhD Vancouver 360-253-6425 Lundy, Jonathan James PhD SE Portland 971-678-3941 Marmer, Paige L PsyD Clackamas 503-653-0631 McClard, Kristen L PsyD SE Portland 503-754-1228 Miller, Pamela G PhD The Dalles 541-298-3294 Moody, Alice V PsyD Clackamas 503-653-0631 Mullins, William H PhD SE Portland 503-252-9690 Nordlund, Cynthia B PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Nordlund, Cynthia B PsyD Tigard 503-352-0036 Nordlund, Mark D PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Nordlund, Mark D PsyD Tigard 503-352-0036 O'Reilly, Connie A PhD Beaverton 503-644-4669 Oosterbaan, Kellie S PsyD Hood River 541-386-6070 Perkins, Timothy A PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Preston, Susan K PhD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Propst, L Rebecca PhD SW Portland 503-244-4660 Putman, James C PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Robb, Harold (Hank) B PhD Lake Oswego 503-635-2489 Roberts, Laura A PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Rosenzweig, Susan G PsyD NW Portland 503-206-8337 Shrifter, Michael R PsyD Portland 503-620-7358 Shultz, Kenneth A EdD Vancouver 360-253-6425 Silvey, Murl L PsyD Sandy 503-668-5494 Stone, Ava- Marie PhD Oregon City 503-657-7235 Stone, Rosaleen M PsyD, RNP McMinnville 503-434-9461 Summers, Kendra J PhD Lake Oswego 503-697-4829 Sundstrom, Paul E EdD Clackamas 503-653-0631 Sundstrom, Paul E EdD Tigard 503-653-0631 Tan, Erica S PsyD SW Portland 503-231-7854 Tatyrek, E Ray PhD SW Portland 503-292-0765 Tatyrek, E Ray PhD West Linn 503-512-1219 Thickins, John D PsyD Canby 503-266-4018 Thickins, John D PsyD Clackamas 503-653-0631 Ugolini, Kathleen A PhD Beaverton 503-629-2131 Wade, David C PsyD Hood River 541-436-2998 White, Andrew W PhD SW Portland 503-231-7854 Wicher, Donna C PhD Beaverton 503-690-9006 Wilson, Peter F PsyD Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Winkler, William H PhD DT Portland 503-243-3376 Wong-Ngan, Julia A PhD SW Portland 503-242-0490 Zigrang, Tricia A PhD DT Portland 503-227-5122
* * * * Social Worker * * * *
Abel, Agnes M MSW Forest Grove 503-357-0206 Allen, Kimberly B MS Wheeler 503-368-5182 Bartholomew, Sandra E MSW The Dalles 541-298-8227 Boeve, Kathleen R MSW McMinnville 503-472-1959 Bryan, Laura W MSW NE Portland 503-282-1190 Dezsofi, Jeannette R MSW Vancouver 360-695-7588 Kubin, Angela L MSW Clackamas 503-653-0631 Lucas, Jolie C MSW Hood River 541-386-1233 Marshall, Amy S MSW The Dalles 541-296-6364 Marten, Gail M MSW NE Portland 503-493-0595 Marzano, Terra F MS Wheeler 503-368-5182 McDowell, Rodney D MSW The Dalles 541-296-9151 Oswald, Nancy M MSW NW Portland 503-413-7513 Peters, Timothy J MSW Portland 503-752-5823 Reichmuth, Sally C MSW Hood River 541-386-9191 Rodriguez O'Donnell, Julia A MSW Beaverton 503-290-6250 Rodriguez O'Donnell, Julia A MSW NE Portland 503-290-6250 Wadsworth, John G MSW SW Portland 503-478-0667 Walker, Annette Gilmore MSW Milwaukie 503-786-1711 Wallace, Tessa Waterbury MSW The Dalles 541-506-6430 Williamson, Dawn MSW Dundee 503-537-3927 Zenorini, Mary E MSW The Dalles 541-296-9151
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